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[1] [Cora & Dice (red)]
Cut for reminescing and Duct tape )

[2] [Mongrel (Khaki), Dozer (green) & Scythe (violet)]

Cut for Structural Damage and Comedy )

[3] [Chips (orange), Oxide (gold) & Dagger (Gray)]

Cut for Carrying things around )

Moe Tank

May. 27th, 2013 11:39 am
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 1-[Driver recruitment]

Good morning everyone! I need some help testing out Clementine, now that it's complete. I'll need sample human drivers to copy the movements of, and also take over if I make any mistakes.

2-[Later in the day, ALICE took the tank out for a spin on her own. And it's not too long before she sends out an emergency distress call...]

Um, please come quickly! I need help!

[And indeed she does need help. Clementine has landed in a city pool, the tank's back half under water in the shallow end, while the front half sticks out of the water, propped up by the edge of the pool.]

Aah! Don't climb on that!

[Alice's plaintive cries do nothing to stop the local children from climbing all over the bright orange tank.]

3-[Well, Caulder had to pay a fine for the damage to the pool. It was reduced a bit by agreeing to have Alice perform 50 hours of community service, which she is now carrying out. You can find her and the tank working in a quarry blasting rock, pulling loads of junk at the landfill, or working in town as part of the special transit service-that is to say, impromptu public transit for the elderly and disabled.]

I wasn't made for this at all...
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[Cora's catching some downtime at the lounge. Apparently she got some return mail from her son, interestingly enough the envelope it came in looked pretty ritzy. She was gently brushing the side of the letter over and over again as she read it. She snaps out of it pretty quickly when she realizes you're there.]

Huh? Oh.. hey. You wanted to talk?

[She's carefully folding the letter back up and slipping it back into the envelope - something slips past her fingers though...]


[Cora quickly snatches it before it hits the ground... she winces and tries to smooth it out...]

[Its a photo of a kid. One that bears a resemblance to Cora, especially if the cheerful smile is anything to go by]. And interestingly he's: 1) On a field trip to a museum in London, 2) Decked out like a noble-born student.]

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1) Words with HQ
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2)[Gym] A good old fashioned Spar
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3) [Hangar] Playing with fire (SHENANIGANS)
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4) [Bar] Because sometimes there's something comrades CAN'T do.
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[It's a quiet night, and Roads is in the hangar, working alongside some kind of giant, robot-scale sword. There are tons of computers lying around, and everyone's favorite mad scientist is dashing back and forth between them, muttering to himself. ]

Yes...yes, just a little bit more...

Red to red, blue to blue, yellow to yellow...

[Finally, he takes a deep breath, and walks over to where two extension cords are lying on the ground.]


[He slams the two cords together! Sparks ignite, and the sword gains a new, golden edge around its normal form. Somewhere in the distance, there's a flash of lightning.]

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1) [Hangar]

[Hey, remember that Britannian Special Ops team that you worked with during the hostage situation? They're coming aboard now. From the looks of things they might be here to stay awhile given the amount of gear they're bringing along.]

Hey, any room we can put this stuff? Last thing we need to do is put our gear in someone's parking spot and get it all run over.

2) [Mess Hall] (Introductions)
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3) [Gym]
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[1] (Locked to Isaac Sinclair and Joanne Royston.)

Team Stuff )

[2] (Open to all)

[White Chalice, you're getting a priority message on what looks to be a Britannian Frequency]

Goddamnit... Chips! Is this thing online?

"I'm pretty sure it is ma'am. Just give it a yell and see who comes running."


[There's the sound of a deep breath on the other line.]

This is Field C.O. of the Britannian Special Operations Unit - Dullahan. For operational security you can call me 'Ursa'.

This is a restricted area due to a hostage situation. Mind telling me why you people are breezing by here?

[3] (Mission Related Negotiations)

This stuff is long )