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1 - [ Video ]

[ Well, it's almost time. After the thing in Arkham, and after that ominous message from Kairos Aspida, he has to say something before he, Luna, and Lyuze depart. ]

It's going to be difficult to keep Luna's presence a secret indefinitely, but I wanted everyone to know that I accepted her offer to replace Dune as her guardian. [ Something that, if it hadn't been for Break Man, wouldn't have happened. He's all for ending the Ruin, but abolishing death itself? No way. ] I want to thank everyone here for everything they've done, and I promise we'll keep in touch. But that said... I have one last request, before the three of us leave. I want someone to fix Lyuze.

It won't be easy. The Ruin has spread from her arm, to the back of her neck. But if it goes much farther... she will die. Lyuze doesn't want to accept Luna's Salvation, and after having spoken with her, Luna agreed not to try to persuade her otherwise. But after everything we've gone through, Lyuze doesn't deserve the slow, painful death the Ruin brings.

If anyone wants to try... all three of us would be grateful.

2 - [ Action ]

[ Casshern can be found in the Arboretum, again. He had left a message with Lyuze saying where he would be. He still had a few more details to hash out with Luna. It was inevitable that someone would notice the Ruin slowly but surely beginning to disappear, and even moreso that the previously barren, utterly lifeless wasteland that characterized the Ruin would reverse, becoming a verdant grassland, albeit a crater-shaped one from the Second Impact. It wouldn't be difficult for certain organizations, especially Karis Aspida, to put two and two together. Short of terraforming, there were very few forms of technology in the Earth Sphere capable of that, and Luna was one of them.

If anyone wanted to accept his request for fixing Lyuze, this is where he would be. In a small garden Luna had been working on in her free time. ]
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[ 1 ] - Various Locations

[ Casshern got really messed up last fight. Dio did quite a number on him, but at least Dio, Braiking Boss, Leda, and the remnants of the short-lived Empire that lead to the Ruin were no more. Even if Casshern couldn't help but feel bad for Leda, and to a lesser extent, Dio. Casshern's entire upper half of his body was placed in a type of brace, simply holding him together while his regenerative abilities did their work; but the sheer amount of damage Dio did to him ensured he'd be out of commission for quite a while, with or without a healing factor. Besides, it's not like there's anywhere for him, Luna, and Lyuze to get off, yet, anyway. ]

Is... everyone alright?

[ His voice is strained. Talking hurts, but Casshern can handle it. His lungs were repaired, at least. ]

Is... the Ruin... going to be cured?

[2] - Arboretum

[ Casshern can be found headed to the Arboretum, which, given Luna's obsession with flowers, was his first guess as to where she would be until they reached North America. Hopefully she's... er... decontaminated herself after being in Boss'... thing. He still had many questions to ask her, including what she planned on doing now. He predicted she'd want to finish her work in North America, starting with ending the Ruin. But the fact remains that even with Braiking Boss dead, there were still people out there who would want to use her powers for nefarious purposes, including potentially Kairos Aspida. He couldn't let that happen.

As Casshern hobbled his way into the Arboretum, he quietly scanned the room. ]

Is... Luna here? Or... Lyuze?
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I've been thinking, lately.

[ It's hot on the heels of this conversation spurred by the emergence of Kairos Aspida. He's seated in the ship's galley, his hands folded in his lap. He just wants to talk to someone - anyone - ]

Those people from the future... I found out how they eradicated the Ruin. Ayame said they glassed the entire Mojave desert and killed everyone they found infected with the Ruin. I know the Ruin is a death sentence for anyone infected with it, but... that seems so cruel.

[ Even moreso because the two main people at the center of the Ruin, himself and Luna, are immortal, and both disappeared afterward, apparently never to be heard from again. ]

What good is immortality if you only know the world will continue to get worse? Even if we succeed... so much pain has been caused regardless. Will it ever truly be worth it?
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[ Casshern can be found in an armchair, with a table pulled up to it; on it are a huge pile of papers scattered about. Newspapers, dossiers, a wanted posters from several different Earth Sphere nations that have been distributed to various merc corporations... and one book titled "Robotics Myths."

"Ruin Claims Lives of Scientists Attempting to Research Deadly Nanoplague", one paper reads. "Ruin Quarantine Treaty Unanimously Signed at International Summit", reads another. "Miraculous Rejuvenation of Second Impact Ground Zero - Scientists Baffled", reads yet another report, this time from the Earth Sphere Federation. The list of headlines goes on and on: "Ruin Declared Class One Pathogen", "Plans to Weaponize the Ruin Scrapped", "Androids Revolt against Second Impact Ground Zero Colonists - Cause Unknown", and "Robotic Empire Collapses due to Ruin". Two papers are front and center, however, one of which he was reading now: "Android of Unknown Design Believed to be Behind Rejuvenation of Second Impact Ground Zero", and "Doctor Wily: Who Is He?"

Casshern was clearly taking the advice another had given him and doing his own research. ]

What would Wily want with Luna?

[ He finally asks, to nobody in particular. His first guess is obvious: Immortality. But something tells him that it's much more than that. Whatever the case, he hopes to get back to earth, soon. The longer she stays with him... the worse it looks. Even if he's pretty sure Luna isn't as defenseless as she looks. ]


Jun. 11th, 2013 08:43 pm
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[1] [Lily is walking all over White Chalice, checking some readings in various locations on a strange blocky device with antennas that wouldn't look out of place in an old, cheesy sci-fi movie. The readings aren't written in any Earth language, for extra mysteriousness.]

Oh, here! Another good place.

[Okay, she took this reading in the middle of a corridor. What's going on here?]

[2 - locked to Laura and Felicita, mostly]

I've been thinking... Would it be too hard to attach a pair of arms to a small, floating drone?

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[ Casshern can be found in the Arboretum the day after the mission. When he returned, he just went straight to his bedroom, and spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling. By some measure, he should be happy... Luna is alive. Inexplicably, yes, but that was Luna. But according to Lyuze, and judging by Dune's reactions... that wasn't the Luna that they knew before. Somehow, she had changed. As if she had done a complete 180 in terms of personality.

"I... am Luna. The one who grants healing. But I hate things like that. That smell of death."

That sounded so unike what he had expected from the famed 'Sun named Moon.' The one humans and robots alike revered as a benevolent goddess in a land that, for the longest time, was devoid of anything even resembling life. Who brought life back to a dying world, and who, when she died, brought about the Ruin.

She had reacted with such cruelty towards someone who clearly loved her. Anyone she would want to heal would stink of death, especially in the Ruin. She was nothing like he imagined her to be, or how he remembered her to be in his nightmares. But... but she was still the last, best hope for finding a cure.

They had to save her. To get her back from Break Man.

He looked down at the small garden in the arboretum. A small patch of flowers. There was one in particular; blue petals with a white core. He knelt down to get a better look at it. ]

Luna... what have I done to you? [ He could still see her reaching her hand out towards his face, before being snatched away as quickly as she reappeared. It had been haunting him since he had gotten back onto the ship. ]
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A ha ha ha! It works! What's over there? I want to see!

[A Kamen Rider is walking around the White Chalice, looking around every corner with excitement and curiosity. But something is unusual about that Rider... the armored figure is much shorter than usual, and the high-pitched voice betrays the user as Felicita - who somehow got her hands on MarKus's Leangle Belt.]

[But, even as a Rider she eventually gets tired. Less than an hour later, Felicita is already de-henshined and resting on a wheelchair. She looks exhausted, but very happy.]

That was great. Thank you... it's almost as great as piloting Deva itself.
I don't know how to pay back for this...

[Speaking of Deva, it's time for the weekly training. Felicita got into her mobile suit's cockpit - with help, probably yours. The cockpit is tiny, cramped and dark. There are no monitor screens or standard controls, just a chair in the middle and a visor hanging from the low ceiling. And cables. Lots and lots of cables.]

Thanks. I'll be fine from now on.

[Felicita picks up the hanging cables one by one and starts inserting them into access ports on her body - arms and legs mostly, but there are also some on her back. Good thing her hospital gown comes with convenient holes, or else she'd be naked.]

I did this dozens of times before.

✾ v

Apr. 25th, 2013 10:39 am
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[ He's finally been cleared for release from the infirmary, and then from maintenance. Single-handedly slaughtering almost an entire crew's worth of people save for a lucky few who were able to make it to the escape pods had his usual handlers on edge, and had left Casshern even more upset with himself than usual.

Casshern had been shot several times during his rampage on the Nana Buluku, but obviously, it takes more than small-arms fire to even slow him down while he's berserk, let alone do any kind of permanent damage. Today, he's found in the observation deck near the arboretum. He missed watching the reentry process, but... he liked it here. It was peaceful, and helped him get his mind off of, well, being Casshern. ]

It happened again, didn't it?

[ He'd ask whoever approached him. ]
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[Under the fleet of alien (but friendly, surprisingly enough) ships floating in the sky, two girls reunite on the beach for one last time. Soon enough, one of them would depart this planet forever - but before that happens, the two had a shared confession to make.]

"The truth is... I love you."

"And I... always, loved you too..."

[The two hold hands and kiss gently. And then!]

"Cut! That take was perfect! This finishes the filming - our newest student movie, Lily and the Spaceship, should be a great success!"

[Yup, Madoka's school is shooting a movie, and the Jersey Club is helping. That's all that happened here. Trololo.]


[For real this time. The La Garite fleet departs in a few days after their appearance - and they're taking Lan with them.]

Everyone. I suppose this is the time to say good-bye.

It has been a pleasure to meet you all.
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[Jeremy is standing proudly, surveying the salvaged parts of the copied Hyperion.  Quite a bit of it's left... including additional barrier generators.  Still... the ham's frowning quite seriously.]

As good as it would be for my previous machine to be reborn... I would rather proceed cautiously than fall into a trap and use a rigged machine once more!

[Leave it to a historian to not want to repeat history.]

And more importantly... as has been pointed out already, the fact that the machines of myself and the other Adventus generals were recreated means that the Inspectors are in possession of a great backlog of humanity's tech, or have been observing us all for longer than we had anticipated! 

We will have to be cautious.  We've had the fortune of the Inspectors not attempting to pull false flag operations all this time, and that may very well change.
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[A new ship appeared in the hangar, right next to Lily's old one. This new one looks similar, but it's much smaller, with just enough place for one person and not much else, and clearly built for speed. And unlike that crashed one, this one works.

And then there's Lily herself. Her robotic parts might've changed, with a more armor-like appearance to her dress, but it's definitely her, wandering all over White Chalice, looking at all the oh-so-familiar places, even if some of them changed a bit in the weeks when she was gone.]

I missed all of this...

White Chalice... I am back.
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[Mad's singing softly as she maneuvers the Lambda around the Hangar. What is she doing you ask? Well it involves setting up mounts for a pair of axes over the entrance - specifically the biggest damn axes she could get her hands on (It already helped that the Man O'Taur's axe belonged to her now). If anything she was doing her best to make sure that they didn't unexpectedly come loose. As she places the Axes and backs off to take a look she's now considering...]

Anyone have anything bad ass they wanna paint under these babies?

Like "White Chalice - Gods, Demons and everyone in between. There isn't anyone we can't beat"... only... you know... Cooler.


[Later on she's helping with routine maintenance. Considering all the technical lessons she had, it was only fair if she put them to practical use for more than her own machine.]

The hell.... Were these like that before?

[She's giving a particularly messy piece of equipment a rather perplexed look before checking her mechanic's 'cliff notes']

[Care to chip in?]


[Its the late hour of the night/ As you pass the corridor where the Memorial Wall was, you'd notice Mad sitting opposite of it. Right under the names was a bottle of whiskey, a full glass and some flowers. In Mad's own hand was a glass she barely sipped yet.]

Y'know... I still wanted to kick your ass for taking things out of my hands some days. But others... it really felt good that someone got me on the road on figuring out things...

And you've given me a lot of advice, helped me out when you could... and I really appreciated it.


Its tough these days... Stuff happening, shit getting crazier.

And here I am missing being able to talk to someone about things... stuff I can't ask anyone else... not even Big Dog or Yui... I mean. There's a lot I'd talk about to them but some stuff... I just...

I just wish I got the chance to say you were like a Dad to me...

[She couldn't help but laugh a little. Four Fathers. Her Birth Father who may as well have been a Stranger, Darren Caine who helped shape who she was and give her dreams to reach for, Resnick who helped her grow as a fighter.]

[She raises her glass to the wall.]

Gregory Winthrop. I'm lucky to have gotten the chance to know you. Alien Space Bug or not.

[And she downs the glass in honor of the man who helped her grow as a person.]

and it would've been cool to know if you saw me as a daughter. But... maybe I know the answer to that... yeah?
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[ 1 ] - Action (Locked, but open to observers/spectators)

[ Casshern is shaking, and silently crying. But suddenly, a voice calls out from a nearby corridor. ]

Are you crying? [ The voice is almost mocking. A familiar, if seldom seen face can be seen from above the door way, as she hops down, landing with the grace of a cat. ] Like a human?

... I could have protected her... [ Casshern responded, in reference to Lily Rain EVE. ]
I've seen humans cry when they are upset. What brings on your tears? What are you sad about?

Cut for TL;DR )

[ 2 ] - Action (Open)

[There's a slightly broken Lyuze just kind of sitting round. She's holding her arm defensively and the hood of her jacket has been pulled back up, hiding most of her face. Feel free to scold her.]


Feb. 27th, 2013 06:09 am
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[On White Chalice's deck, Lily's five friends from Angel Force are loading a stasis pod on board of their ship. Inside the pod, behind a big round glass, there is Lily Rain EVE, or rather what's left of her. Even though her whole body is badly damaged, most of her left side is missing and there is a huge hole in her chest, the expression on her face is almost serene.]

Lily... No... I can't believe this is happening...

All we can do at this point is take her back to Cosmic Ark... And hope it's not too late...

[Mark your response as 1 if you want to talk to Angel Force, 2 for reactions/mingle.]
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Everyone, please listen, this is important. After almost a year since he appeared last time, we finally managed to track down the location of the One-Eyed Don, Jack Barlock. Finding this dangerous Chaos space pirate is the reason I came to Earth in the first place. Finding, and eliminating.

I need to thank my flight-focues friends from Angel Force for making this discovery. Without them and their advanced radars, we probably would've still kept looking.

Aw, come on Lily, it's not like me and Aquila did all the work! Everyone helped.

... [Nod.]

Here is how we're going to do this. First, a group consisting of my friends and volunteers from White Chalice lures out Jack Barlock's army, trying to get them as far away from his ship, Black Gangoot, as possible. Then, when his defenses are weakened, another group (including me) moves in to attack him directly from the opposite direction. Don't expect him to give up peacefully - Jack Barlock and his Pirateroids are corrupted by Chaos, the only way to stop them is to destroy them.

I'm looking for volunteers for both groups for this operation. But bear in mind, neither group can be too large, or else the One-Eyed Don might notice us first, or figure out what's going on and flee. Small strike teams will work better. And please, be careful - Jack Barlock is ruthless and resourceful, and has been lying low for almost a year now. I don't know what new weapons might he have came up with in the meantime, but expect the unexpected.

[OOC note - the bait group is not the one that's going on the mission.]

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[ Casshern hadn't been seen since yesterday. He was... being washed. Repeatedly. With heavy duty cleaning chemicals after his extremely violent rampage as he took down most of the on-foot bandits, as well as a few pilots after he busted into their cockpits and mauled them like a wild animal.

The smell of blood is still there (just not as strong), but now he also smells like bleach. Yes, it hurt; but with his healing factor and synthetic skin, the caustic skin irritation is now gone.

Very, very thorough decontamination. He can be found near the showers, waiting on his second treatment. He's not in any pain, though; and those bulletholes and fleshwounds on his arms and legs are now mostly healed. ]

I'm okay. Don't worry.
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[After the battle with Invaders there's a new ship in the hangar, similar to Lily's but not trashed and significantly larger. And she herself is busy reuniting with its crew! But not busy enough not to make an announcement.]

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to someone. My friends from Angel Force are here! Thanks to the navigational data I've been sending back home, they were able to cover the distance between Cosmic Ark and Earth in just a few weeks - just in time to help us in our last battle. Let me introduce them one by one...

Winberrl is a support specialist, very good at hindering her enemies and healing allies. She's my best friend on the whole Cosmic Ark!

Wow, Lily, you've grown so much since we saw each other last time! In more ways than one, if you know what I mean.

Er, moving swiftly on... Aquila is a heavy flier, one of the largest Cosmic Ark warriors, and carries impressive firepower. He's also very dedicated and dependable!


He doesn't like to talk much. Now, Crimrose is a light flier, making her extremely mobile and fast! She's a very popular girl and almost everyone on Cosmic Ark knows and likes her.

That's right! You could say I'm the face of this whole group!

And finally, there's Jikun Ho and Jikun Long. They're brother and sister and both are really talented martial artists! They constantly bicker about whose school is more powerful!

You just had to introduce us from the worst side, Lily? Besides, everyone knows Golden Tiger is stronger.

Keep thinking that, little brother. Wait, why are we bunched together when everyone else got a separate introduction?

Umm... And that's all of my friends! Please make sure they feel welcome on White Chalice!

[The robots in question can be easily found in various parts of the ship from that point on, watching the weirdness of humanity or just doing their own thing. In addition to Lily alone or the meeting with the whole group, you can tag any of them separately if you prefer.]
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[ 1 ] - Locked to Lyuze

[ Casshern is still in a shutdown state. His ankle was already almost fully healed, and the dent in his chest was long gone. The restraining bolt was already deactivated, but he was still rebooting. It would be another fifteen or so minutes before he was 'awake.'

The perfect opportunity for Lyuze to do whatever it is she thinks she's going to do. ]

[ 2 ] - Open

[ Casshern is awake. And he looks even more upset than usual. ]

Who were those two?

[ He demands. He isn't his typical, brooding self; actually, he looks anxious. Maybe a little panicked. ]

Why was Dio so obsessed with killing me? And... and what did he mean by me being 'Braiking Boss's servant?' Does that mean... does that mean I was ordered to...

[ That might even be worse than why he thought he might have killed Luna. That means that while he caused the Ruin, someone else was responsible for it, and might have even wanted it to happen. ]

Please, if you know anything... tell me about it.
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[Mad's been working hard on the Lambda for the past few days, in fact it barely resembled the Zaku it used to be - now looking more like its own machine. It however looked like it had been opened up quite a bit in order to make further modifications - meaning there was no way it was going to be combat capable for now.]

[You can find the blonde looking through her notes, practically covered from top to bottom with notes, muttering about the numbers and looking just a teensy bit concerned. There was also Minovsky Reactor not too far away - one commonly used by Zakus... why did Mad remove it from the Lambda?]


[Additionally she was working on something else as well. Several parts were all over the place as she tinkered with what you can assume looked like a generator. But whatever it was it ran on clearly wasn't visible... or lethal for that matter. Additionally there were several carved panels close by her.]

[Anyone who passed by where the wreck of Ares Gear was would find it severely chopped up and missing massive amounts of parts. Clearly Mad's been taking 'recycling' lessons from Lowe and lessons on not wasting anything the Wolves very well.]


[Mad grunted as she got the last panel closed, wiping some sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand as she looked up at the Lambda. Finished.... it was finally finished. She let out a tired laugh and whooped before letting herself collapse on her rear.]

You and me buddy.... we're gonna go places. You. Me. Maria and dad. Yui too.

[Drop by to say a few words to Mad about her machine?]

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(1) For Pit/Paultena
[[While she did manage to deflect Medusa's eye-lasers, her personally forged katana was now stone, and not magic steel. Hopefully she could find the little cherub and have hid Goddess correct this minor injustice.

(2) For the rest...
[[While Mio was feeling incredibly accomplished, she wasn't quite as happy as she could be about the "victory" that had come to pass. Well, personal victory, considering she was going on 21, and any other witch would have retired from combat at least. No, she did damn well on that sortie. But the problem was she didn't have the one person she could truly brag to around anymore.

Mio was finally feeling the loss of Tsukasa, now that she had a moment where she, wasn't too busy to actually realize it. What makes this disappointment shine is that she's docked her Strikers, yet she hasn't gotten out of them yet.

Come cheer her up.]]
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[After everything that happened out in the field, Mad was... for all intents and purposes... quite murderous. Between Ayame, the Chalice Crew and Section 2 there was no way for Mad to get to close enough to Gendo to make the man swallow his own teeth. She felt regret, the wicked sting of despair at failing as a hero yet again... but she turned all that into anger. Anger she was attempting to use constructively as she repeatedly shot targets downrange. The kick of her pistol and the solid crack of gunfire growing more and more accurate each time she fired, and every time she imagined NERV personnel in her sights.]

Those. -BLAM- Motherfucking. -BLAM- savashri -BLAM- ASSHOLES!!!


[The Target snaps into pieces from the last shot. Mad's taking deep breaths before she coldly reloads and brings up another.]

[2] [Locked to Mad's Roommates.]

[Mad seems to be looking over several schematics in addition to her notes. Papers litter the room as she continues to hammer out her plans for the Lambda's complete form. A few days ago she sent a pair of letters to Fuso. Hopefully the one that involved the Lambda would be sorted out in due time-]

Step on my notes and I'll step on your face. Move it.

[She motions to you without even looking. React to her?]

[3] [CR Only]

[Mad's at one of her usual spots, kicking her legs and singing softly. Like before, it was a sad, melancholy little ditty. Her expression wasn't anything sad though, it just looked tired... like she needed some sleep.]

[Talk to her?]

Dec. 27th, 2012 07:06 pm
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[ Casshern can be found in the arboretum, just... sitting there. He was only recently released from the aforementioned strict supervision by Dr. Ayame, and after having another vial of blood drawn and after having his restraining bolt recalibrated, he was given a break from the various observation he's been receiving.

Now, he's sitting on a bench, looking at a small patch of flowers, his bright blue eyes staring at them. After a moment, a small gust of artificial wind blows through the arboretum, and he hears a soft ringing sound.

Windchimes. ]

Why does the Ruin exist?

[ He asks to no one in particular. 'W͟h͘o͜ a̴̡r̀͠e̶ ́yó͜͡ú̵͝?̡͡' the soft, feminine voice that has been haunting his nightmares every single time he shuts down whispers into his ear. 'I am Casshern,' he answers every single time. A few seconds later, he sees an explosion of blood, with two bright, sapphire eyes staring up at him; not in shock, but in sadness.

Luna. He did it, didn't he? He killed her. That girl in the Ruin was right. Casshern's eyes close. The nightmares are becoming more and more vivid. He's remembering more each time.

But there's still that nagging question. Why? Why did he kill her? In his dream, she doesn't even try to fight back. It couldn't have been that kill.exe file Ayame mentioned, could it? The reason he needs this restraining bolt, or else he'd kill about half the crew of the White Chalice before someone brought him down, if only temporarily?

There's the wind chimes, again. It was a beautiful sound. A sound that, in the Ruin, was something they'd likely never hear, and if they did, was something they'd likely never appreciate. There was so much despair in the Bio Dome.

And he was the cause of all of it... wasn't he? ]
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[Mad's back to work on the Lambda again after a round of math. She was scowling at a set of calculations as she looked back and forth between readouts and her papers before letting out an almighty sigh.]

Goddamnit... what the hell am I missing here?

[Clearly whatever she's trying to find, she just can't find it. The Archimedes system was sound.. but something keeps going wrong. A few more dry runs and the same 'blowouts' occur... more or less. Nothing explosive thankfully. A few more combat tests wouldn't hurt but she's honestly stumped.]


[Mad's at the bar, slumping over the counter slightly, her lips drawn into a grimace of annoyance. Her body was aching like heck between her exercise routine and her training with the Clanners. She looked the part too given her literally half-naked appearance - all that was protecting the modesty of her top half was a towel - and to be honest it didn't hide much.... though Mad would be the first to say she didn't have much to hide.]

Honest to god... the day's been damn freaking balls...

[A day of stubborn machinery, brain-cramping math, tripping in the hallway and getting tossed around by genetically engineered super-warriors. At least things weren't worse. Thankfully she had a strong drink in hand... wait. Isn't she only fifteen?]


[Gentlemen, Mad has managed to cobble herself a makeshift stage and has liberated a mic stand somewhere.]

Heeeey every-guysh! Its me ... Maddy! I'mma gonna sing awhile if dat'sh okay... and if it ishn't...well fuck you with a socket wrench!

[...Uh oh... this might be problematic. Given how badly she failed at several other things... the kitchen incidents coming to mind... she may possibly sing worse than Alessandra! Mad's taking a deep breath before she starts up and....]

[... She's... actually not bad... scratch that. She's good. Really good. She's leaning into the Mic stand a little... whether she's drunk, or she's actually getting into the song is up for debate given how smashed she was. The song was a slow, soft and surprisingly sad number. The sort of song you wouldn't expect someone like Mad to know... but here she is, putting as much feeling as she can into the words..]

[Your reaction?]

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"Alright... testing of the Code Green: Casshern Restraining Bolt one-point-oh... take one!" "I swear to god, if I get killed, my wife's suing the captain! In a Brittanian court!" "And... go!"

Casshern was standing at the far end of the room, looking somewhat nervous. He had his helmet on, when the main, clad in a full suit of armor and a bulkhead in between them ready to snap closed, was already shaking. "I said, and, go!" "FINE! Damn, I'm sorry, I don't wanna have my guts ripped out."

The main raised his beam rifle, pointing it at Casshern. Immediately, Casshern's berserk mode sensed the threat, and his facemask closed, his eyes lighting up.

"TURN IT ON!" Casshern started coming towards him, slowly, threateningly. "TURN IT ON!" "I'M TRYING!" Casshern started walking faster, just slightly below the speed of a normal human running. "Turn it on or shut the bulkhead, come on!" "There!" And finally, after the eighth time of pressing the button, Casshern suddenly dropped to his knees, his hands on his head, as if he suddenly had a massive migraine. After an agonizing thirty seconds, Casshern fell to the ground, passed out, his eyes wide open. Somehow, they had shut him down.


When the restraining bolt was deactivated, Casshern can be found in the infirmary, his hands palms pressed into his closed eyes. "They didn't have to make it so painful," he complains. And sure enough, on the back of the base of his neck, well-hidden by his hair and the high collar of his combat suit, was a small, square protrusion of something that appeared to be jammed into his spine. A restraining bolt meant to temporarily disrupt his AI with looping, hanging codes injected into his most basic runtimes, causing his OS to crash. This would happen when his berserk mode activated at an inconvenient time, and would be handled only by Ayame, who would be alerted by Dan the moment Casshern went psycho.

However, Casshern had been informed that his unique healing abilities and rapidly evolving and highly-advanced nature of his AI made it unstable at best and potentially unreliable at worst. Meaning, Casshern was still going to have to undergo routine software maintenance to ensure the restraining bolt still worked. And when that happens, they're praying that they're able to shut Casshern down before he caused any serious damage. Until then, they were still working on contingency plans for if his berserk mode activated while on the ship, he was still under 24-hour surveillance by Dan, and it was still mandatory that nobody do anything that could be construed as threatening directed at Casshern.

When someone would pass by his open door in the infirmary, Casshern would try to get their attention. "Could you... get one of the doctors for me? Or maybe Ayame?" he'd politely ask. "I'm... kind of curious as to what happened to that blood sample I gave. And I'm still having those nightmares every time I shut down."
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1] Post mission a unfamiliar black haired woman is standing next to The Take it Like a Man, a strange black mech that looked almost as well put together as it's pilot. She stood there in platform boots and fishnets, surveying the hanger full of strangers rush back and forth. She lights a cigarette up, and crosses her arm, her expression was less than amused despite the grandeur of all the mecha in the hanger.

2] Desdemona found a small lounge blessedly unoccupied and she takes up a set at the table there. From her cleavage she pulls a fabric pouch out, and empties it's contents on the the table. A long pipe, a box of fragrant green herbs, and a lighter. She put the three together an in a moment she is puffing lavender grey smoke into the air. Those who know the scent are instantly drawn by it's quality and fragrance, those who don't might mistake it for incense. She leans her chin on her hand, and her elbow on the table as she closes her eyes and smiled to herself. This was certainly turning out to be more fun than the cat house.

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1) [Action]

[A while after Mad was discharged from the infirmary, a few people may have spotted her where Ares Gear had been put aside. It seems she had carved a metal panel out from it for reasons unknown and was carving something onto it with surprising care despite the faint aches her recently recovered injuries were giving her.]

[Ask what she's doing?]


Hey guys... listen... I need to get going for a few days... I looked at a few maps and I found we're close by somewhere....

[Mad's taking a soft breath here as she runs her fingers through her hair.]

It's my hometown. I... need to go there to sort things out. If anyone wants to come along, I don't mind. Just... don't cause any trouble.
Cut for size )Cut for Size )
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[After defeating the insurgent attack, White Chalice was escorted by the Gucun Border Patrol to the capital. And something has changed... where there was rubble, now stand buildings. The place is definitely less ruined, and looks even modern and quite advanced in some areas! You are treated like respectable guests, and there is a honor guard waiting as the ship docks, Combat Frames and soldiers on foot, looking proud to have you there.

Unknown soldiers are one thing though. Familiar faces wait for you at the docks...]

An old friend #1 )

An old friend #2 )

Streets of the State )

Friendly encounter )

Unfriendly encounter )
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Following taking a full blast of Therion's fear power (how a psychic-based attack affected an AI would be known only to someone who managed to study him), Casshern was rushed not to the infirmary, but to a tech lab. He was outfitted with a few restraints in case his Berserker Mode managed to still be active (spoiler alert: it isn't), with a few electrode like devices hooked up to his head.

The data feeding through proved that Therion's power was effective against Casshern. What happened to him was an AI's equivalent to a blue screen of death, with his AI performing an emergency shut-down to prevent a total crash. His memory was defragmenting, the last few things he saw being nothing but static. But in that static, at one point, and for only a split second, one semi-legible image was able to be seen, and is displayed on the screen. Literally nothing else can be recovered.

That image? This. But it's only barely decipherable with the amount of static.


Following the fighting, Casshern's finally starting to wake up. About an hour beforehand, he had been shaking violently in his sleep, as his AI's defragmenting process neared its end. By the time it reaches 100%, he sits upright, ripping the restraints right off of the side of the bed.

"L-Lu--!" he screams, stopping as soon as he realizes he's awake. He's panting, eyes wide, hair completely unkempt (yes, more than usual). A few seconds later he's getting a grip on himself, and looks down at his open hands on his lap. "I... I did it... I really did... I killed her..."
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Hello again, Chalice! My vacation time with Laura and Dita is over now, and we're all back on the ship again. I hope my presence wasn't missed too much...

I'm happy to hear that there were no sightings of the One-Eyed Don or any of his crew in the meantime. I guess he still decides to keep it low, especially after a much more powerful alien force invaded? I'm sorry to hear that they attacked, and that I wasn't here when it happened, but now that I'm around, I'll be able to offer my help again! In combat, or otherwise.

Now, to put all this stuff into my room. Hopefully the mess is not too big... Um, wait, is this still recording?

[The feed ends here. Feel free to respond via video or in person, though.]
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[Anyone looking for Mad would find her in an empty work-room in the Chalice - digging information out of Maria's Black Box. For those who were on the mission, some of the voices heard would be gratingly familiar.]

"Why the fuck should we?!? These places are like a dime a dozen. If this one goes to hell we'll just go to another!"

[Scrambled warbling as Mad searches through the logs.]


[Mad's own voice is now screaming in terror before she cuts off the feed. But... there's a smile on her face... she's laughing now... and it is NOT a good thing.]

Assholes... you're gonna get what you fucking deserve... one way or another..

[She's tracing her hand along the slide of her pistol. That look in her eyes is terrifying to say the least.]
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[ Casshern has been taken into White Chalice custody. While the Chalice's brig contains only three maximum security cells for high-risk prisoners, Casshern willingly entered one of them, without even needing to be restrained. While the cells were humanely furnished, they were considered "maximum security" due to the fact that they have built-in airlocks that open and blow the prisoner out if they attempt to escape or cause any damage to the ship.

Casshern also willingly submitted to a few initial tests; his AI has been scanned, though it proved to be extraordinarily complex, and matches no known signatures of other known AI producers; and Casshern turned over a blood sample. Yes - Casshern had blood.


Casshern can be found seated at the edge of his bed, staring at the floor. His helmet is seated on a small table, and he hasn't touched his food. ]

They said its just a precaution until they look at my programming, but...

[ He'll say as someone enters. ]

If... If I killed Luna... if I caused the Ruin... I deserve this.