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Friends can be a bother

[What is this ruckus? Lily is being thrown into the air repeatedly by a group of other robots! Familiar ones, to many of you.]

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!


Ahh... Thanks, but come on, guys! Don't you think this is enough?

Nope. Suddenly you announce you're getting married, and you beat up the big final boss while we handle the mooks? Talk about stealing the thunder! We'll keep doing this forever!

A ha ha... Help?
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[Alessandra watches.

She makes this face.]
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Such a scientific gathering! My heart is delighted!

[What is that supposed to mean?]
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It is a rare occurence that one may encounter so many guests from a distant planet, all in one location! Robotic guests, to that!
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I'm going to need her back at some point, you know!

[Laura doesn't look too bothered by the situation, though. Lily deserves some celebration.]
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That goes without saying! Just don't lose track of time.

[Wow Laura, there used to be a time when you found casual dismemberment a little strange and off-putting.]

It's good to see you all again.
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I do - I'm looking forward to returning! I may not be able to live there, but I want to make sure we visit often.

[She doesn't comment on Winberrl's complaint. She has an idea of how the 'agreeing' went.]
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Oh? That's good news - I know I can't expect Lily to take too much time off her duties to hang around here.

And I'm glad I didn't manage to wreck Earth-Ark relations on my visit. You're all very forgiving.
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I don't worry about everything. Do I?

[Worry worry. She's just pretending, though, right?]
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This is really bad! Lily, you'll have to come up with some way to keep my from worrying! Something to fully occupy my mind...
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[Well Laura did, Lily, so consider your friends on notice that she's going to need you to herself for a while soon.]

I hope we'll be seeing plenty of visitors from the Ark here, too, before long. Of course, the task force that brought you here is a good start.
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It's such a shame we have to push the wedding forward... I wanted them to be able to be here for it. We'll see them soon, though...
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Oh! That's fantastic! I didn't realize it was possible to get the communication lag down that low...