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[Laura's assembled her squad of recruits - those she could invite, persuade, or cajole into volunteering to help out with her morale-boosting Valentine's Day plan. She's just carrying out her final inspection before unleashing them on the ship...]

All right! Everyone's ready? Your costumes are okay? You know what to do?

[Of course, she's not asking anyone to so anything she wouldn't herself! She's found a toga-like white minidress somewhere, and supplemented it with a halo, wings, and a toy bow with matching quiver of heart-tipped arrows. How good a Cupid costume has she - or even you, maybe - managed in your case?]

2. (mingle/open to all)
[And they're loose! A squad of Cupids are wandering the Chalice, picking up and delivering people's Valentine's gifts. Do you have one to send? Are you expecting one, or receiving one unexpectedly? Or do you just think the whole thing is ridiculous?]

[It's a Valentine's Day courier service! There's a meme to coordinate. Prompt #1 is for volunteers and people looking to laugh at volunteers. Prompt #2 is for people sending or receiving their Valentines as arranged on the meme. Have fun!]
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(It is late at night. So late you could say it is early. You can't sleep for whatever reason and are wondering the Chalice. As you are walking around, you hear what sounds like someone working on a machine. When you go to check it out, you see Letriel doing maintenance on Vice. A look of concentration is on her face as works on it until she suddenly seems to fumble and grab her head in what seems like pain. Bother?)


(The sun is starting to come up and you have decided to wake up early today. You head to the gym to workout and find Letriel training by practicing her stance and strikes. It looks like she has been at it for a few hours now. She might not say it but that kick she got from Elsa and the fact that she had to go so far to fight Demonpain really got to her. She gets to thinking about it and she starts to hit harder out of anger until she winds up one punch, bringing out Vice as power armor, and slams her fist into the punching bag and breaking its' chains. Letriel scoffs before going over to set up another punching bag.)

[3] (Locked to Simon)

(This is easily the earliest that you have ever woken up Simon. But since that crazy demon said you better be awake and in the gym at a certain time or you will 'regret it', you decide to play along to not find out what she had planned for when you didn't show. Once you arrive, Letriel stops her training and makes her way over to you.)

Alright maggot. Today is the day we start your intensive training under me.
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The events of the past few days– the battle against the final onslaught of the Invaders, the climactic struggle of the Getter Team at Saturn, and the place they departed to– have frankly been epic.

They have also made quite the impression on a certain ex-Jade Falcon, who had not dared to think that such heroism could be possible.

As the White Chalice journeys back to Earth, he can be seen at various places–in his (Tin-foiled) Nova's cockpit on the outer hull, in a vacuum suit by one of the large airlocks, at the observation deck– just staring up at the endless sea of stars as a child would.


Talk to him? Snap him out of it? Play a prank on him?


Matthew is wandering about the Chalice, looking for the pilots who fought at Saturn, tablet and light pen in hand.

And the most determined of expressions on his face.


Matthew is sitting by a table in one of the portside lounges, ignoring the cold lunch next to him, and doing something unusual for a frugal warrior from an ascetic caste society.

He is writing on paper. Copious amounts of paper. Some sheets are discarded at his feet, some are set to the side, and all are covered with splotches of ink.

A close examination will reveal them to be...verse poetry?


Matthew has posted a request on the Chalice Net for all Clan warriors onboard to assemble in Hanger 3 to "Fulfill the debt of honor we owe to the memory of great warriors."

For those of you who show up, Clan or otherwise, there is a gaggle of Clan Wolf/Ex-Jade Falcon warriors and tech caste members about, wondering why the heck they were gathered here. There is no sign of Matthew about.
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[Filtered to Simon, from the cockpit of Gurren.]

Oi, Simon! We gotta work some shit out. We've got that fancy new Gurren Lagann to kick ass with, but unless we know how to recreate it when we need it and in the right way, it's no good to us. We need to practice!

[Action, On the ground near the White Chalice.]

An unusual sight meets any curious onlookers. It looks like Kamina, in Gurren, is hurling giant rocks at Simon, who is running around and dodging like the fear of god is in him! Could it be some sort of training exercise, or has Kamina finally just totally gone off the deep end?
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[1 - Log]
( Sora had a weird dream while she was unconscious. It's a little wacky. )

[2 | Sora unavailable]
[As some of you will no doubt be aware, Sora kind of almost exploded herself in a mission a little while back. Letriel, being a doctor, agreed to patch the poor girl up... or rather, try to repair the nerve damage she took. That surgery was today, and started a few hours ago. At this particular moment, the operation's over, and Sora's resting. Yes, the door is locked, if the four high-grade padlocks are any indication. Yes, the vents have been secured. No, you're not getting in. For Letriel's part, well...]

(The doors open soon after the surgery with a cigarette that has just been lit. She walks away uninterested in those around and heads to the bar. A nurse comes out after her and looks on nervously as Letriel leaves. She turns to all who are waiting with a report in her hands.)

The operation was successful. Sora Myoudouin is in stable condition and will be cleared for visitors once she awakens and we give her a quick examination. Her nervous system has been repaired to the best of our abilities and she shouldn't suffer from any major long term effects. There were areas in her system that were so badly damaged that while we could get them to function she will no longer be able to feel anything in those areas. Most of this will go away with time, physical therapy, and medication. Her burns will also heal in time though slight scar tissue is expected. She has thankfully been tested negative for Kojima poisoning as well. Also, Miss Letriel gave me a message for everyone on the ship. "If I see another imbecile of this ship in my office in this kind of state again I will..." Oh...I-I don't think I should read this...It goes on for two whole pages...Ah, here. "If you expect me to jump at something like this again, don't. I only do operations that interest me." Anyway, I'll let you all know when Miss Myoudouin is clear for visitors.

((Letriel [[personal profile] fallen_overlord] is at the bar and will respond to this prompt if tagged, so keep that in mind. The nurse left behind will not let anyone into the room yet. No exceptions.))

[Sometime the next afternoon, were one to attempt to visit Sora, one would find that the series of padlocks on her infirmary door have been removed, and the doorknob turns... is she clear for visitors, finally? Inside the room, you'll find Sora awake, but looking at least as bad as she did before; it's clear that Letriel's laundry list of repairs took a toll on her, but at least she's healing now...? She's wrapped up quite a bit, and she winces at the smallest movement, but she's conscious, and that's a pretty good sign, all things considered, and she seems like she's in a good mood. Anyone want to talk to her?]
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(For whatever reason, you find yourself in the infirmary. As soon as you walk in you see a desk covered in medical reports, mental examinations, robot specs, any information about the people on the Chalice that Letriel could her hands on. Letriel is reading through the piles of information while smoking from a churchwarden pipe she stole and raises one finger as you walk in. She finishes what she was reading and turns towards you.)

What do you want? It better be good because I'll just drop you on one of the nurses if your problem doesn't interest me.


(Letriel walks into the most crowded area on the Chalice that she can find and after taking a quick look around she slams her foot down and a ring fills the air. She looks at everyone in the room with a steely gaze.)

Since I have to put up with you bugs, I suppose I should ask the following. What do you all fight for? What reasons do you have that you risk your life for?
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[Simon's in the hangar, looking up at a new, shiny, fire-truck-red mecha. Yes, it's Gurren Lagann, the symbol of his and his bro's teamwork. He's definitely pleased about its performance... but he's still a little hung up on having nearly gotten Kamina killed immediately prior. The kid just shakes his head, a self-sure smile on his face.]

I won't run away any more... Kamina needs me. We'll fight together, whatever happens.
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1] Desdemona is on the prowl. This shit had gone on long enough, and she wasn't going to stand for one more minute of it!
Are you an attractive man that appears between then ages of of 18-30?
You may find a raven haired harlot sliding up next to you, running her smooth hands, uninvited, up your arm.
"Well aren't you a tasty hunk of man?"

2]Later you might fine Desdemona in the lounge painting her nails black and red, smoking fragrant buds from her long pipe. Her phone sits on the table next to her, blasting out music that you may or may not find offensive. She gives zero fucks if the smell of polish or smoke bothers anyone around her, and it's clear in the way she sitting with her boots propped up on the chair next to her. Now and again she bobs her head violently, tossing short hair about to the beat of the music, and singing softly.

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(The figure that appeared from the seal in the latest battle lands in the Chalice hangar. The body seems to open as a nude woman descends to the floor with an annoyed look...Though most members of the Chalice probably aren't paying attention to that last bit. However, those that get past the fact that she has no clothes can tell she is obviously not human. She has six feathery wings, a pair of horns, a lizard-like tail which comes to a arrow like point, and a light that looks like a halo above her head. She looks around to survey the area.)

So this is my new prison? In the name of all that is evil and damned, I get out of the seal and now I'm stuck here. Damn that seal, to think it would have a last ditch security system like this...Well, I suppose this is an upgrade...in a sense.

(Letriel is looking at a piece of modern technology with slight interest. She looks at it from several angles to understand it better.)

What in existence is this thing?

(Letriel is in the training room and is wailing on a punching bag. Her form is solid but her power seems to be lacking. She lets out one hard and enraged strike before jumping away from the punching bag and glaring at her hand.)

So this is all the strength I can muster without Vice...Such an advanced power limiter...The Almighty went all out on this one. I don't know if I should be honored or pissed.