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[The world has been saved, hopefully for the last time in a long time. The celebrations - and the mourning - have started, and in a lot of places are still continuing. But the victory isn't the only thing to celebrate - and with a lot of help, and a lot of favours, Laura and Lily have extended an invitation to the Chalice crew, past and present, to join them. If you were nearby, chances are the invitation was hand-delivered by a dutiful Servbot.]

1. The setup
[With the looming deadline of the closing portals, things move quickly! Invitations are sent, travel is arranged, a venue is prepared. What had been the White Chalice's Arboretum - now an open-air grove in what's set to become a lush forest - is the site of the ceremony itself, while the celebrations afterwards will take place in Gucun. There's a lot to be done to make ready. Are you helping, or seeking out one of the brides beforehand?]

2. The ceremony
[It's only fitting that Captain Smith should officiate. He's waiting at an arch set up by the flowerbeds of the Arboretum, where the happy couple met, where Laura's tended her memorial to her friends from before the Chalice and to those who've passed on since. Between the Kwan daughters, Epimetheus, and a brace of Servbots you shouldn't have any trouble finding your seat, even if Xue Yi is a little preoccupied ensuring Prometheus behaves. There's some time before the wedding party arrive, to talk amongst yourselves - or with some of the other guests present, who include Laura's overwhelmed-looking parents!]

3. The reception
[Of course, the real point of a wedding is the party afterwards! There's food, drink, and music - Miki pulled some strings, and Pit's showing how Skyworld does catering. After the recent battle, perhaps this is a chance to see some long-absent faces in more peaceful circumstances, or to say goodbye. Or are you just here for the embarrassing speeches?]

[This is a joint mingle post, open to dropped and retired characters as well! For all prompts, please specify whether it's Laura/Lily you want to talk reply, or others!]
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[Not everybody came back from the confrontation with Master Therion, and then Nyarlahotep. As such West is venting his sadness-]




[By bawling like hell. Elsa's just backing off, looking for someone... ANYONE to HELP WITH THIS MAJOR SITUATION! SHE DOESN'T WANT TO HAVE TO COMFORT WEST!]

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So you oversized, red skinned goggled lummox, we can finally come to two agreements. You stay on YOUR end and I'll stay on MINE, and we will not interfere with each other's work unless it encroaches onto the other's workspace where we will be allowed to utterly decimate it as the offended party sees fit.

AND. To ensure THAT nothing like that HORRIBLE HORRIBLE incident THAT we will NEVER speak of AGAIN ever HAPPENS. We will NEVER AGAIN even ATTEMPT anything RELATED to BREACHING into other REALITIES! I.... AGREEEEEE!

[The two exchange a gentlemanly handshake and turn around - returning to their respective workstations.]

Near sighted, clumsy, organ mucking, overbite laden imbecile.

Rotten, MEMORY damaged, tone DEAF, metal PANDERING twit.

[Now that the two have finally settled down to a degree we may finally have some peace.]


[Or maybe not.]

I don't even want to know what happened here. Robo.

[What happened at the joint West-Tesla labs you ask? Well... you see Tesla was working on an experimental plant growth serum. One of West's experiments rattled the lab a little and had Tesla dump his entire beaker of the serum onto his test plants. There are now vines wreaking chaos upon the two and anyone who is close enough. Thankfully the tech crew had long avoided the lab space and there is also helpful warning tape cordoning off the area. Elsa is at the considerably more peaceful side facepalming.]

[On the other end you see Professor Tesla being thrown about by the vines and occasionally meeting a table, or wall, or floor or being swept across one of the aforementioned surfaces. Doctor West fares no better, having attempted to re-enact Apocalpse Now on the overgrown plants. They were entertained by the idea and wanted to re-enact it as well. The vines now bearing flamethrowers and tormenting West with them who was now running around screaming with both lab coat and hair on fire. You can see a few vegetables with teeth bouncing out of the growths and seeking to sneak out of the quarantine zone.]

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[From around the Hangar, the section that West had claimed was rife with frantic screams of panic from the over the top Scientist. The reason? One of his inventions had went missing, apparently Dr Tesla had moved into his lab space and in the process divied things up between them leading to a truly explosive arguement that was far too SCIENTIFIC for description.]


[West shakes his fist to the ceiling while Elsa toys with a spring in boredom from a pile of clutter that was shoved into a corner.]


[He coughed violently - something getting lodged in his throat from all the melodrama.]
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[Open to Everyone]

AHAHAHA! Oh its the season indeed for the generosity of my genius to shine forth like a brilliant light of hope and dreams on a sleigh of sunshine and friendship~.

[West is decked out in his usual clothes... except he has a festive hat on. Yes his cowlick is making the hat flip out into all sorts of weird shapes. You all know how West is, it was but a foregone conclusion.]

My fellow men and women of science who are clearly not as brilliant as I am, but are indeed worthy of note and those who have yet to appreciate the sheer might of the mind over their own bodies that they are left scrabbling about, I present to you the gifts that I! DOCTOR WEST! This Millenium's greatest super genius have painstakingly made for all of you!

[Presents for everyone! And to no one's great surprise (or for people who don't know any better, their unpleasant surprise) its all West paraphernalia! Bobbleheads, mugs, posters, paintings, in one case an action figure and in SEVERAL UNPLEASANT AND HORRIFYING CASES - BODY PILLOWS. Your reactions?]

[Locked to Kurou]

[Kurou, its late in the day and after the celebrations and you probably causing a tremendous amount of grief upon the other grimore user on board you could probably use a nice long rest.]

Kurou, my darling~ Robo... Merry Christmas! Would you like to have your present right now? Robo.

Elsa got you something very speccial~ Robo

[...Yeah, Elsa is on your bed right now Kurou. She's decked out for the holiday season. And by that I mean... well... You know your source material, you probably have a VERY good idea how she's dressed.]
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[You figure with all the damage that happened during the battle with Kairos Aspida, Dr West would work his miracles once more and fix everyone's stuff in a matter of minutes.]

What trivial task are you all bothering me about?! I, DOCTOR WEST! The greatest genius of ALL realities, past, present AND future have better things to do than mere menial labour!

[Evidently not. What could he find so important that he isn't helping the engineering crews with their heavy workload?]


Understood Doctor. Robo!

[There was a tremendously loud thump - opposite the 'Super West Transcendent Casket: Surely This Is the Ark of the Covenant' (Ooc: Yes I had to use the whole name, shut up) was a massive concrete slab with a bullseye painted on it. And what was fired was.... DOCTOR WEST HIMSELF! It appears that wherever he had been standing before, he was suddenly turned into the Casket's ammunition!]



My trigger finger slipped. Robo. Sorry Doctor. Robo.

[Apparently after West ended up being fired out of his own weapon... Elsa accidentally fired a cargo truck at him. As if to add insult to injury? The contents of the truck? Several pallets full of bandages. As soon as Dr West crawled out from under the truck - the doors for the trailer gave way and buried the Doctor in ironic pain.]

[Additionally, when taking a closer look at the results... Elsa wasn't THAT sorry that she couldn't find her creator's plight pretty damn hilarious.]
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[1] [React/Mingle Prompt]

[Over the past few hours people will have been noticing the sound of complete and utter chaos from the Hangar. Similar to Roads pulling an all night binge on working, this was somehow a lot more intense, crazier and a whole lot worse. Why? Because it was often punctuated with cries of 'BRILLIANT!', 'GENIUS!', 'STUPENDOUS' and most of all 'DOOOCTOOOOR WEEEEEST!'.]

[Then as Team Rock and company left on their mission, a tremendous All Gold Version of Demonbane was soon running out of the Hangar. What. It wasn't even there yesterday. WHERE THE HELL DID IT COME FROM?!]


[Demonpain has returned. More than a little battered really, numerous scratches, scuffs and scars are scattered across it, and its head was covered in sand/dirt/whatever as if something planted a Giant Hong Kong Rip-Off tree with it - it soon places the tremendous guitar case it was carrying to the side of the hangar... Then when the cockpit opens a Ludicrously large amount of water comes flowing out of it along with Dr West who is now facedown on the hangar floor, twitching like a landed fish.]

[Do you even WANT to know?]
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1) [Infirmary]

[During the battle there was one other person who got taken down pretty badly by the Anticross. That person was the World's Greatest Genius! DOCTOR WEST!]


[Well... greatness is all relative. In any case Dr West chose to cast aside his allegiance to the Black Lodge during the battle due to a difference in agendas with both Master Therion and then the Anti-Cross and brought with him the wreckage of his Destroyer Robot as well as his deadly gynoid Elsa - who happens to be waiting by the good doctor's side.]

Stop moving around Doctor -Robo! You're just going to make things worse and break yourself even more-robo!

[Her tone was less concern and more just plain old annoyance. For those of you who have seen those old Looney Tunes cartoons and remember how they portrayed the hospitalized? Times that by ten and you'd get Dr West's current state.... interestingly there were no head injuries listed on the damage dealt to him... did the medical crew wrap his head up to get some peace and quiet? Nooo that wouldn't be true right?]

[...Nah that was probably EXACTLY what they did.]

[Bother the doctor and his robot?]

2) [Locked to Kurou] [Dated to some time after the second post in the Kurou post]

[Well Kurou, its been a bad time for you. Cthulu is causing chaos in the world, the Anti-Cross are running amok, Leica and the kids have possibly been blown to smithereens (maybe? possibly?), Demonbane is trashed and worst of all Al is now the dead. Can your day get any worse?]


[Yes. Yes it can. Cue Doctor West, somehow managing to drag himself towards you despite the unbelievable amount of damage he has taken.]

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1) [Please keep this one to one tag. There are PLANS for it. BIG PLANS.]

[One of the Chalice's many rest breaks. They managed to get a quaint little beachside town, not much really happening here. Maybe you're taking a break, maybe you're going for a walk along the beach, or getting a snack or just buying trinkets and odds or ends. Whatever the case you see plenty of these guys too.]

[What's weird is that... despite their masks and hats, they were actually dressed like stereotypical tourists, and the townsfolk weren't at all bothered by their presence. Though...]

...? Chalice?T...that means...


[That's right. The moment the minions of the Black Lodge spotted you they dropped EVERYTHING they were doing and fled in a panic, screaming their heads off. Notably drawing more looks. Whatever they're doing here, it possibly isn't any good. You may need to chase after them. Also note that rather than menacing the populace they were just having a good time before you show up... so do be careful with how you act.]

(OoC: A good part of the chase will have banter between the pursuers. I'll have an interjection in when I think its a good point.)