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You know... somehow, I always suspected it would end like this.

Primeval Force was destroyed. The heart of it was cast into the sun by the White Chalice's teleportation system, and even then, Ichitaka managed to rescue the Captain and Dan. In the end, Primeval Force... was trapped inside Bismuth's body, where it was destroyed.

He wouldn't want me to grieve at his passing. A death like that is something that every Valhallan strives for. Dying to save the Earth Sphere... was his decision, and in the end, I believe he was happy. He was a warrior, a hero, and my friend.

I promised to tell his story, so I will. I'm going to write a book, about all my experiences from the last year. If any of you have the time, I'd like to talk to you to get the stories from before I joined, as well. An oral history of the White Chalice.

...If there's anything you'd prefer I leave out, then tell me that, as well.
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I think... Historical integrity only demands it that you write the whole truth.
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Yeah, you don't have to document everything, just the important stuff. That's how research papers and books work. But make sure you don't omit anything that's relevant, and don't write anything that's false.
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And I don't think Bismuth would ever forgive you if you did that.
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I know it sounds like a paradox, but a lot of my life has been larger-than-life for the last few years.
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Actually, I've been doing that for a few days already. I missed eating good meals on a regular basis.
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That shouldn't be a problem. I foresee a lot of free time in my future.
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Matthew silently walks up to Leopold with a huge stack of page paper, then drops it on the table with a 'thump'.

Examining it discover that it is poetry. Alliterated, caesura filled poetry written out with a scratchy hand.

The one at the top is titled 'The Sortie of the Getter Team...'
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"Whenever the mood struck me." Matthew admits sheepishly.

Then his face grows sad. "And whenever friends fell in battle. Their stories, their great deeds, their lives they sought to live...they should never be forgotten, quiaff?

He draws a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolds it.

"I...wrote one about Bismuth too." He says hesitantly. "Could it by you?"
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"It is a rough draft, but I hope my feelings are conveyed through the crude verses..."

Matthew starts reading a bit of it.

"Beyond known space / a seeker of challenge
stronger than all alloys / brawl-seeking Bismuth.
Like the warriors of old / striving greatly in all deeds
'Tween robots and royalty / he forged great bonds.
Learn well from his life / warriors of the world!
for his way of war / was to wage peace... "
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I'll make sure he isn't forgotten. I promise.
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At the very least, one other galaxy and several other universes should be hearing about it soon.
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There is so much to talk about... I am not even sure where to start.

... No, I do. It all began when a conflicted soul snuck upon White Chalice's board, only to see a message from a supposed benefactor who already suspected her to be there.

At least that is how it began from a certain point of view. One story, out of many...
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White Chalice's story ends here. Our individual ones carry on - forever.