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Well. It's official now - Magdalena has been selected as the heir to Ruba's throne. Technically she's still just a princess, but our father isn't really in good enough health to function as a leader, so she's already taking over a lot of his day-to-day responsibilities, and no doubt putting the early phases of her grand master plan into motion.

I feel... relieved, mostly. The details of succession have been worked out, I got all the paperwork in order, now I can put it out of my mind for now. No worrying about getting the upper hand on my siblings, no worrying about having to produce an heir, no more bloody space genies. I can focus one hundred percent on the Primeval Force situation - and as desperate as said situation is, I'm feeling rather good about it. Bismuth and I have been practicing together, so we should easily be able to produce the Negaforce Saber again for the upcoming battle.

A year ago, I wouldn't have imagined myself as a warrior fighting to save humanity, but in all honesty, I think I'm much more suited to this than I was for the life of a king.
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So you will be there, during the final confrontation? That's good to hear.

[Did Werter think you're gonna bail or something?]
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Well, yeah. Even if Ruba survives unscathed, I don't see it doing very well after everything else is turned to ruin.

Do you think we have enough time to call Bismuth's people for help?
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I don't think we have that much time. When Primeval Force said it wants to see all of us die, it didn't mean from old age.

...100 years. He must've been bored.
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That's fair. I'll have to ask him many questions about his home, once this all is over.

By the way... Produce a heir?
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I just have a hard time imagining you going around, looking for a suitable candidate.
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What you just said could mean one of three things. I'm trying to decide which one.
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Well, there's that, there's being completely uninterested in romance of any kind in general, and there's not wanting to have anything to do with family and kids and stuff.

I'm in the third category. Kids are a bother. They scare my robot.
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You know... That's probably the saner approach.