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Phase Twenty: First the Bad News

1. Medbay (shortly after The Shield of Time's Last Stand)


[Famous first words. Laura's waking up and, Shifter healing factor or no, feeling the effects of trying to go all Getter 1 on a battleship that still has its point defense intact.]

...What happened? Is everyone okay?

2. Hangar (after Dan's announcement)

[Laura's looking over the distressingly warped and dented shape of Penny, the custom Knightpolice having been recovered from the field after Primeval Force's departure. Hanging from the outside meant the Xihpos' destruction didn't harm it too badly, but the subsequent fall to Earth did it no favours.]

Sorry. With everything that's going on, I won't be able to repair you for a while. Most I can do is reserve a bay for you so you don't get parted out while the ship's being evacuated...

[Beside her, Goldie warks confidently. He'll watch over the KMF for her during the Chalice's last hurrah.]

3. Announcement to all [video]

Hello everyone. This is, um, compared to everything else that's going on, it's less urgent, but I wanted you to know...

Once Primeval Force is defeated [of course she says "once"], Lily and I are getting married. Well, not right away. Her family still have to RSVP. But.

You're all invited, of course. Even if we won't have the Chalice by then, we still have each other.
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I wanted to tell you my good news first but this will have to take priority.

Congratulations Laura.
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It's nothing quite as big as yours. I just finally got through to Werter.
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I know right?

But forget about me your news is so much more important. Do you or Lily have a dress yet?
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[Samus simply nods and looks at Laura. You could swear there's a hint of a smirk there, though]

That took longer than I had expected.
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Do you honestly believe Earth to be the only culture where sapient beings bind themselves to one another in such ceremonies?
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I would say that rebuilding her regularly counts as all the construction requirements.
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[Nod] And so it will be.

I will not give you my blessing, because I am a destroyer. What the blessing of Samus Aran might bring is not what you deserve.

However. As the last of the Chozo I tell you this. If we still have any blessing to give, it goes with you. Friend to us and to me I declare you, until the universe turns again.
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I trust you enough to know you will not ask me to.
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If I am still in this universe when it happens, I will attend.
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I do not know. I arrived here because I was needed. When I am needed elsewhere, a necessary path will present itself.
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[Samus chuckles very slightly]

I believe that may be the first time I have been told that.
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[There's a Lily wrapped in a blanket on a chair next to the bed. Seems she fell asleep in the meantime.]

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Iff owah...

[Lily opens her eyes drowsily.]

Ah...! You're awake.
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Less than a day. Fortunately you're not hurt seriously, you just need rest. I expected you to wake up sooner though... Um, here.

[Lily hands over a formerly hot cup of cocoa.]

Laura... While you were sleeping, things got real.
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Primeval Force has decided to show its true colors. It's best if you see for yourself. A lot of people from Kairos Aspida died...

But Ayame already has a plan.
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...Would this count as the first union between humans and an extra-terrestrial species...?

[Richard smirks a little, having found Laura as he delivers a pat to her back.]

Smart choices for both of you though.
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Oh really? Because I would say you're putting her up against quite the competition, with a ship like this...

Still pretty high up there though. Definitely top five - just don't tell Ann I said that.
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That's wonderful!

[No reason for good news amidst bad news to be undermined by it, after all.]

After everything we've had to go through, it's only right that you two finally tie the knot.
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Don't worry about whether it's appropriate or not. I mean, Devon did something similar with Cheng after all.

And... yeah. Making the future your own and striving towards something is lot more meaningful than just beating down fires when they come up.
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"Congratulations!" Matthew says warmly.

"I hope that your love will flourish and not turn into madness!"
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Matthew shrugs. "Half a year ago, maybe I would have said that. But doing such a thing now would be, what is the phrase–"

He frowns in thought. "–a 'jerk move', Aff."

He extends his hand for a handshake.

"If it brings you two happiness, helps you grow as individuals, and perhaps unites the cultures of Earth and Cosmic Ark in peace and prosperity, then I can only urge you to proceed!"
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The docking operation is a success!

"We will have to see!"
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