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[Tobia doesn't have much stuff to pack, so he has a lot of time to give a hand with working on the Chalice, and help others. Maybe he's even helping you!

Either way, now his work brought him to the memorial wall.]

This thing...

We can't just leave it here, can we?
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There must be some way we can take it out. I mean, whole chunks of the ship are going to be cut away, anyway...

[Laura pulls up schematics on her tablet and tries to work out how load-bearing that bulkhead is.]
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Or we could use cutting torches like civilized people.

[Civilized people with superheated plasma power tools.]
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Minimizing mess is part of efficiency too, you know!
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You're very confident in your skill with explosives...
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That's... probably true, but it makes me wonder why you picked bombs to start with...