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[The world has been saved, hopefully for the last time in a long time. The celebrations - and the mourning - have started, and in a lot of places are still continuing. But the victory isn't the only thing to celebrate - and with a lot of help, and a lot of favours, Laura and Lily have extended an invitation to the Chalice crew, past and present, to join them. If you were nearby, chances are the invitation was hand-delivered by a dutiful Servbot.]

1. The setup
[With the looming deadline of the closing portals, things move quickly! Invitations are sent, travel is arranged, a venue is prepared. What had been the White Chalice's Arboretum - now an open-air grove in what's set to become a lush forest - is the site of the ceremony itself, while the celebrations afterwards will take place in Gucun. There's a lot to be done to make ready. Are you helping, or seeking out one of the brides beforehand?]

2. The ceremony
[It's only fitting that Captain Smith should officiate. He's waiting at an arch set up by the flowerbeds of the Arboretum, where the happy couple met, where Laura's tended her memorial to her friends from before the Chalice and to those who've passed on since. Between the Kwan daughters, Epimetheus, and a brace of Servbots you shouldn't have any trouble finding your seat, even if Xue Yi is a little preoccupied ensuring Prometheus behaves. There's some time before the wedding party arrive, to talk amongst yourselves - or with some of the other guests present, who include Laura's overwhelmed-looking parents!]

3. The reception
[Of course, the real point of a wedding is the party afterwards! There's food, drink, and music - Miki pulled some strings, and Pit's showing how Skyworld does catering. After the recent battle, perhaps this is a chance to see some long-absent faces in more peaceful circumstances, or to say goodbye. Or are you just here for the embarrassing speeches?]

[This is a joint mingle post, open to dropped and retired characters as well! For all prompts, please specify whether it's Laura/Lily you want to talk reply, or others!]
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[What is this ruckus? Lily is being thrown into the air repeatedly by a group of other robots! Familiar ones, to many of you.]

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!


Ahh... Thanks, but come on, guys! Don't you think this is enough?

Nope. Suddenly you announce you're getting married, and you beat up the big final boss while we handle the mooks? Talk about stealing the thunder! We'll keep doing this forever!

A ha ha... Help?


Feb. 18th, 2014 03:46 pm
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[Late night. White Chalice's deck is unusually peaceful and quiet. Lily is here, standing next to her ship - all her stuff is already inside, packed, ready to go. She's watching the starry sky.]

It won't take long anymore... They will be here soon. Not just a small group of my friends, but a whole Cosmic Ark expedition. This will be the first time most of them will see Earth. The first time they fight together with humans against a common enemy.

Primeval Force... For the sake of my future, for the sake of everyone's futures, you will be destoyed. You ruined enough lives already. No more.
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1. Medbay (shortly after The Shield of Time's Last Stand)


[Famous first words. Laura's waking up and, Shifter healing factor or no, feeling the effects of trying to go all Getter 1 on a battleship that still has its point defense intact.]

...What happened? Is everyone okay?

2. Hangar (after Dan's announcement)

[Laura's looking over the distressingly warped and dented shape of Penny, the custom Knightpolice having been recovered from the field after Primeval Force's departure. Hanging from the outside meant the Xihpos' destruction didn't harm it too badly, but the subsequent fall to Earth did it no favours.]

Sorry. With everything that's going on, I won't be able to repair you for a while. Most I can do is reserve a bay for you so you don't get parted out while the ship's being evacuated...

[Beside her, Goldie warks confidently. He'll watch over the KMF for her during the Chalice's last hurrah.]

3. Announcement to all [video]

Hello everyone. This is, um, compared to everything else that's going on, it's less urgent, but I wanted you to know...

Once Primeval Force is defeated [of course she says "once"], Lily and I are getting married. Well, not right away. Her family still have to RSVP. But.

You're all invited, of course. Even if we won't have the Chalice by then, we still have each other.
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[Backdated to between the Demonbane mission and the KA broadcast]
[Locked to Lily]

[It's kind of an incongruous time for a picnic, but then, the whole Chalice has plenty to celebrate right now. Laura's joined in those celebrations, stealing a brief window from the frenzied work on anti-Primeval Force gear, but now she has something more reserved in mind - dinner with Lily, in the evening in the Arboretum by the tree where they first met, on a blanket with a bottle of wine and another of high-grade machine oil under the setting sun. The actual food even decent, since she's picked up both the knowledge and materials to make real Cosmic Ark snacks.

Laura holds up her glass for a toast.]

To us.


Jan. 14th, 2014 11:13 pm
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Why are robots who want to become humans messed up so often? As if being a robot meant you are somehow less of a person. That's offensive.

Typhon does not deserve to be called either. For the civilians who died in Madrid, and for the soldiers who died now... If I meet him again, I will destroy him. He didn't manage to spread the Izanami Virus today, but he will if he gets another chance. I won't give him that.
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[The other person on the ship that just arrived on White Chalice? Yup, it's Lily.]

Is this on...? Right! Hello again, everyone. I bring good news! The increase in Chaos activity back at Cosmic Ark was stopped, and the council decided it's time to aid Earth! In a few months, our warriors and scientists should arrive, to help you fight both normal enemies and environmental problems. I'm sure they will help find a cure for the Ruin, among other things.

In the meantime, my mission is to survey the current situation. We know very little about Kairos Aspida, after all, especially their stance towards non-human sentient life. I hope they didn't give you too much trouble in the meantime...

It's good to be back. I keep going away from White Chalice and returning, and every time, I feel the same way.

Going Home

Aug. 28th, 2013 07:44 pm
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Finally the threat of the Inspectors is over! But with this new enemy force appearing, and with increased activity of Chaos forces and pirates around Cosmic Ark, I have new orders...

I must go back home. It needs me.

I promise I'll be back, I just don't know when yet. Maybe in two months, maybe in over a year. And I won't be alone; I'll bring scientists with me, to help get rid of the Ruin, and other warriors, to fight whatever threats to Earth will be left at that point. I promise.

If anyone wants to come with me, please let me know. I have enough time to load extra supplies this time, and while the trip may be cramped, there is air on Cosmic Ark and we can synthetize food humans can eat. And the presence of humans will help convince the leaders of make a move sooner. This is double true for a certain someone; I'm sure she knows who am I talking about...

I will depart as soon as I'm done supplying for the journey. Everyone... I made some wonderful memories while on Earth. Please stay strong while I'm away. Please don't let Kairos Aspida crush you. I know you can do it.

Lily out.
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1. This place is pretty nice. All those old buildings, it's almost as if the Second Impact didn't happen at all! Let's see... What should I check out next?

[Lily spends her time exploring Madrid with a tourist map in hand. But other than that, she's also buying souvenirs - various technological gadgets and parts, mostly. The most visible exception is one of those multi-tiered, colorful flamenco dresses, which she's now wearing instead of her normal armor.]

2 - locked to Laura
Hey... Do you have any plans for the evening?


Jun. 11th, 2013 08:43 pm
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[1] [Lily is walking all over White Chalice, checking some readings in various locations on a strange blocky device with antennas that wouldn't look out of place in an old, cheesy sci-fi movie. The readings aren't written in any Earth language, for extra mysteriousness.]

Oh, here! Another good place.

[Okay, she took this reading in the middle of a corridor. What's going on here?]

[2 - locked to Laura and Felicita, mostly]

I've been thinking... Would it be too hard to attach a pair of arms to a small, floating drone?

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[ Casshern can be found in the Arboretum the day after the mission. When he returned, he just went straight to his bedroom, and spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling. By some measure, he should be happy... Luna is alive. Inexplicably, yes, but that was Luna. But according to Lyuze, and judging by Dune's reactions... that wasn't the Luna that they knew before. Somehow, she had changed. As if she had done a complete 180 in terms of personality.

"I... am Luna. The one who grants healing. But I hate things like that. That smell of death."

That sounded so unike what he had expected from the famed 'Sun named Moon.' The one humans and robots alike revered as a benevolent goddess in a land that, for the longest time, was devoid of anything even resembling life. Who brought life back to a dying world, and who, when she died, brought about the Ruin.

She had reacted with such cruelty towards someone who clearly loved her. Anyone she would want to heal would stink of death, especially in the Ruin. She was nothing like he imagined her to be, or how he remembered her to be in his nightmares. But... but she was still the last, best hope for finding a cure.

They had to save her. To get her back from Break Man.

He looked down at the small garden in the arboretum. A small patch of flowers. There was one in particular; blue petals with a white core. He knelt down to get a better look at it. ]

Luna... what have I done to you? [ He could still see her reaching her hand out towards his face, before being snatched away as quickly as she reappeared. It had been haunting him since he had gotten back onto the ship. ]


May. 16th, 2013 10:46 am
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I ran scans, trying to find out where Break Man took Luna. No luck so far, I'm afraid. But I'll keep trying.

I wonder... The Robot Masters and their minions were made purposely as war machines, right? Then why are so many of them so tiny and cute?
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[Backdated to while the Demonbane mission is still going on]

If you don't want to die, stay away. You won't lay a finger on those people!

[Another Deep One collapses, a perfectly round hole burnt in its chest from a Psigun shot. The whole Innsmouth might be crawling with those monsters, but Lily has no intent of letting them do anything to the civilians she's protecting. And she's not the only one evacuating the city...]

✾ v

Apr. 25th, 2013 10:39 am
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[ He's finally been cleared for release from the infirmary, and then from maintenance. Single-handedly slaughtering almost an entire crew's worth of people save for a lucky few who were able to make it to the escape pods had his usual handlers on edge, and had left Casshern even more upset with himself than usual.

Casshern had been shot several times during his rampage on the Nana Buluku, but obviously, it takes more than small-arms fire to even slow him down while he's berserk, let alone do any kind of permanent damage. Today, he's found in the observation deck near the arboretum. He missed watching the reentry process, but... he liked it here. It was peaceful, and helped him get his mind off of, well, being Casshern. ]

It happened again, didn't it?

[ He'd ask whoever approached him. ]
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[Lily's writing a report for her Angel Force superiors on what looks to be a tablet... If tablets connected to the head of the user with cables, at least. This lets her write at the speed of thought, using her hands to supplement the strange interface. She's still thinking aloud during this, though.]

The anti-alien hate group Thaumata was destroyed, with all of its leaders killed and the ordinary members dispersing or dying in the battle. This should make Earth a slightly safer place for our research teams, when they finally arrive.

Herbert Phillips was defiant to the end, refusing to surrender even with a gun pointed at him. He lived and died by his ideals, ones of hate and close-mindedness. I guess ideals are not always a good thing, huh...

[Taking a break, she makes the report window tiny and moves it into a corner, making way for two others, one with lots of machine code and another a vacation video from Kamogawa.]

The Mobile Doll system... I wonder who picked that name. Maybe the machines really look like dolls?
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[It's a quiet night, and Roads is in the hangar, working alongside some kind of giant, robot-scale sword. There are tons of computers lying around, and everyone's favorite mad scientist is dashing back and forth between them, muttering to himself. ]

Yes...yes, just a little bit more...

Red to red, blue to blue, yellow to yellow...

[Finally, he takes a deep breath, and walks over to where two extension cords are lying on the ground.]


[He slams the two cords together! Sparks ignite, and the sword gains a new, golden edge around its normal form. Somewhere in the distance, there's a flash of lightning.]

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[A new ship appeared in the hangar, right next to Lily's old one. This new one looks similar, but it's much smaller, with just enough place for one person and not much else, and clearly built for speed. And unlike that crashed one, this one works.

And then there's Lily herself. Her robotic parts might've changed, with a more armor-like appearance to her dress, but it's definitely her, wandering all over White Chalice, looking at all the oh-so-familiar places, even if some of them changed a bit in the weeks when she was gone.]

I missed all of this...

White Chalice... I am back.