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"We did it."

The Universe was saved; from wear, battle and heat damage, the Zaku 2000 Kai looked pretty beaten up. How was the pilot?

At this point, Bernard Wiseman wanted to do many things. He could not believe that he was alive, and felt like he just accomplished something no one else has. He was about to depart himself, asking his roommate about what the life of a mechanic and "junkers boy" was like. However, he still questioned a few things -- like the future of Zeon for example.

Also, there was this: Will he ever see the rest of his Chalice friends again?

Who wants to talk to Bernie before he leaves?

Who knows. With a little faith, he'll meet everyone again in the sky one day. (いつか空に届いて)
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It seemed very serious; Zaku Kai was wrecked badly and now Bernie had to leave. He had his bags.

"What should I take?" Bernie's body felt heavy. It felt like a permanent parting from a diverse group of companions who didn't mind that he was a Zeon, and he also felt that he couldn't have a chance like this again.

"Thank you, White Chalice. Hm?" In his room, Bernie noticed something from the drawer -- those two interesting things that he bought way back.

"Yep, can't leave that." Then there's also a photo. Looked like a collector's item or something from a magazine.

Bernie was hesitant to pick it up. He took a moment to think, and then he nodded his head.

"I'll make it right," Bernie said, taking the photo. "Oh yeah!" Also another picture of a reliable friend.
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"I am so surprised that I'm alive...what did I just see? All of it?"

It took a while; at first, Bernie looked like he's been through Hell, a journey. he looked so surprised or his mind was gone.

Then, he dropped onto his knees. His eyes and cheeks were soaked.

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The final enemy has revealed itself...

The end of our struggle for peace is near, I can feel it. But...

How the heck are we supposed to find some sort of omnipotent primal energy source that seems to be the forefather of all exotic energy sources? For that matter, I'm not even sure we'd be able to hurt it!

Short of something genocidal as shutting down and destroying all the sources it would have for interacting with our world, I can't think of any permanent solution here. We no longer have LordGenome's Bio-Computer to help locate it. Absorbing it and containing it seems to make things explode. And if this is truly an omnipotent energy we're dealing with, there's a heavy probability that conventional weapons won't phase it, and exotic weapons will simply fuel it! Even if we did destroy it, wouldn't it have a similar effect to killing Artifex?

It seems lately we've been dealing with nothing but madmen and self-proclaimed gods lately...does anyone have any ideas for moving forward at this point?
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Since the Sanc intervention, Bernie has been out of combat. Who remembered that Bernie was a new Zaku? Which made its debut when the Chalice "went berserk".

So far, his first couple trials has been a success. He's sitting in between the Zaku's shoulder and head, just contemplating]

"I'm actually pretty proud of myself," he said, patting the Zaku's head.
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Well...alls well that ends well, I suppose! And we have SCIENCE to thank for salvaging what would have been a forgettable and almost pitiful finale into some kind of god-beating mass of true finale boss. On that note...does anyone know a good lawyer? Preferably one that's hot blooded and passionate about JUSTICE? And works for cheap?

2. Yuu's brooding in his room...his cries of anguish are anything but muted, anyone walking by can hear his hammy laments.

"This whole time, I've been such a fool...everything that EVIL, my whole relationship with Oishi,'s all been because I've blindly followed the path of JUSTICE. Always playing hero and acting courageous...pushing my ideals on everyone without a second thought...have I chosen the wrong path?"

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1. [The mission ended on a bittersweet note. And afterwards, you might run into a certain white-clad mage - now decked out in heavy looking gear - as she touches down on the deck. There's a serious look on her face.]

I'm sorry; inter-dimensional space has been rough lately, but I hurried back here as soon as I could.

I'm glad that everyone seems to be holding up since the last time we met, and while we're at it...I do have some good news to share...


2. [A while later in the hangar, Nanoha is holding a small holographic clipboard as she inspects the equipment she used in the mission: The Fortress and Strike Cannon. The individual parts are floating - occupying one of the mecha stations, and Raising Heart in its standby form is hovering just above her left shoulder.

If some of you couldn't tell already, this stuff is new even to Nanoha. That's also why she's inspecting it: to make sure it won't do anything she doesn't want it to. Her first impression?]

Mm...maybe they would have overdone it if they'd kept at this...

[And those are not words she just throws around. If you're curious, now's a good time to ask.]
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1) (Post-Megaman Legends mission)

Somehow we made it Mr. West okay? Does he have to scream like that?

Second thought, which reminds me...why shout attacks anyway?

Sorry, just a weird day. We saw Newtype monkeys, an invention of one of the Zabi Family. It just shows how we're not so different from one another. They were so efficient. It's interesting how warfare has developed. Now there's mobile AI.

2.) (Pre-Orb Christmas Party)

Because Bernie needs to be a little skeptical...

"An invitation. Can we...really trust them?"
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[Finally, White Chalice arrived in Orb. We will be here for a while, so make yourselves comfortable! Fortunately the oceanic country is a peaceful and prosperous one, so you can spend this time in comfort. Not to mention the high class hotel that was booked specifically for us to reside in - covering a lot of ground, with many facilities and easy access to nearby malls, what luxury! There's a giant Christmas tree in the lobby to put everyone in festive mood, and even though the climate is not exactly what you'd call winter-like, Orb mobile suits are flying around the place and showering it with snow a few times every day. Talk about dedication. Or wastefulness.]

[1 - general Christmas thread, mingling encouraged]

[The Christmas party will be a large and opulent one, with delicious food and plenty of important-looking people in fine clothing. Feel free to join in - or experience the holiday on your own pace, especially since there is so many things to do! The whole shebang will last for more than just the Christmas days, so feel free to spread responses around time-wise rather than making everything happen at once.

Enjoy the festivities! Also Kairos Aspida is there, so if you want to talk to particular people, see below.]

[2 - talk to the Leader?]
Read more... )

[3 - talk to the Second in Command?]
Read more... )

[4 - talk to the Jerk?]
Read more... )

[5 - talk to the Troll Information Gathering Specialist?]
Read more... )

[6 - talk to the Grizzled Captain?]
Read more... )

[7 - talk to the Crew?]

[Scattered through the very same mall were the Crew - both pilots and members of the ship itself - of the Bastion of Insolence (Plus one - the Captain of the Brachos Class Cruiser which had been present on the ambush). Whether you encounter them eating, shopping or just otherwise messing around at an arcade or skating rink or something. You'll bump into them. Despite being clad in full uniform they're acting like ordinary people rather being ruthless or cold or cruel or vicious. They interacted with each other with the warmth and ease of camaraderie and friendship - light shoves, noogies, jokes and boasts with grins all around - or in one case just looking grumpily out of place as everyone's all cheery around them.]

[Sub-prompt 7a: Indra Constatious, Wate Nimec, Henrika Abrahamsson]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7b: Ernest Zapatero, Aglaea Glockner]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7c: Rando Tujip, Farron Halsey]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7d: Orbrey Keller, Maura Dyson, Frans Cremona]
Read more... )

[8 - talk to the Wife?]
Read more... )
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[Tobia is sitting right next to a large, empty cage. He looks a bit disheartened.]

All the Newtype monkeys ran away before we could grab them. Oh well.

[Back to reading the report from their exploration of the abandoned research facility.]

It really takes a special mind to come up with some of those things. I wonder what Tron would have to say about them, if she was here. Where did she and the other Bonnes run off to?
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[ Even though he's a spacenoid, Bernie couldn't help but feel a deep foreboding as he looked through the Chalice window ]

"Is...everyone safe?"

[The Earth was dark, shrouded by a cloudy barrier. Then, he thought of what it might've meant. Threats on Earth were unmolested, some resources and stops weren't available, the Chalice was vulnerable in Space...

Bernie grimaced]


"Meh...where is it?"

[It was December, and Bernie was in the hangar looking around for something. For some reason, he kept missing it, but near one of the heels of a MS was a long rolled up piece of coated paper. If anyone found it and open up, they'd see a blueprint.

A blueprint of a new Zaku model. It looked heavy and well-equipped.


Nov. 17th, 2013 05:58 pm
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[During Sanc Kingdom's defense, everyone fought and defeated two Over Being. Once again Texotic was the one to deal the killing blow on both (because that's the only way to kill them for real rather than just make them return home, remember), including literally choking the life out of one of them.

What kind of trauma and denial will the alien project this time?]

Celtic and Tlapalli are dead. I think that leaves only one Over Being left on Earth - other than me. Memories that Coztic left me tell me that Nextic is the strongest one, the last games' victor.

But if we work together, we can destroy Nextic too, I'm sure. When I, I mean we do that, well...

Earth is still threatened by so many, Over Being almost seem insignificant. I don't want those other threats to succeed either.

I want to be humanity's defender. A hero.
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Kairos Aspida... You know what I think?

With the current situation, it's probably impossible to beat them in a straight fight. Not without total warfare, weapons of mass destruction and a huge loss of life. And, frankly, that's not worth it. We don't deserve it, they don't deserve it.

For the time being, we should lay low when it comes to them. Try to limit their influence and the spread of their ideals, maybe. But attacking them won't accomplish anything for now. Not until the situation changes, not until we have some kind of brilliant plan. In the meantime, picking a fight with them is almost as bad as joining them.

At least that's what I think. Maybe I'm mistaken, I've never been too good at politics. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my lab.
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[ After "Different Faces of Warfare" ]

The Geara Doga was mostly in one piece except for its shield containing its missiles and E-wire. Bernie looks up at it with his arms folded. He looks very thoughtful.

"I guess it worked out alright. That's two ideas." He nodded, smiling.

A video message:
"I'm...I'm sorry everyone. I really lost my head out there."
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[1] (Locked to everyone who tried to rescue Matthew during "Different Faces of Warfare". And Ryou.)

You get a video message from Matthew soon after returning to the White Chalice. He's still wearing his armored cooling vest, stained at the front with green fluid, the hilt of the knife he used to fake stab himself still poking out of it. He looks cross.

Read more... )


You see Matthew lounging in one of the White Chalice's portside lodges, gazing up at the sky. Very soon, the Jade Falcon invasion fleet will be braking into orbit, and the Chalice will go to war to protect the Earth against his former Clan.

He sighs. "Simon...where are you now? And what would you do in my shoes?"

He pauses. "Actually, I can guess exactly what you would do."


You stumble upon Matthew, in the simulator room, training his butt off! He's putting his modified Nova through a set of scenarios in space, inside a ship's hanger bay, and on land, fighting against a variety of Clanner Mechs. It looks like he's...trying to disable them? He's concentrating laser fire at their arms and legs, blowing them off at their joints.

Join in? Interject? Comment? Observe?
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Char and his Phoenix plan was stopped, and Earth was save; the hostages from Axis were saved as well. This would give anyone a sense of accomplishment.



Despite one threat of Zeon being vanquished, and for good reason, Bernie...

(Captain...why did it have to end up like this?!)

On the WC deck, Bernie was on his knees, punching the deck floor with a fist. This was probably the first time he was really upset, and he wasn't sure if he should forgive Kairos. Or maybe he was more upset with himself?

"I totally failed," he muttered, hitting the deck again, "I couldn't..."

(You're so stupid!) He pounded again, and again, conveying his thoughts, (Idiot! Idiot!)
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[1 - technically]
[Lowe and his Junk Guild friends are busy picking up parts of destroyed Kairos Aspida Choma and whatever else fell off during the fight. Not that this salvage operation is easy - considering that gravity blast flattened the whole area pretty efficiently.]

These are their mass-produced flunkies? Look how advanced this shit is.
I really can believe they're from the future now.

[2 - super special prompt for Bernie]

[Fist bump.]
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Sorry about before. I guess I was instinctively afraid. I always get discouraged when I see so much power in front of me. Or anything incredible really. Ever since joining the Chalice, I've been surviving a war more absurd than even the One Year.

The Chalice is here because Miss Ayame thought that what the Kairos Aspros were doing was wrong, right?

So, we have to continue what's doing right?

...but I do wonder, what was the Earth Federation and the Zeon like in the future? I think we should ask them to help us."

[Bernie is in the hanger analyzing the mobile suits, walking around back and forth with his arms at his back. That included his green Gaza D, and his old Zaku II if it's still there]

"Mmm...these weapons are a part of a long Zeon hierarchy, and yet they can't seem to surpass the gundams."

[Then, Bernie plops to the floor, crossing his arms]

"Maybe I'm a little jealous."
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Ever since the defeat of the Shadow Knights and Professor Tesla, Yuu's been oddly silent. Thinking. Musing. Replaying a certain event in his head, over and over.

------cut scene-----
An origin...a memory...a backstory episode. )
--------------cut scene--------------

" beloved...why...?"

[Yuu'll be open to questions post mission, as he hops down from the X-Buster's cockpit. Now would be a good time to ask.]


[And once again, Yuu's managed to sneak into kitchen duty. He's fervently making bowl after bowl of ramen, tasting each mixture once, then tossing it. It looks as if he's gone through a number of bowls and utensils, his frantic pace overwhelming the stress limits of metal pots and stirring wisks, as well as chopping knives and serving bowls. He can be heard muttering to himself.]! This is nothing like ours....

Level 15

Aug. 15th, 2013 05:16 am
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[After the last fight with Shadow Knights and a certain mad scientist, Raynor looks up at Paragon, currently stationed on the deck. The robot has new colors now (not to mention the dual blades it wields), showing its new form.]

Ranger and Shepherd... I did it. I mastered all the Virtues, and saved myself. And if I can do that, I should be able to save the Shadow Knights too.
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1) Move! Move! We need to be ready, you hear me?!

[...Boss seems rather fired up as he bosses (ha) Nuke and Mucha around, the poor goons and their leader wearing work helmets as they clamber on and around the Boss Borot. Looks like they're making some heavy modifications in advance... There's a cobbled together jetpack - and it hardly looks stable - whilst they seem to replacing the hands. What they're being replaced with has rather a great deal of spikes on it, and for some reason, looks like it really shouldn't be here.

...Dare to approach?]

2) Alright boys! After a hard day's work, its time to show the world what we've got!

[Boss declares proudly! ...Whilst in the midst of a city where he doesn't have a clue what's being spoken by the natives. If he could keep his eyes off the ladies for a few minutes, he might take a better look at his map and realise he's not in America.

Still, don't need to speak a language to check out the people or the wares in the stores. Somebody want to help out, or save some poor soul from his attempts at 'flirting'?]
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After the mission to intercept the A-LAWS, Bernie headed for the lunchroom; he didn't look too happy after leaving from the Gaza D's cockpit.

"Well, I should've saw this coming." He said after sitting down at a table. Captain Aznable, Lady Haman... Bernie rubbed his fingers through his hair.

"That guy named 'Cello'. What did he remind of? A puppet?"


Bernie is in the hangar, observing the salvaged equipment. from the A-LAWS and Neo Zeon. Zeon soldier folded his arms.

"Definitely an arms race. If they had their gotten their hands on the Celestial Being equipment...who knows what would've happened."

Bernie cupped his chin.
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[And you know what?  After the bullshit at Side-1 between the A-LAWS and Neo Zeon, Josh is looking almost as angry as he is when faced with bullshit regarding his father.]

After all this time and they finally show their hand.  Please, remind me here... I know for a while we had common interests but Char certainly shat the bed more than any of us would've liked.  So...

What good has Zeon ever done for the Earth Sphere?
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Cut for Hilarious Contractually Related Suffering )

[2] [Minor Frontdating] [Mingle Post. Keep it to the Tag posted for everyone's benefit.]


[3] [Arena Aftermath]

[Ryou's just got the Nevermore loaded back onto the Chalice and just kicked back on the Chalice, nursing a glass of wine in his hands. He sighs tiredly as he sinks into the chair.]

[Comment on his performance.. or lack of thereof?]

Level 12

Jul. 1st, 2013 08:38 pm
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[Raynor finally wakes up in the infirmary after the confrontation at the graveyard - one that he didn't escape unscathed. All that's left of his right arm is a bandaged stump, the limb destroyed by the Shadow Champion's blade. And there's psychological damage on top of that; all the Shadow Knights were previous Paragons, turned into monsters after they failed to master all eight Virtues. And the same fate will befall him soon if he does nothing about it.]

The Tome of Wisdom... What kind of twisted soul would create such a device...

[Raynor clutches the book tighter to his chest with his only remaining arm. He lived by its principles, unaware of the more sinister truth behind it... A tear squeezes its way out of his eye.]

I made a horrible mistake. I can't stay in this bed... I need to help them. I need to help myself...!

But I can't even pilot the Paragon with just one arm...
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[Patrick's just kicking back and relaxing... what's interesting though was his reading material. Patrick isn't book smart... definitely not. In fact there's a list on several sheets of paper with the words 'ASK SOMEONE ABOUT THESE' in big bold letters at the top of them. You see the reading material he's perusing consist of... studies on Newtypes. Scientific Journals, Public Discussions - any information available to AEUG, the Chalice and the Public. Why the sudden interest? Well there were a lot of newtype pilots around - Kamille, Amuro goddamn RAY, that pirate kid Tobia... MAYBE Roux? He wasn't sure on that.  there was the Queen Bee of Zeon and Char Aznable... then there were also those Cyber Newtype- types and those Innovators... OH! And the CoOrdinators... those counted too right? Maybe?. Between his various interactions (or due to lack of interactions, reliance on gossip and hearsay.) along with what little he could understand in the various studies he read through, he came to a very succinct conclusion.]

Newtypes... are weird.

[Seriously, the whole spatial awareness, telepathy = NEXT WAVE IN HUMAN EVOLUTION thing was kinda unsettling. Like. There was no clearly defined answer as to what a newtype was, or what one is capable of. It's also weird that no one ever considered that Newtypes could extend beyond humans if it WAS evolution.]

...Man... what if there are Newtype Dolphins... no.. that's stupid... NEWTYPE MONKEYS!

[He suddenly sits up and in the proccess accidentally kicks the table where all his reading material was on. It goes without saying he hurt his foot in the process as well as ended up flipping the table it completely. Cue cries of pain.]

Oh man...

Jun. 22nd, 2013 10:05 pm
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Bernie, in his green Zeon flight suit, was pacing up and down the corridors of the Chalice. If there was one thing he was good at, it was not looking like he was in high spirits. His head hung long, his arms behind his back. Maybe he was in a lot of thought.

"Tch, I can't believe it. What would they think of this?" Then he thought, why do they have to leave?

[2] - Post-inspector attack -

Bernie is in the hangar, cleaning his Gaza D. He was alive; however, he looked a little thoughtful. Second thought, while he was doing work, Bernie didn't seem to be earnest about it. In fact, he was sitting inside the lift, cross-legged and reaching out to scrub the mobile armor in circles.

"Small fry?!" He muttered, biting his lip.
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As some of you might be aware, Axis Zeon's plans to conquer other space colonies at some point in the future were unveiled some time ago. In light of this revelation, we've decided that we cannot aggravate our relations with the colonies and their allies by hosting Zeon dignitaries on White Chalice.

Haman Karn and Char Aznable have been asked to leave the ship. Furthermore, should a conflict between Axis Zeon and another group friendly towards us erupt, White Chalice will likely join the battle on the other group's side, against Zeon. I'm afraid the times when we could afford to stay neutral in such situations are long gone.

This is all. Ayame out.
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Though it was shipped a while back, Yuki finally notices a large shipping container. To flat for a mobile suit, and placed in the space were her X-02 Wyvern was. Looking at it She finds a schematic posted on the side of the crate.
here )

"What is this? I have not seen you before. ASF Program?"

[She takes a walk around the crate, looking for something to open it.]

"And Who got you? I think being technically dead makes a dent in my paycheck...It had to come from somewhere?"


[On a break from helping the repair crews, Your friendly neighborhood Pilot is looking in the supply room. She is looking for a New flight suit, or a suitable replacement. She takes a look at a Zeon Normal Suit.]

"Hmmm...If only it had some pockets. A utility belt would not help when ejecting."

[During the fight against the inspectors, she had been reunited with G forces. She almost blacked out in 9 gee acceleration in civilian clothes. She almost had to be carried back afterwords. ]

[Help out?]

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[Amuro is just... staring, up at the White Zeta, currently standing in the hangar and in need of some serious repair. He's clearly been working hard on trying to get it fixed as fast as possible, but he seems almost... dejected, by the work.]

Not good enough... Its just not good enough...

[Ask him what's up?]


We need... to develop something.

[Amuro may have specifically called you to meet at some point in the hangar, knowing your expertise in machinery and/or experimental technologies. Or perhaps you heard a rumour, and came to see whats up.]

Something that might give us an extra edge the next time we fight the Inspectors... and anyone else threatening the Earth Sphere.
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Oi, Oi, OI! That's not how my Borot is meant to look!

[For those who haven't already met him - of which should be quite the vast majority - there's a strange guy standing in the hangar right now. He seems dressed like some of high school student, but has a hard hat on and is yelling at engineers as... a pink dome is lowered onto a portly robot's body? Doesn't look too great either...]

You've got the head facing backwards! And don't tell me you can't tell, it has thumbs!

[He's also being rather loud. Dare to approach?]
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[Action - Infirmary (Reserved for the first tag)]

Kamille groaned weakly as he opened his eyes for the first time in weeks. "ugh... damn it, Paptimus, did you have to be a sore loser?" He moved to try and get up, only to find himself restrained to the hospital bed. "... the fuck is this?" Damnit, what kind of condition did they find him in?

He scanned the room for other occupants. Maybe someone could explain shit to him?

[OOC: He's back~]

[Text - Locked to Amuro, Roux, Patrick]

I'm out. Meet me in my room at 8:00 PM
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A ha ha ha! It works! What's over there? I want to see!

[A Kamen Rider is walking around the White Chalice, looking around every corner with excitement and curiosity. But something is unusual about that Rider... the armored figure is much shorter than usual, and the high-pitched voice betrays the user as Felicita - who somehow got her hands on MarKus's Leangle Belt.]

[But, even as a Rider she eventually gets tired. Less than an hour later, Felicita is already de-henshined and resting on a wheelchair. She looks exhausted, but very happy.]

That was great. Thank you... it's almost as great as piloting Deva itself.
I don't know how to pay back for this...

[Speaking of Deva, it's time for the weekly training. Felicita got into her mobile suit's cockpit - with help, probably yours. The cockpit is tiny, cramped and dark. There are no monitor screens or standard controls, just a chair in the middle and a visor hanging from the low ceiling. And cables. Lots and lots of cables.]

Thanks. I'll be fine from now on.

[Felicita picks up the hanging cables one by one and starts inserting them into access ports on her body - arms and legs mostly, but there are also some on her back. Good thing her hospital gown comes with convenient holes, or else she'd be naked.]

I did this dozens of times before.
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Solar... Punch!

[For those wandering through the hangar, you might pick out a familiar cry. One that should normally bring with it power and a great big glow... but doesn't this time. Hell, if you follow it to the source, all you'll see is Richard, throwing his fist in the direction of a painted target, over and over, achieving... nothing. Yep.]


[By now he's moved to another part of the ship, and he's... reading a book? Yep, he's hanging out in the Arboretum, amongst the alien plants, reading a book. Dare to ask what he might be reading?]
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[Patrick soon returns. In the J-Savior's hands is the Supercomputer used to regulate the Mobile Doll system! He's carefully setting it down... which is difficult because its a MOBILE SUIT. There's no doubt people will have words for him as he exits the mecha, but he seems... unusually frowny.]

Where's the Red Comet?

[Because Char was the last person by Kamille from what he heard.]


[Now that he's had time to recover Patrick was deep in thought-]



[-or truthfully? Fanboying over the fact that the pride of the Federation (To some people anyway) was on board. The White Devil himself, the scourge of Zeon!]

Man... do you think he does autographs?

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[...Its strange, seeing another Zeta in the hangar. White and pink the predominant colours across its form, some battle damage - including large parts of the left arm - already, and... well, maybe you have or haven't heard.

But there he is, slowly descending on a cable from the cockpit. Eventually it reaches the floor, and the man hops off, removing the helmet of his Normal Suit...

Amuro Ray. Veteran of the One Year War. The White Devil himself. Arguably the man who turned the tide for the Federation long ago... Dare to say hi?]


[Amuro's stuff is being brought over from an AEUG ship, along with the parts needed to keep his Zeta in shape. Not a lot he seems to own, but then given his circumstances, its rather understandable. Nevertheless, he's carrying boxes into the hangar, so that he at least has somewhere to put it down.]

Wonder if my old room is still open... I may have to ask if anyone has a spare bed.
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 photo 21.jpg

[1] Haman took a deep breath before she turned on the console that sat on the old desk in her makeshift office. This moment had been a long time coming, and the council who waited on the other side of the conference waited with little patients for the pink haired Regent's words.
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[2] Some time after the adrenaline afterglow had faded from Haman's heart she might be found in the mess hall, sitting across the table from Mineva, their plates pushed away so make room. Mineva had string around her fingers, woven together just so that when Haman pinched it here and pulled it around, the whole designed changed and transferred easily to her hands.
An old children's game Haman had almost forgotten from her own youth, and now she played it with Mineva.

[3] [private to Hixar]
Haman had sent one of her guards out into the ship to hunt down the Gundam pilot. When the man found Hixar he handed him note penned in pink ink. 'Please come see me when you have the time. I have a business matter I wish to discuss with you. - Regent of the Principality of Zeon, Haman Karn'
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In the period of time since the Battle of Beastman Mount, the land battleship Dai-Gunzan has been quiet, following the White Chalice around on a combination of autopilot and skeleton crew, a piece of Isorla bringing forth memories of a sad loss.

But Now!!! With a fresh coat of paint, some maintenance, and the recruitment of some more helping hands, the Gurren Brigade's mightiest (well, only) warship stands tall, read to cut through destiny, defeat evil, and claim glory!

Land Battleship: Dai-Gurren-Dan!

Matthew stands on the prow, inspecting with narrowed eyes the Gurren Brigade banner fluttering in the breeze, arms folded as the whistling wind blows down the open deck.

"...I should have brought a coat." He says finally. Anyone there to agree with him?


At long last, Matthew, head ensconced in Neurohelmet, leans back in his Battlemech's cockpit again.

He keys in the activation sequence, and his restored...nay, his upgraded Nova comes to life around him!

"PIK Authorization Code: A real man fights with his fists!."

"[Code Accepted. Reactor Online. Sensors Online. Weapons Online. All Systems Nominal.]"

A hatch on the main deck of Dai-Gurren opens up, and those who watch or are standing by in mechs see a strange version of the venerable Clan OmniMech come trotting out!

"Nova Messenger, moving out!"

Help him test it out? Comment?


Stealthy people on the White Chalice! You espy Matthew in a lounge in front of a terminal, chuckling as he talks to someone on the future equivalent of Skype!

"So you would be willing to come in and bolster the ranks of the Brigade, quiaff?"

Take a closer peek?


"Simon?" Matthew calls out cautiously as he walks down a set of halls. "Simon the Digger? We should talk, quiaff? About the legacy–"

He cracks open the door to a large supply room. He blinks as his eyes adjust. Then his eyes widen.

"The stravag has he been doing?" He blurts out. He pulls out his comm pad.

[Public Channel.]

"Fellow members of the White Chalice. I have a...question to ask. It is a normal freeborn funerary practice to make stone sculptures of the deceased in large quantities, quiaff?"
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1.[You're walking somewhere alone, when the CGI form of Alice chooses to bother you from a nearby computer terminal.]

Hey! Hey! Guess what, guess what, guess what!

2.[There are, of course, missions against AI opponents for the various mecha simulation things. But today, there's a new one! And while normally they have an Easy to Very Hard ranking, this one is in a class all by itself.

Difficulty: Lunatic
Terrain: ???
Opponents: ???
Summary: Defeat the Red Queen.

(The bottom battle will just be for extreme cool things, and will change every time someone tries it.)
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[There was a petit blond in the hangar who was dressed more like a prep school student than a mech pilot, but the quiet confidence in his bearing belayed his comfort in such a setting. He glanced around the facilities in uncertain but eager curiosity, pushing his flight goggles-- an unusual accessory, given his sense of fashion-- up onto his forehead as he gathered his bearings. He stood near the Gundam he had exited, and looked up at it almost sympathetically as he took stock of the damage to the shield and the armor itself.]

You did well out there, my Sandrock.

[There was a note of fondness in his tone, as if the suit were a long time friend rather than a tool that was designed for war. His smile brightened after a moment when he had another thought.]

I hope they don't mind us coming on board.

[...there was no explanation about who 'they' were.]
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After the White Doll awakens mission.

[Loran is on the ground and dealing with the news that Mr. Heim is dead, the casualties to the town he came to recognize as his home were severe. There was no way console the mistress and now he finds himself walking through Nocis city after the fires have been put out, quite depressed about the whole thing and muttering to himself.]

Why would they have opened fire like that? I don't understand.
Surely she wouldn't have approved this.

[He looks between the wreckage and the White Chalice. Something tells me his easy days were over.]

[The white haired volunteer that was scurrying around days before? Not so much this time. Now he stands in the White Chalice hanger, gripping a tablet manual and staring at the White Doll- the others said it was a Gundam. So that makes him a pilot now doesn't it?]

This isn't going to work.
Just shipping me off...but of course he's not gonna' listen to me.
...White Doll. I know it's not your fault.

[Guess who got traded for the sake of his town's safety.]
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[[His work load having lightened recently, MarKus finally has "me" time to sit down and draw. Not that drawing was ever really one of his hobbies... But let's peek in...]]

Maybe I can use the LeaBuckle in the cockpit... [[And he starts sketching only to quickly abandon it.]] No, that's stupid... [[And the crumpled paper is thrown.]]

Mmmm, maybe a guitar like Todoroki? [[And he starts doing that but... that is soon, too, thrown aside in frustration.]] No, how's that going to work besides a huge club...

FUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Who knew designing a machine was this hard! [[RAWR! He tears his bandanna off and throws it on the table.]] How about...

[[And he's sketching again. Come find out what he's doing, or, perhaps he hit you with a stray, shitty, lineart of his old machine with unnecessary Rider attachments and themes.]]
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1.) [Obsessive desk camper]
* Door is open; Bernie is in his room, sitting hunched over with a pen and paper. What in the world was he doing?

"Dear Chris,, no. UGH!" *And a ball of crumpled paper is tossed into the trash. He groans, and leaned his head onto his hand. He wondered over and over what to do before Valentines came. A gift for one or a gift for everybody? Bernie takes in a breath*

"No matter what happens, no matter what Axis does, no matter what the Federation thinks..." He pauses, We can still be friends..

2.) [On the Deck!]

* On the Chalice deck, maybe you can chance sitting next to Bernie. He raises a big question...*

"Is there someone here that you like?"
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[Setsuna has been gone for some time, and it's only now that he's come back from the Ptolemaios. However, he didn't come back empty handed.]


[Mechanics, if you enter the hangar,you'll see a team of Haros in floating terminals waiting to greet you. Yellow, Blue, and Red flap their wings happily as they rush over to greet you.]

Greetings! Greetings! Orders? Orders? [Setsuna has pulled through, and now you guys have a set of repair Haros to assist you. These are the same guys who help maintain the Gundams of Celestial Being, so their competence is without question.]


[Elsewhere in the hangar, Setsuna is staring at the 00 Gundam, the new Weapons pack equipped and ready for deployment. Perhaps you might be interested in asking him about it?]
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[[King Gainer managed to drag in another Overman... However, it's not...

Well, it's empty. Very empty. Setting down the black Overman, he eventually dismounts King Gainer to go over and investigate it himself.]]

Wow... what in the world is this thing...

[[And as Gainer climbs into the cockpit, it closes up around him. XAN boots up with Gainer at the controls! This... cannot be good! Gainer's in a mysterious Overman that just ate him inside!

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[Luger seems to have stopped smoking for a while when you found him. In fact he set the cigarettes as far away from himself as possible. His eye was shut, he was leaning against a wall and he was trying to concentrate on something to anyone observing. He was trying to block out the voices. Trying to force them out of his head. It was trying to fix a broken dam in a howling monsoon.]

[Still... the considerable effort he's putting into it... he stops after a while though, shaking and making for the cigarettes.]

[Talk to him?]


[At the hangar, Luger's observing his Leo quietly. This machine got him out of a lot of trouble, he never left it behind for anything else, he never really modified it aside from giving it a new gun. And now he wonders... should he move on? Should he stay? Should he take this old and battered machine with him when he finally confronts the beast?]

Do you think I should leave him behind when the time comes?

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[Patrolling, whee.  For the Aile it's an easy enough task, since the thing was originally just meant for recon purposes.  But just as it's almost time for the group to head back to the Chalice, Josh suddenly lets out a grunt of pain.]

D-damn!  This is...

D-don't worry, I'm alrigh-

[But he stops.  Because things are not alright.  Not at all.]

Goddammit don't tell me that they've actually...!

[The Aile then suddenly blasts off in one direction at the blink of an eye, and with the head start it's going to take some time before anyone that was part of the group catches up to him.  And before that happens, you'll see what got him panicking in the first place: an absolutely devastated town.  Countless buildings are still on fire, as well as numerous piles of dead bodies.  Judging by just that, one might just think it was ordinary raiders... but the fire only claimed a portion of the town.  Another looks more like it was just carpet-bombed with heavy ordinance, and yet another seems more like everything and everyone in that general section was just torn to shreds.

[And the Aile just stands there, facing it all.]

... They did this.  The Ruina...

... And it was recent.


[Saying Josh is Mr. Scowlyface when he returns to the Chalice is a bit of an understatement.  And when the Aile lands he's already just skulking off, fists clenched.]


... Fucking...


[He could feel it.  Just leeching off residual feelings was one thing.  He had honestly felt them... and for that matter he could feel the pain and terror of all of those people they slaughtered.  And they got off to that bullshit?!?]

Remind me the next time we can catch the ear of anyone in Bian's alliance.  Because I don't think the Feds or Britannia are going to do jack shit to deal with the Ruina if they stay in North America.

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[1. What I got! ]

Wiseman went missing momentarily.

Bernie hasn't seen battle in a while. He kept up wuth his Gaza's maintenance, and made sure no know treated the Zaku units like mannequins or the like. This time, when he was off duty, he left the ship and came back with a couple of interesting things. He wandered towards the deck, his favorite spot.

Looks like Bernie was on board with the comics and the gaming.

[2. Around the halls... ]

If anyone was walking through the Chalice halls, and turned a corner, they would meet up with this.

"BOOOO!" Then, there was a laugh, and Bernie pulled off the mask. What in the cosmos did he buy?
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[Simon's in the hangar, looking up at a new, shiny, fire-truck-red mecha. Yes, it's Gurren Lagann, the symbol of his and his bro's teamwork. He's definitely pleased about its performance... but he's still a little hung up on having nearly gotten Kamina killed immediately prior. The kid just shakes his head, a self-sure smile on his face.]

I won't run away any more... Kamina needs me. We'll fight together, whatever happens.
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[[MarKus noticed something strange one morning going to look for his favorite toy and hope to call up some extra hands for work today.]]

Well shit on a shingle... I guess Tsukasa really is gone...

[[That sucks balls, but, well, no sense in being a baby about things. It does take away from his extra curricular heroism though.

So for the first time in a while, MarKus ignores work and runs some checks on his own machine. Sadly, the red-scarved mech has been collecting dust... Well, as far as MarKus cares.]]

You know, I'm supposed to be glad that I'm not using this thing, but... there's obviously still fighting... I wanna play my part to.

[[Yes, come bug him, please. Even if he's blasting all kinds of noise, and you probably didn't hear a word he said from afar.]]