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This is it

Well guys.

I've never been good at long good-byes and such, so...

[ReHome is already preparing for take off. Lowe and friends are leaving just as they arrived, years ago - though this time they possibly have more people on board!]

See you around. This isn't the last time we meet, I'm sure!
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Mind if I tag along for a while?
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[Laura's tearing up.]

I'll look you up as soon as we get back!
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I know I can. And so can you. You're part of how I found myself when I came on board, Lowe. I'll never forget that.
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Oh, I won't. I plan to learn a lot more, and put it all to good use.

[...Is Laura implying something?]

I may not be your apprentice any more, but you're still my senior as a mechanic. I'll be looking for guidance for a while yet, I think.
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"Heeeeeeey. Got a contact or something?"
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"Then, I'll definitely want to keep in touch. Hope you don't mind a trip to Side 3."
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[Setsuna's hiding his face with an opaque visor of sorts, coupled with a hoodie.]

May I come as well? Miss Sumeragi wishes to continue Celestial Being's mission of preventing war, and with most of the other Meisters working with her, I feel I could do more working solo.

I-I can maintain my own Gundam, and pay for myself if it comes to that. [Did he just stutter? Is Setsuna actually afraid of rejection at this juncture? Why?]
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[He's pulled a disappearing act the moment you agreed, where did he-]

[Oh, he's already loading the Exia RII onto ReHOME.]

Viridi's powers are great. The more distance I have from her, the better.

[You'll be getting a message from CB soon, they've seemed to be forwarding a good amount of parts from any future engagements to you.]
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Of course, thanks for...everything Lowe.
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You better! I'm gonna need materials for making my school, and there's hardly any good scrap around Calais anymore! I know, I picked it clean!