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[Dated to several months after the closings of the portals.]


*Donk* *Donk* *Donk* *Donk*.

That's the first thing you hear as you walk up the pebble-bed pathway of the Twin Birds Dojo, passing by two thin streams of water that run downhill and drive the see-saw motion of several dozen deer-scarers.

Past a wooden gateway–

(With the Mandarin characters "鹘 拳 鸦 拳", and the english title "Dojo of the Twin Birds Styles" below it)

–there lies a strange set of landmarks. A small courtyard temple next to the the totem of a Raven to the left. A small courtyard temple with the hanging banner of a Falcon to the right...

...and a large, tarnished hanger bay and airfield smack-dab in-between them. On which a group of dented Zakus, GMs, and Knightmare frames are doing push-ups. And parrying exercises. All while two familiar mech pilots are urging them on from a watchtower gantry:

"Redouble your efforts, you indolent pupils! Only when your mechs become extensions of your very bodies will you begin to attain true mastery!"

Ryou: "If you're going to learn, you need to know how far you can reach. Your limits and those of your machines. You keep going until one or the other fails or until I say otherwise."

"Yes, Sensei Kimura! Yes, Master Helmar!" The indolent pupils reply from their mech intercoms.

Just...they...what the heck?


Later on in the day, both secluded in their own temples, the two mecha-martial artists instruct their disciples, who've come far and wide from mercenary groups, Federation armies, and Britannian battalions to learn the ways of fist and robot.

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Do you seek to learn from these two masters?


A special occasion has arisen!

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A Return

Feb. 16th, 2014 12:34 pm
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[With everything that's been happening, especially in the aftermath of Primeval Force's appearance. The last thing anyone would expect is a black blur tearing through the sky towards the Chalice. Nineball. It was a Black Nineball. As if things weren't problematic enough-]

Sorry I'm late. Took me a while to dig my way out and get myself sorted out...

[Wait... Was that... Ryou? In any event the Nineball lands and its pilot exits.]

... I heard about what was happening on the way back... If I knew I would have worked faster.
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So... we have monsters from another reality on one hand, a manipulative energy being that wants genocide in the other, and in between all of this we have all kinds of maniacs and machines trying to murder everyone for their own selfish reasons or programming or something.

[Ryou's in the infirmary, maybe Petar was shooting to disable, but the explosions after and his hard landing injured him a bit.]

Well when all this is over and done with the world's going to be a much quieter place.

[Well, that's a surprising amount of optimism.]

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 [Eibon is not a particularly "social" person, so it's a bit surprising to see something of an announcement from her.]

Everyone, I...

...I am sorry. I have failed you, and all mankind.

Those of you with weaker minds should consider suicide. What comes after Yog-Sothoth heralds the rest of his kin from outside time into this world will...not be something you want to stick around for.

[That's it for her extremely glum announcement. Later, Eibon can be seen in the arboretum, tending to some plants.]
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[Ryou's slumped on a chair somewhere with a bottle of wine in one hand and a hell of a lot of regrets in the other. Meaning it was pressed against his face as he was surrounded by what was more or less a cloud of bitterness.  A lot had gone down... and he was feeling the sting from all of it, from Texotic's death to Jack's senseless murder of fellow Ravens to Naiza (Now Zinaida) having become a Human PLUS. They still won, but it felt like dust.]


[He slowly swirls the contents of the bottle, an empty look in his eyes. 'A senseless death' he said. That was what was awaiting him, what he expected, what he knew.]

Its always because of someone who sets themselves up higher than everyone else...

[The bottle slips from his fingers and crashes to the ground. Ryou barely even notices. There was a dim light being cast on his face from a tablet on the table showing some Ark related info - things Jack had prepped to sent should he have died. It just made him more bitter really. A man making a terrible mistake and murdering people in hopes to single someone out to clean his mess. Nothing compared to what the Overbeing Father had done, but all the more frustrating because of his ties. He looks at his hand - a slight cut on it from the shattered wine bottle. He tilts it and watches the blood flow along it.]

Should I still bother being human at this point?

[He doesn't notice you at all.]

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[Pandora's Box]

After the encounter with Wayne Waco and his mercenary company in Seattle, and the whole 'Alice gone crazy' disaster, Matthew can be found, slightly in that most classic of haunts for tormented souls–

–The Gentleman's Defensive Theology Club Lodge. Leaning against the swollen (thankfully unbroken) head of one of Herb's idols Matthew is swallowing a measuring beaker's worth of a truly noxious cocktail, while staring at a worn Jade Falcon patch in his other hand.

"What now?" You can hear him mumbling to himself. "What the stravag now?"


Later on, a more determined, if still gently swaying Matthew can be found wandering the halls of the White Chalice, up and down it's many levels, hangers, bridges, lounges, and greenhouses. To anyone he runs into, he takes care not to slur his words and asks:

"What do you think love is?"
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[The Earth has been more or less locked down by the Ruina. However Ryou seems to be under stress from other matters as he's drinking down a bottle of wine with more haste than it deserves for something of that prize vintage.]

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

[He's repeating the word more forcefully each time. Palutena? Matthew? Congratulations, you may have cause the Merc to lose it.]

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[Ryou had been gone quite a while. Apparently the Raven's Ark needed him back home for a while due to a situation that was purely their business and not that of the Chalice.]

[The Nevermore did eventually return... but it was quite a spectacle as the severely mangled machine literally crashed into the hangar. That was several hours ago. Now Ryou was currently lying on a gurney with a hand thrown over his face and was completely and utterly wiped from exhaustion.]

Uugh.... Never doing that again. Ever.

The next person who asks me to go into an underground facility is getting his head punched.

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[The reason for Ryou's hurried return was becoming more and more apparent as he brought his link back to the Raven's Ark online. Everyone and everything back at the Ark was being thrown into chaos. Apparently Mirage's little backstab had caused quite a stir back home. The Execs were willing to be leave and let live with the situation - especially since it was Ryou who got caught in the crossfire. Jack-O, an influential Raven within the Ark on the other hand thought otherwise and the Execs soon found themselves expelled from the Ark - from the top floor of the building.]

...Heh... So its time then...

[Revolution. That was the word being thrown around the Ark. Everyone Jack saw as a corrupting influence to the now independent and strongly Anti-Corporation force was being cast out - every Corporate Bootlicker, everyone who benefited from bending the rules to get more money and cutting out the middleman. As it turns out Evangel was one of those who was thrown out as well - and not just the Layered Corps either... it seems that the League of Ruling Corporations, Collared and whatever subsidiaries were on 'the List' as well. Jack-O was making it clear. The Ravens are calling the Corporations out and sooner or later they'll be taking the fight to them. An independent army of elite and highly lethal mercenaries.]

[Ryou raises a glass of wine in silent approval as the information on the holographic screens continuously relayed more and more information.]

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Ever since the defeat of the Shadow Knights and Professor Tesla, Yuu's been oddly silent. Thinking. Musing. Replaying a certain event in his head, over and over.

------cut scene-----
An origin...a memory...a backstory episode. )
--------------cut scene--------------

" beloved...why...?"

[Yuu'll be open to questions post mission, as he hops down from the X-Buster's cockpit. Now would be a good time to ask.]


[And once again, Yuu's managed to sneak into kitchen duty. He's fervently making bowl after bowl of ramen, tasting each mixture once, then tossing it. It looks as if he's gone through a number of bowls and utensils, his frantic pace overwhelming the stress limits of metal pots and stirring wisks, as well as chopping knives and serving bowls. He can be heard muttering to himself.]! This is nothing like ours....

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[When the Shuttle returned from the battle, it wasn't any surprise that the Nevermore was banged up as usual. It was also no surprised that everyone else was quite emotionally wrecked from what had happened with Felicita and her mother. One would think that Ryou - being the consummate mercenary wouldn't care less. That he did his job and since he got his money he couldn't care less.]

... Damnit...

[That could not be any further from the truth. Here he was slumped against a chair and showing an incredible amount of disrespect to the winemaker's craft by drinking it right from the bottle. Something in the fight stung him badly. The surface was different. Too different. It was much easier when everyone was just looking out for themselves. It made things easier to deal with. Dealing death and destruction among those who had whatever empathy and kindess ground out of them by the brutality of life - being uncaring with the collateral damage, the destruction all around him.]

...What's wrong with me... Am I going soft?

[But hearing Felicita and her mother. The other pilots desperate attempts to keep what had happened from happening... Ryou just acted automatically - trying to save them as well - only to fail.]

...The surface... its too different...

[Feeling sorrow. Regret. Guilt. Shame. Things no Raven was expected to feel. Things Ryou didn't even feel when he had taken his first life... truly coming here was the worst thing for him to do.]


[Ryou could later be found sprawled on the same couch, bottle slipping slightly from an unconcious hand.]

[Scattered across the table in front of him was information on Nineball. As well as images from the red machine that had been stalking them through the battle. Observing. gathering Data.]

[The Raven had sent the information to the Ark. Their response was less than forthcoming. Merely telling him that it wasn't his problem until someone paid him to deal with it and just get back to work handling missions and the Arena.]

[He opens his eyes blearily.]


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[2] [Minor Frontdating] [Mingle Post. Keep it to the Tag posted for everyone's benefit.]


[3] [Arena Aftermath]

[Ryou's just got the Nevermore loaded back onto the Chalice and just kicked back on the Chalice, nursing a glass of wine in his hands. He sighs tiredly as he sinks into the chair.]

[Comment on his performance.. or lack of thereof?]
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[1] [Hangar]

[It was post mission and the Nevermore's a downright wreck and missing a great deal of equipment. Looks like he's going to need to work overtime. ]


[That Red machine... that AI... just what was it? That thought seemed to be troubling him more than his lack of funds. It acted independently from the Controller machines in the Second Layered. ]

[2] [Lounge]

[Ryou's once again enjoying a glass of wine on one of the couches. He seemed a little... melancholy? There was something about that battle...]

Hey... still have most of the bottle left. Its a good vintage too. Care for a drink?

[He motions to the empty space next to him, as well as the wine bottle, and fresh glass in the table across the seat.]


[One could hear some chuckling as Ryou read some updates from the Raven's Ark.]

The Corporations are pitching a fit that they couldn't loot the Second Layered after we were done - the locks are too much for anything they have and the bulkheads are too strong...

I think they might try to make some trouble with the Chalice some time.

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[1]  [Read this before proceeding to any of the others]
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[2] [First Section]

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[3] [Second Section]
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[4] [After Prompts 1, 2 and 3 - Prelude to the mission: "The Insanity of Contazola"]
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(Backdated to Before Grand Unified Theory Mission, and Open to All.)


Some time has passed since the Gurren Brigade Tryouts. You haven't heard much about that whole business, despite the big Land Battleship with stump feet that follows the Chalice about.

But then, communiques are sent to all those who expressed interest in taking part in the grand activities of the Gender-Neutral Brotherhood of Manly Souls at the meeting: invites, to be precise! Invites inviting all honorary members of the Gurren Brigade to a military exercise, in which there will be tactical drills, maneuvering practice, a mock battle, and–for those who prefer other such things–free snacks, drinks, and pastries at the end of it!

Those who show up to the Dai-Gurren will find it's own hanger filled with some mechs– a Dorbek and Dogozzo IIC, Matthew's own Nova Messenger, the Juaggu...and a Dom Tropen, stumbling about the relatively cramped hanger like a drunken loon as three familiar people attempt to dodge out of it's way.

"Don't overcompensate!" Matthew shouts up to the Dom's open cockpit, backing away from it with Chandra and Eilena. "Let the mech move itself! Work in harmony with it's Earth Sphere self-balancing software!"

"Stop throwing Nova Cat claptrap at me!" Tynall shouts. "Why does this stravag junk-heap not have a neuro-helmet like actual, proper mechs?"

Help out?


It's tactical drill time! Want to practice anti-mech tactics? Want to practice anti-mech tactics without a mech of your own? Learn how to to dodge things? Show off?


It's mock battle time! Two equally balanced forces, advancing through, a hilly, forested region with a huge lake, asserting supremacy over each other with paint-rounds and dialed down lasers! Who shall prove superior?

Also, a certain individual onboard the nearby Dai-Gurren may randomly decide to bombard you all. With paint shells. We think.


It's snack time! A table of refreshments is nearby! Hor-devores, tiny, sugary pastries, and various beverages! It also happens to be on the prow of the Dai-Gurren, a three-barrel battleship cannon right above your head.

At one point in this quasi-party, Matthew, tapping a fork against a glass for attention, will ask you all:

"Friends, Comrades, Trothkin. If there is one thing we have gained in our time aboard the White Chalice, during great battles and fierce conflicts, in our many travels and constant is stories. Stories of others, and stories of our own. And among these stories of ours, the most prevalent story, I have heard, is that of rivalry. Of personal conflicts against other individuals, set against each other by differing ideals and beliefs.

For those who feel comfortable speaking of such things, I ask: what nemeses have you fought against in your time here? What rivals and adversaries have you encountered, and what is or was the mettle of their character?"
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[1] [Hangar]

[A familiar Black and Red machine has returne to the Chalice. Its everyone's unfavorite morally questionable Mercenary. The moment he steps out of his cockpit he's stretching quite a bit as he goes over the costs of repairs and ammo - in comparison to the pay he's been getting. He grimaces.]

I guess I'm probably going to be short on money again...

[He turns around to give you a rather resigned look.]

What? You surprised I came back?

[2] [Lounge]

[Ryou seems to be kicking it back on a sofa with a pile of rather aged books next to him. After dealing with the Festum, suffering an orbital drop and losing plenty of pay, relaxing with a glass of fine wine and some good books felt like the right thing to do... which begs the question, if he's so tight on money, how can he afford that wine and those books?]

[He glances in your direction for a moment, but doesn't say anything, going back to his reading and his gentle sipping from thee glass.]

[CLASSY SWAG- I mean... are you going to talk to him?]

[Locked to Zeon Personnel + anyone with Colony based contacts/info networks]

[To anyone who has access to any Zeon related military networks... or has contacts in the Colonies, one would pick up on some news of a black and red machine taken to liberally reducing various Zeon patrols nearby neutral colonies to scrap and corpses.]

[The attacks were intensely vicious and seemed to be unprovoked at first glance. Then when one considers a notice Char had put up not too long ago... maybe the Colonies got nervous and needed something to keep the Zeons away as much as possible.]

[In this case, as much as possible happens to be large amounts of agression, carving messages to keep away from the colonies and leaving them where any other patrols to find. If anything this would probably put Axis on edge.]

[Also, that particular machine from the few recordings of the attacks and the absolutely miniscule accounts of what few survivors were left of the unfortunate patrols happens to be in the hangar, and the pilot is merely looking over some data for it.]

[Confront him?]

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[After the mission to rescue Tron Bonne, Ryou is laid up in the infirmary. Being tossed around from a massive impact and then suffering a 50 meter drop in an Armored Core is not a good thing for a human body. Right now the Mercenary is resting. Taking calming breaths every so often, he seemed to actually be taking it easy.]



[You then see him swat wildly at the now online holographic console he always carries around.]

Ergh... too fucking soon for this shit....


[He's looking at his finances... and it's a grim picture. Aquiring any loot from the mission he went on was a bust. Silencing the rioters and their poison gas plot barely gave him enough money to scrape by after splitting the cash... but NOW he barely even has anything left to his name aside from his AC and its other parts.]

[He sighs in an agitated manner as he presses his head a little harder against his pillow. Looking seriously disgruntled. There is honestly no way that this could get worse.]

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1. (video)
[Laura's cleared space in the hangar, gym, and on the deck, and set up tables in the mess hall before posting the announcements around the ship and on the comm network. It took a lot of behind the scenes work to get everything in place, but she's ready to tackle the concerns Matthew raised in her.]

Hello everyone! I know we have a lot of new people aboard lately, from a lot of different backgrounds all over Earth and elsewhere. And I know a lot of us have reasons to be wary of one another... but while we're aboard, it's important that we be able to work together effectively. So a lot of people have helped set up some activities to help us all get to know and trust one another better! There are games, and sports, and combat drills, and simulator challenges... the important thing is that they're all team activities, and teams have to be made up of people who don't normally work together! Let's mix it up a little, and have some fun!

Maid for no reason
2. (action/mingle)
[Anyone who actually decides to participate... go nuts! This is a mingle post. Be the one organizing some ill-advised activity, or be the poor sap(s) sheepishly trudging through it. I've put up a planning post to help people coordinate.]

Laura blushing
3. (locked to Lilly, easily interrupted)
Okay, I'm ready! Just... promise not to laugh, okay?

[Laura's taking Lilly up on her offer of cheerleading lessons! Not that you could necessarily tell that was the plan, if you happened to stumble upon the two in the out-of-the-way training room Laura found for them to use. Instead of anything suggesting a cheerleading uniform she's wearing her ordinary tracksuit, looking not far different to when she started training with the 501st, in fact - which, given that Lilly presumably will not be introducing either simulated or live fire in to the exercise, probably says something about how comfortable she is with the whole idea...]

[[Backdated to before Clan Wolf's festivities and that whole impending doom thing.

Feel free to have participated in the planning or setup, or to be running one of the events! Enthusiasm counted for more than qualifications in the selection process, so some ideas may well be a little... half baked.]]