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 Roads is not having a good day. When he returns, the first thing he does is throw absolutely everything off of his desk, sweeping it to the side. Stacks of papers, pencils, drawings, Kouzou's gift, and his computer all get thrown to the floor. Roads then sits down with his heads in his hands at the now-clear desk.

He stays still for quite some time. Occasionally, he will shift a bit, folding his hands in front of him like something is trying his patience, or he will glare at that ancient tome he's cast aside.


The second curse is quiet and subdued.
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[[Using her powers of 'I can easily get boys to do what I want', one by one her things are being loaded up on a transport. But before she gets on it, she has several things to do.]]

(1) [[Intended for Setsuna and Laura, but others with CR are highly welcome and recommended.]]
[[What she's doing is looking for these people that she's gotten along with, and totally avoiding Clanners like the plague. Then again, that doesn't guarantee they'll be coming for her when they put 2 and 2 together. If they can even do MATH!]]

(2) [[Entirely exclusive to VowelsTieria]]
[[She's finding him last, after everything said and done. By force and against his will, she takes his hand and starts dragging.]]

Get yourself dolled up. We're finally going out.
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[Richard had been out for days again, just like the previous times he'd use Ideigi so much. His mind was far from at ease however, and when he did finally wake up, it was with a shout...]


[Hard to tell what he was screaming about, but he frantically looks around, realising he's in the medical ward of the White Chalice.]

W-We got away from the attack... please, tell me, is Lily okay?! We saved her, right?!

[He... looks pretty desperate for a good answer.]
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[Setsuna has found himself in a number of different places today.]

[You can catch him in the arboretum, looking at the flowers.]

[You could find him in the mess hall, having lunch with the others, although seated by himself.]

[Perhaps you found him in the Hangar, looking at the 00 Gundam Seven Swords type with a sort of longing.]

[Private to Celestial Being: Or maybe he's approaching one of his fellow meisters, with a single question in mind.]

How does one deal with women? [Poor Setsuna was shaken up by Lilly Platinum something fierce.]
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[1: Network: Immediately Post "A New Path"]

I must know: what is the secret of the Spheroid obsession with female breasts? Anyone who has this information, come forward.

[2: Action]
Final round of the Fetladral bloodname Trial, cut for length. )

[3: action]

One dire wolf pup had proved unwilling to adapt to the wild. Surprisingly not malnourished, it had still bullied its way onto the Chalice during its last Russian stop.

A truly massive animal now, brown with blood red spots that gave it a wounded look, it followed Resnick like a large, menacingly toothed shadow.

"Why do you not leave me be?!" He cried, winding up a kick for it but thinking better as it bared those long fangs.

Isaac was his name, the one he'd impulsively named for the sibkin he'd accidentally-on-purpose killed.

[4: network: private to everyone who participated in the second half of the Getter Robo finale mission]

There is a matter concerning the aftermath of the battle that you should know.
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Over the days, Wendell has become more withdrawn. While his earlier awkward social behavior could be attributed to shyness, this was different. A more active reaction and removal of self. Wendell has been increasingly alternating hiding in his room or visiting Sigil in the hangar, expressions increasingly brooding. Recently, however, he seems to have found a small puddle of calming activity in the attempts to make and maintain a small vegetable garden in a corner of the atrium. Success is minimal at best, but the actions are familiar, almost muscle memory, despite the length of time spent away from home. Being reminded of his life before it all fell apart almost brings a smile back to his face.
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1. (video)
[Laura's cleared space in the hangar, gym, and on the deck, and set up tables in the mess hall before posting the announcements around the ship and on the comm network. It took a lot of behind the scenes work to get everything in place, but she's ready to tackle the concerns Matthew raised in her.]

Hello everyone! I know we have a lot of new people aboard lately, from a lot of different backgrounds all over Earth and elsewhere. And I know a lot of us have reasons to be wary of one another... but while we're aboard, it's important that we be able to work together effectively. So a lot of people have helped set up some activities to help us all get to know and trust one another better! There are games, and sports, and combat drills, and simulator challenges... the important thing is that they're all team activities, and teams have to be made up of people who don't normally work together! Let's mix it up a little, and have some fun!

Maid for no reason
2. (action/mingle)
[Anyone who actually decides to participate... go nuts! This is a mingle post. Be the one organizing some ill-advised activity, or be the poor sap(s) sheepishly trudging through it. I've put up a planning post to help people coordinate.]

Laura blushing
3. (locked to Lilly, easily interrupted)
Okay, I'm ready! Just... promise not to laugh, okay?

[Laura's taking Lilly up on her offer of cheerleading lessons! Not that you could necessarily tell that was the plan, if you happened to stumble upon the two in the out-of-the-way training room Laura found for them to use. Instead of anything suggesting a cheerleading uniform she's wearing her ordinary tracksuit, looking not far different to when she started training with the 501st, in fact - which, given that Lilly presumably will not be introducing either simulated or live fire in to the exercise, probably says something about how comfortable she is with the whole idea...]

[[Backdated to before Clan Wolf's festivities and that whole impending doom thing.

Feel free to have participated in the planning or setup, or to be running one of the events! Enthusiasm counted for more than qualifications in the selection process, so some ideas may well be a little... half baked.]]
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[1 - Log]
( Sora had a weird dream while she was unconscious. It's a little wacky. )

[2 | Sora unavailable]
[As some of you will no doubt be aware, Sora kind of almost exploded herself in a mission a little while back. Letriel, being a doctor, agreed to patch the poor girl up... or rather, try to repair the nerve damage she took. That surgery was today, and started a few hours ago. At this particular moment, the operation's over, and Sora's resting. Yes, the door is locked, if the four high-grade padlocks are any indication. Yes, the vents have been secured. No, you're not getting in. For Letriel's part, well...]

(The doors open soon after the surgery with a cigarette that has just been lit. She walks away uninterested in those around and heads to the bar. A nurse comes out after her and looks on nervously as Letriel leaves. She turns to all who are waiting with a report in her hands.)

The operation was successful. Sora Myoudouin is in stable condition and will be cleared for visitors once she awakens and we give her a quick examination. Her nervous system has been repaired to the best of our abilities and she shouldn't suffer from any major long term effects. There were areas in her system that were so badly damaged that while we could get them to function she will no longer be able to feel anything in those areas. Most of this will go away with time, physical therapy, and medication. Her burns will also heal in time though slight scar tissue is expected. She has thankfully been tested negative for Kojima poisoning as well. Also, Miss Letriel gave me a message for everyone on the ship. "If I see another imbecile of this ship in my office in this kind of state again I will..." Oh...I-I don't think I should read this...It goes on for two whole pages...Ah, here. "If you expect me to jump at something like this again, don't. I only do operations that interest me." Anyway, I'll let you all know when Miss Myoudouin is clear for visitors.

((Letriel [[personal profile] fallen_overlord] is at the bar and will respond to this prompt if tagged, so keep that in mind. The nurse left behind will not let anyone into the room yet. No exceptions.))

[Sometime the next afternoon, were one to attempt to visit Sora, one would find that the series of padlocks on her infirmary door have been removed, and the doorknob turns... is she clear for visitors, finally? Inside the room, you'll find Sora awake, but looking at least as bad as she did before; it's clear that Letriel's laundry list of repairs took a toll on her, but at least she's healing now...? She's wrapped up quite a bit, and she winces at the smallest movement, but she's conscious, and that's a pretty good sign, all things considered, and she seems like she's in a good mood. Anyone want to talk to her?]
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[Vlaska... has been getting lost. A lot. And panicking frequently. Normally cats are good at keeping with familiar places - but much of Vlaska's ability to deal with his wanderings about the Chalice was his memory. Considering that he for all intents and purposes had 'moved' from his original home - and spent less time on the Chalice in comparison - he was reacting like an animal thrown into an unfamiliar and frightening environment for any time people haven't been keeping an eye on him.]

[Nothing was in its right place in his mind, he took lefts when he usually should have taken rights, he nearly hurt himself several times and was often found squeezed into a small place freaking out.]

 N... Natasha... N..tsh..aaaa.. help... help.... s...scared....

[And like a frightened child, he does the one thing they always believe would help. He calls for his 'mother']

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[Yet another new pilot for the Chalice. His late entry saved him the lovely repair bill the other Ravens got to enjoy and thus was laughing his way to the banking website.]

Down 800 credits for two shots fired... I'll be charging interest on the next job, Crest.

[He wasn't down by much compared to the other two and much less compared to what he had in the bank but losses to one's savings always hurt regardless when built up from scratch.]

Looks like I'll be here for awhile. May as well make the best of it. I wonder what the people here are like...

[Adapting to change. A sign of being an old crow.]
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[One of the new pilots aboard, a rather young female, can be found on the foot of her AC, or what was left of it. She's practically curled up in a ball with her knees against her face, and doesn't look happy in the slightest.]

...Ugh- I don't get it at all!

[Thinking back to what happened earlier only made it worse. She could deal with the repair fees, but only as long as she still gained clients through the Ark. If it hadn't been for that one restraining factor, she might have just quit associating herself with the intermediary on the spot when she heard about the re-assignment.

Just looking at all the strange machines and people around was discomforting enough...]

'You don't know what you've got until you lose it,' huh? ...Makes me miss the Ark already.

[Nope, this definitely wasn't the place for her to be...]
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[[LIKE HELL her fight with Kei was going to keep her down! Screw that! She was going to be all the giggles and fun times she wanted to be!

It wasn't her fault the ship was full of stuck-ups and people won't don't know how to just have fun and live life!

So, you know what she's going to do to cheer herself up, in addition to proving that she's not a total bimbo. She has PHYSICAL skills too...

I said physical, not sexual, pervs...

So, in the aubretum, Lilly is doing her thing to a little diddy like this

19 year old cheerleader, big chest, tons of blonde hair flipping about, skimpy little cheerleading uniform, and sparkly pom poms... what's NOT to stop and stare at?]]

Tenth Get

Jan. 10th, 2013 12:47 am
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[Kei in the hangars is not an unfamiliar sight.  She does work as a mechanic along with her piloting duties after all, but today her activities are a bit different though.  Her tools are nowhere in sight and she's got a sketchpad filled with designs and equations.  Her eyes drift up to focus on Shin Getter Robo from time to time, but just as often she's looking over some notes that Hayato had lent to her.]

... I'm kinda liking the idea of it having something kinda like the Stoner Sunshine, but would free up its hands.

Shoulder-mounted cannons?  Maybe...

[There's also a ton of name ideas on the sketchpad to.  Most of them are scribbled out as well, but one, "Hien", got off with being punctuated by a question mark.]
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1] Desdemona is on the prowl. This shit had gone on long enough, and she wasn't going to stand for one more minute of it!
Are you an attractive man that appears between then ages of of 18-30?
You may find a raven haired harlot sliding up next to you, running her smooth hands, uninvited, up your arm.
"Well aren't you a tasty hunk of man?"

2]Later you might fine Desdemona in the lounge painting her nails black and red, smoking fragrant buds from her long pipe. Her phone sits on the table next to her, blasting out music that you may or may not find offensive. She gives zero fucks if the smell of polish or smoke bothers anyone around her, and it's clear in the way she sitting with her boots propped up on the chair next to her. Now and again she bobs her head violently, tossing short hair about to the beat of the music, and singing softly.

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1. (the Arboretum)

[Laura's on bad form. It turns out Shifter powers can keep a giant electrified mecha shield from killing you if you get too close, but not from doing a fair bit of damage. So, while those powers are in turn helping her recover quickly, for a while she's stuck taking it easy - and avoiding contact with anything mechanical, because she's still getting zapped by door handles.

And anyone mechanical, which is just unfair.

And her hair looks stupid.

So she's sitting under a tree, trying to read an (ordinary, paper) book, and failing as she keeps dozing off. Actual human (or non-) contact would probably be viewed as a life-saver...]


Nuan Chun? Xue Yi? You're not hiding anywhere you shouldn't be, are you?

[Being under doctors' orders to take a few days off from her hangar and kitchen duties, Laura thought spending time with her goddaughters would be a way to turn the setback around. It turns out seven- and four-year-old girls are not in fact undemanding people to spend time with. And now that they've talked her in to playing hide and seek, she's starting to get a little frantic searching for them.]