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Matthew is sitting on a bench in the hanger bay, bandaged here and there, sucking down a juice box full of antioxidants, watching glumly as the techs frantically swarm over the damaged mechs brought back from their encounter with Kairos Aspida.

Finally, he sighs and rubs his forehead. "Ayame Jin....neg, Anna Alkaev. We never realized how much you sacrificed for your convictions..."

He suddenly tosses the juice box away violently. "Stravag! Why must this keep happening?"



[Comm message to Simon and Nikolai Djerassi.]

Matthew's image pops up on your comms, his face looking very grave and serious...but also nervous.

"My comrades...there is something I need to do. Will you help me do it?"


(Dated a few days after post [2])

Matthew is in the middle of a daring operation: to sneak behind enemy lines! To penetrate deep into Clan Jade Falcon's territory–!

-so that he can talk to a friend of his.

Currently, he is sneaking about one of the Clan Jade Falcon's instant-fab compounds near the Siberian border, trying to find a computer terminal where you can check the base roster and find out where his ex-comrade, Star Captain Lola Helmar, is.

Surely no one will notice his super-secret stealthy actions whatsoever, especially in this flurry of snow...!

"Stravag, is it cold." Matthew mutters.
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After retaking the Nicholas Kerensky...

Ranna lies in the infirmary, heavily bandaged. A stack of books is by the bedside table, presumably for her when she is awake. She has been declared to be stable by the infirmary staff and cleared for visitation. At times her Trinary members can be seen visiting her.

Visit her?


The Wolf warriors on-board the Chalice are in a good mood, that is certain. They go about their duties with a smile, and even those has been known to be...quiet are a little bit more chatty. It seems not even the news of all the landing forces making it to Siberia could stop the buoyancy of reclaiming the Nicholas Kerensky.

A dropship arrive soon-after, not the routine supply drop from those who are aware of the schedule, but it unloads much supply for the Chalice itself - food, materials and medicine. Furthermore, several secured containers are unloaded as well - marked for the Goliath Scorpions.

With Ranna currently in the infirmary, Star Commander Alexia Ward has taken over Charlie Trinary in the interim.

Speak with the clanners/check out the new supplies/claim your containers?

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[1] (Locked to everyone who tried to rescue Matthew during "Different Faces of Warfare". And Ryou.)

You get a video message from Matthew soon after returning to the White Chalice. He's still wearing his armored cooling vest, stained at the front with green fluid, the hilt of the knife he used to fake stab himself still poking out of it. He looks cross.

Read more... )


You see Matthew lounging in one of the White Chalice's portside lodges, gazing up at the sky. Very soon, the Jade Falcon invasion fleet will be braking into orbit, and the Chalice will go to war to protect the Earth against his former Clan.

He sighs. "Simon...where are you now? And what would you do in my shoes?"

He pauses. "Actually, I can guess exactly what you would do."


You stumble upon Matthew, in the simulator room, training his butt off! He's putting his modified Nova through a set of scenarios in space, inside a ship's hanger bay, and on land, fighting against a variety of Clanner Mechs. It looks like he's...trying to disable them? He's concentrating laser fire at their arms and legs, blowing them off at their joints.

Join in? Interject? Comment? Observe?
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I am in agreement with the plan of attack against the Falcons. There is one drawback, however: when we attack that way, they will no longer be bound by Zelbriggen, the system of dueling generally practiced among the Clans. Thus we can expect them to freely use 'dishonorable' tactics, such as concentrated fire and physical attacks with mechs. Do not expect we will be able to limit the battle's extent by calling their commanders to a Circle Of Equals, as we have before.

If I may ask a favor: please do not say my bloodname if you speak with the Falcons.


The Goliath Scorpion mechs and elemental armor are being repainted. The black and gold of their Beta Galaxy is being replaced with the tan and stylized dire wolf's head of Clan Wolf's Alpha Galaxy.

Naturally the Scorpions are looking uncomfortable. Not necessarily because they dislike deceiving the Falcons, but because it's the Wolf colors they'll be masquerading in. Like most of their Clan, the Heartvenom Cluster looks up to the Wolves with all the starry eyed admiration of a schoolgirl hoping sempai will notice her. Some of them might even be...Yes, a few of these genetically engineered super soldiers are blushing.

This seems to amuse Nikolai.
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After honoring the elementals who were killed fighting the Inspectors on the old colony (a dead Galgau each making for a feather in one's cap in the breeding program), Nikolai's found an abandoned storeroom. It's evening (or what passes for it in space anyway) and he's holding up a vial of something that glows, contemplating it in the fading light.

There's a nervous looking Scientist at the door with a set of medical equipment, just in case. This is a pretty high dosage.

He folds himself into the lotus position and downs the glowing vial.

Prophets hold a key to the lock in a language. The mechanical image remains only an image to them. This is not a mechanical universe. The linear progression of events is imposed by the observer )


Finally awake, he's profoundly shaken on a very physical level, hands and knees trembling. But his look is certain. He knows what he should do from here.

[4/Private to Texotic]

You wanted to see the method I have in reserve for your memories? Meet me in Storage Bay 13-B tonight.


The Scorpions seem out of shape a bit, a little pale or trembly, not at all what you'd normally expect from clanners. This is because they're running low on necrosia, but feel free to assume what you wish, as they don't seem to want to talk about it.
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Following the mission, the island is swarming with scorpions!

Goliath Scorpion clansmen, that is. Nikolai's report on the island, its cryogenic chambers, multiple downed ships and mysterious motherlode (which he gave strict orders to not touch) caused a furor of excitement among his history minded clansmen. Now virtually the entire Heartvenom Cluster and its attendant support staff is there, milling about, investigating things with the sensor arrays of their mechs and armor, and of course carting away things deemed either useful or interesting with typical clanner frugality. Trials were fought for who has to stand on guard in case the Bonnes return, leaving a few Warriors as sulking, grumpy sentinels.

Nikolai is circling among them, helping the younger Seekers to evaluate their finds, resolving disputes (it wouldn't do to have Trials of Possession here, where they risk destroying the ruins, after all) and ultimately making the final say on what does or does not get carried back to the Chalice in the arms and emptied ammunition bays of the Scorpion mechs and elementals.
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We have taken a vote among all the elementals on board the Chalice and have agreed that one day per week of our CQC training shall be opened up to the ship as a whole and modified to accommodate those who are of a size closer to the baseline. The first hour shall be conditioning, the second technical practice and the third sparring. Expect practice with unarmed techniques and portable weapons such as sticks and knives. We owe thanks to Madeline Caine for helping to pioneer and test these modifications. I do hope I will see you there!


Although the elementals have indeed opened up their practice, they're still running through routines that could make Olympic athletes jealous. By the first hour, sweat stains the mats they've laid out and the setting sun is giving the room an orange glow. They've opened the windows to get fresh air in, which might be exactly what you want to get if you're not used to this kindof thing.

When the second hour comes around, Nikolai chooses the largest of his fellow elementals for demonstration purposes. Large as he is to most, he's dwarfed by his practice partner. Yet by dropping underneath her, he can hurl her over his shoulder or drive her backwards, like a house dynamited at its foundations. With a chuckle and some colorful metaphors he also explains the cringe inducing potential consequences of loading a 350 pound elemental on the top your head and thus your neck while practicing. The message therein: do not do it.

And for the third, they pair off, wrestling, strongarming each other into locks and strangles, kickboxing, striking each other with sticks, lashing out and tying each other up with ropes...They don't seem to make much distinction between the different types of combat and one easily blends into the other. They may encounter any of them, after all. Join in? Introduce them to the traditional pig wrestling of your homeland? Dip your toe in the pond by choosing the older but wily Nikolai? Dive straight in the deep end full of sharks by challenging Only One Kenobi Darius?


He's not getting any younger, especially around the joints and a little of the strong stuff helps him take the edge off of roughhousing with the young bucks. And so, having showered and rubbed Ben Gay on himself in a classic old person move, he hits the bar and asks for the house special.

[4/network/private to Lowe Gear]

Greetings to you, Lowe Gear. I am Nikolai Djerassi of Clan Goliath Scorpion. It seems Clan Wolf is quite pleased with your assistance in the creation of the Verfolger omnimech. As well your name has been recommended to me for a task: I require the assistance of an expert in Earth Sphere technology in the creation of a vehicle that can improve the survivability of an armored Elemental closing with an Earth Sphere mech on open terrain. The design could be based on the existing APC designs which have been around for centuries, though with heavy modifications and a semi-open cab to allow the trooper to exit in their armor.

I hope to hear back from you soon.
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*You see an announcement posted in front of Herb's Clubroom*

"Open for Public.

This Friday is Gentlemen Adventurer's Club's Boardgame Night! We'll be playing Castles and Cockatrices 13.5th edition game mastered by yours truly, the president. Bring a sixth level character that you're not attached too much!

Feel free to take a copy of a character sheet inside and a rulebook copy in case you need to refresh your memory about the rules!"

*Of course you know that Castles and Cockatrices is a popular fantasy pen-and-paper rpg.  The way this game still exists now in the age of virtual reality and giant robot shows how ubiquitous and popular the game is. If you read the rulebook, it's simple enough, with standard fantasy classes and races and all that jazz.*

1. Discuss about his plan?

2.The game night. It's a mingle thread. Feel free to join anytime, comment about the game, introduce your fantasy characters, and talk both uh... in character and out of character.... with your character...

Feel free to jump into the thread and comment at any time. Or act even if your fantasy character haven't been introduced.
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[Post "The Four Generals"]

[1] [Open to All]

In the aftermath of the great battle against the Beastmen and their Four Generals (which wound up being really good for Earthrace/Moonrace relations), the wreckage of Do Ten Kai Zen fell to earth, save for a single intact piece of machinery, a gleaming sphere that rose from the wreckage of the infuriating Cytomander's component flagship...and caught by the grasping arms of Dai-Gurren.

After a bit of analysis, headscratching, and desperate guess-work, Dai-Gurren has been powered down... so that a team of technicians and assistants can attach the Levisphere to Dai-Gurren's frame and grant it the power of flight!

A day or so into the process, Matthew takes a break to escort a small gaggle of guests (most notably, some Naval Officers from Clan Goliath Scorpion) through the hallways of Dai-Gurren, showing off both the ship and the installation process.

"...there are many facets to this Beastmen-built ship, particularly the small tunnels, that still elude comprehension. Nevertheless, Dai-Gurren, today and tomorrow, shall continue to be a fearsome weapons for justice and life on earth..."

But what are Simon, Rossiu, and the rest of the Gurren Brigade doing while Matthew waves the tourist flag about? Who else has decided to check things out with the tour group, or even help out with the Levisphere installation process?

[2] [Closed to Gurren Brigade/people with CR to Gurren Brigade Members.]

After a lot of sweat, the installation is complete. All that remains is to see if the darn thing works.

On the bridge, Matthew, looking exhausted, takes a step back and to the right, standing at military attention as his seniors enter.

"Commander Simon, Vice Commander Rossiu...the Dai-Gurren is ready for liftoff."

[Music for flavor: ]
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Greetings to you, White Chalice. I will not waste your time. Most of my Warriors in the Heartvenom Cluster, the unit that accompanied me, are Elementals. As many of them will be dispersed to go Seeking all over Terra, they will not be able to operate in the five-Warrior points they are used to. They will be, you might say, out of their element, hahaha!

As such, I am seeking vehicular options that the troopers can use for increased speed and protection when closing with the mechs of the Earth Sphere, as well as to store the ammunition, harjel and neccesities of life they will need. There are two considerations I would ask to be top priority for this design.

Firstly that the controls must be simple and the cabin open at least at the top. Most Elementals are between seven and eight feet tall.
[He's 6''5 himself.] The armor itself requires even more space. And while we are all competent drivers, none of us are dedicated vehicle pilots.

Second that it must be stable. Elemental armor weighs three fourths of a ton, with at least another two hundred and thirty pounds for the Elemental themselves. This could roll a top heavy design over in a tight turn.

Secondary considerations include the presence of vehicle mounted weapons, cost, sensors, built in extinguishers and that the design can be produced by modifying an existing Earth Sphere vehicle.

I know there to be quite a few creative Technicians and Scientists on board and that the Wolves have benefited from their new Verfolger omnimech, which incorporates Earth Sphere technology. I am confident that between us we can come up with a satisfactory design.

Of course you will not go uncompensated for your work. Clan Goliath Scorpion always pays its debts.


In the dusty recesses of the unused vehicle hangar, he shines a flashlight down the rows of unused giants. He's not surprised at the lack of conventional vehicles, as he'd assumed a front line ship wouldn't have them.

Wait...There was the Clementine. He came over to it to examine it more closely. The cabin appeared much too small, but perhaps the chassis could be copied. Who was the original designer?


In the room designated for practice of weaponry, he cuts nimbly in smooth arcs with his zulkari, the two tassels (one black and one gold) whirling in miniature counterpoint.

As he came down from a jump, slicing a target he had set up for that purpose, he buckled on the knee he was landing on and staggered. Making no sound, he sheathed the sword, pulled the pant leg back, and knelt to examine the still pink replacement skin. Damn those Blakist flamethrowers...Damn his age too, while he was at it. Well there was no point bemoaning it. One compensated for getting older by getting smarter or one perished on unfamiliar ground.
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[Post X-Buster Mission]


Matthew supervises the repair work and drainage being done on his Nova in the wake of the assault of both E.V.I.L. and a surly Demon King upon the coastal city.

And by supervise, I mean he's staring with disbelief at the rainbow colors coating his Nova, a veritable tie-die worthy of the Summer of Love. And pondering washing them off with capital-ship grade laser weapons.


In one of the lounges, he's perusing a water-logged manga trade paperback recovered from that building he crashed into.

He snaps it shut with one hand. "Of course!"


Later, he can be found in the Brig, starring down the two P.O.W.s from the SMILE brigade.

"What is E.V.I.L. getting up to? Talk! Or I will use your only weakness against you!" Matthew roars, pointing at a covered tray of Italian food he ordered from the canteen.
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After the recent sortie to the Himalayas...

(1 - via network/vid)

"Most of the data we obtained are still being decrypted, but we managed to obtain technical data on the unidentified Word of Blake OmniMechs. It appears that they were of a recent design and construction. The Blakists named them the Celestial series. We fought the Malak, Preta, Grigori and the Archangel. There were data for two more that we did not encounter yet - Deva and Seraph.

They are OmniMechs, so their weapon loadouts are very flexible, but we notice that all the designs contain mech-sized retractable blades - a rare weapon in the Inner Sphere."

The mech data are appended to the vid.

"On an logistical matter, due to reorganization within our touman, my Trinary has been reassigned to the 4th Wolf Guards. We will still remain as the liaison on-board the White Chalice from our Clan."


Throughout the day afterwards, she will be at the viewing deck... painting. With a pack of painting supplies and some food, she finishes paintings at a decent pace.

Perhaps most surprisingly - she is rather good at it. Disturb/talk to her? The painting she is working on will change depending on the time.
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[1//Closed to people from 'The Sicilian Defense']

Dusty, tired looking, and if one were to be honest, a little smelly, the Goliath Scorpion Elementals climb out of their armor and dropships to stare in awe. Terra, that shining jewel, the cradle of humanity. A few fall to their knees, or run the pebbles and dirt through their hands. One or two are weeping with joy. Even Nikolai is smiling, though as the CO, he can't get too emotional over it.


Later, on the Chalice, you might find a rare sight: a middle aged looking Clanner. Though not as tall as most other Elementals, he still bulges with enough muscle it looks like he's smuggling boa constrictors under his skin. He's bent over piles and piles of books and a data tablet, learning as much of the differences between his Terra and the one he finds himself in now.

[3//Network (video)]

Said middle aged clansman appears on the network, grinning broadly. "Greetings to you, White Chalice, and a fine, though unusual ship it appears to be. My name is Nikolai Djerassi, of Clan Goliath Scorpion. We are a Warden Clan, and longtime allies of the Wolves, so you will have nothing to fear from us. I was called out of retirement to go looking for them. At least we can say we accomplished our mission, heh.

Among the Clans we are known widely for our efforts as historians. Thus I would invite you, if you wish it, to tell me of your histories. I promise it shall not go to the Chatterweb." He chuckles. "Even the juicy parts."


Now that they're here, the Warriors of the Heartvenom Cluster are mingling easily with their fellow clansmen already on board. The Scorpions are, taken as a group, even more rowdy, perhaps less disciplined, a bit more ragtag. Yet curiously, they still defer to the Wolves in pretty much everything, offering them first seats and portions. This embarrasses some of the Wolves, while others revel in the attention.