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Discovery #51

Well, this is it. Two years, eight months. Such a long time, but I guess my journey with the Chalice is finally over. Heh, I've been talking about it all the time, but I never expected it to actually happen like this. One chapter in life ends, another starts.

I'll be leaving soon. All my stuff was packed already, re-packing it didn't take much time. I have places to visit before the final battle; need to introduce Miki to my parents, and vice versa. If anyone wants a drop off at Berlin or Fuso, or somewhere on the way, I guess you can tag along.

It won't take long, we'll be back before the battle with Primeval Force. Both Prometheus and Nebula can be disgustingly fast when they want to. Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone, okay? I'll see you again soon. And then, we'll finish this.

[Prometheus just waves. Though in his free hand he's holding a sign that says YOU PROVIDED ME WITH ENDLESS AMUSEMENT.]
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So who should we go see first then?
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I always knew that it was the glasses in control of the body.
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Well, you are the man who makes miracles happen.
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You have parents?
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It's just you never mentioned them before. What do they think of you throwing away your education to fight monsters in giant robot?
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So, aren't you going to introduce me to your parents?