Feb. 18th, 2014

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[So.  Back in Gucun once more... and with one last battle to fight and comparatively little to do until it except wait and help everyone else move out.  But Julia's still taken the time to go and visit what's... left of a nearby local: the smoldering crater where Herrera Futuristics' Earthside HQ used to be.]

Well, that's...

... I knew the Inspectors hit this area pretty hard too.  I just didn't think... exactly here...

[The place where Bertrand died almost two whole years ago on that terrible painful day for so many people, Cheng included.]

... One more battle for this soldier to fight, Mr. Herrera.  One more battle to protect our dream.

(Julia can be tagged either here or after she returns)


Feb. 18th, 2014 03:46 pm
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[Late night. White Chalice's deck is unusually peaceful and quiet. Lily is here, standing next to her ship - all her stuff is already inside, packed, ready to go. She's watching the starry sky.]

It won't take long anymore... They will be here soon. Not just a small group of my friends, but a whole Cosmic Ark expedition. This will be the first time most of them will see Earth. The first time they fight together with humans against a common enemy.

Primeval Force... For the sake of my future, for the sake of everyone's futures, you will be destoyed. You ruined enough lives already. No more.
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Well, this is it. Two years, eight months. Such a long time, but I guess my journey with the Chalice is finally over. Heh, I've been talking about it all the time, but I never expected it to actually happen like this. One chapter in life ends, another starts.

I'll be leaving soon. All my stuff was packed already, re-packing it didn't take much time. I have places to visit before the final battle; need to introduce Miki to my parents, and vice versa. If anyone wants a drop off at Berlin or Fuso, or somewhere on the way, I guess you can tag along.

It won't take long, we'll be back before the battle with Primeval Force. Both Prometheus and Nebula can be disgustingly fast when they want to. Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone, okay? I'll see you again soon. And then, we'll finish this.

[Prometheus just waves. Though in his free hand he's holding a sign that says YOU PROVIDED ME WITH ENDLESS AMUSEMENT.]

The Firm

Feb. 18th, 2014 09:09 pm
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1. *In the middle of the hustle-bustle of White Chalice's abrupt remodelling, suddenly a huge airship approaches and docks. But rather than a warship, it's a construction ship, bristling with cranes and mechanical arms.

As the ship closes in, Herb looks VERY panicked. He throws random things from his room to his bindle, before tying it up.*

Oh crap. The Firm. It finally caught on my location! If anyone's asking, I'm not here! I'm...  eaten by the primeval force!

2. From the ship, a swarm of grim-looking men in black suits and sunglasses descends.

The leader of the grim-looking gang is a young man in business suit and ponytail. He walks forward and opens his sunglasses and grins.*

"So this is White Chalice..." He politely greets you. "Excuse me sir/madam. Can you kindly direct me to Mr. Herbert Montgomery?"

3*. ...and the ship's cargo door opens. From it descends a horde of workers and construction robots bringing supplies, ammunitions, and whatnot. The ponytailed young man points with his hand and yell.*

"Spare nothing! Supply every mechs and ships you can see here. And after that, help with the reconstruction of White Chalice. Use every available workers and mechs we have! Show the pride of Montgomery Construction!"