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[The world has been saved, hopefully for the last time in a long time. The celebrations - and the mourning - have started, and in a lot of places are still continuing. But the victory isn't the only thing to celebrate - and with a lot of help, and a lot of favours, Laura and Lily have extended an invitation to the Chalice crew, past and present, to join them. If you were nearby, chances are the invitation was hand-delivered by a dutiful Servbot.]

1. The setup
[With the looming deadline of the closing portals, things move quickly! Invitations are sent, travel is arranged, a venue is prepared. What had been the White Chalice's Arboretum - now an open-air grove in what's set to become a lush forest - is the site of the ceremony itself, while the celebrations afterwards will take place in Gucun. There's a lot to be done to make ready. Are you helping, or seeking out one of the brides beforehand?]

2. The ceremony
[It's only fitting that Captain Smith should officiate. He's waiting at an arch set up by the flowerbeds of the Arboretum, where the happy couple met, where Laura's tended her memorial to her friends from before the Chalice and to those who've passed on since. Between the Kwan daughters, Epimetheus, and a brace of Servbots you shouldn't have any trouble finding your seat, even if Xue Yi is a little preoccupied ensuring Prometheus behaves. There's some time before the wedding party arrive, to talk amongst yourselves - or with some of the other guests present, who include Laura's overwhelmed-looking parents!]

3. The reception
[Of course, the real point of a wedding is the party afterwards! There's food, drink, and music - Miki pulled some strings, and Pit's showing how Skyworld does catering. After the recent battle, perhaps this is a chance to see some long-absent faces in more peaceful circumstances, or to say goodbye. Or are you just here for the embarrassing speeches?]

[This is a joint mingle post, open to dropped and retired characters as well! For all prompts, please specify whether it's Laura/Lily you want to talk reply, or others!]
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[The battle for Gucun didn't end too long ago, and White Chalice is already being refitted for its last desperate mission. There's only one small problem though... well, except for the whole "a giant avatar of a force of nature will destroy us all" thing. The problem being - where will you go if Captain Smith is kicking everyone off the Chalice?

How about taking advantage of an invitation?]

Come. The State of Gucun is your ally, and that will not change. More importantly - I am your friend, and will be so forever. The Chairman General's... no. My and Cheng's home is your own.

Rest. Recuperate. Regain your strength. You are going to need it.

We are launching a counterstrike. No matter what, I assure you: humanity will prevail.
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[Locked to people in Gucun]

[This time, Laura gives a little more warning of her arrival - she'd made sure the Chalice wasn't going to shoot them down, but this time the people in charge of that are the ones she'd like to surprise. So when she lands Lily's fast scout ship - somewhere inconspicuous, because this is a far cry from an official visit - she has no illusions of being able to sneak up on her quarry.

Which allows her to bring an unstealthy stack of presents. Handled by her long-suffering pack mule, Golden Sovereign.]

Sorry I didn't write. But I brought souvenirs!
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Han Zhi... you knew nothing of Nietzsche, or his beliefs. You only thought you did, like so many others who misinterpret him.


It's over. Han Zhi's illegitimate government overthrown, and Nikolai receiving just as he deserves for his crimes against humanity, all in one swoop. I do not know how will Cheng and I manage to govern the State without the former's help - but I will not give up. I will do my best, even if it means committing mistakes. Because I am a human.

Yes, this means it's time to say good-bye. It's time for me to forge a path to the future - not the one Kairos Aspida wants. My own path. White Chalice will always find allies in the State of Gucun, while Kairos Aspida never will. I will promise you that.

My friends - Laura, everyone.
Watch me. And good luck.

[Devon turns, and leaves - but she picks up her family on the way.]
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Too much time has passed. Today, I will do something I should have done a long time ago.

[Devon is busy scrounging up tools and weird materials from all over the ship. Flour, a drill, machine oil? What do you need these things for?

What is going on?]



You have defeated the Inspectors. Even with Kairos Aspida in the picture, that is a serious accomplishment - that no country in the world is willing to acknowledge so far.
Well, I won't make that mistake.

[It's a small party - don't expect decorations or anything, but there's cake! Chocolate cake, made by Devon and her daughters, and it doesn't even look bad. It's definitely edible, and look how proud its makers are as they congratulate you.

This is mainly directed at Cheng, but really anyone else can be present as well.]
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 [Late night in the Chalice. Most of the personnel is already asleep hours ago, the place is calm and silent, and the lights are a bit more dim. It's quite peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle and noise coming from the hangars that are the norm during the day.

For whatever reason, however, you are going around the corridors, be it because you have business somewhere, needed to go to the bathroom, simply to enjoy the quiet, or any of a myriad other reasons... 

...but despite the apparent peace, if you're in any way observant you'll probably soon feel stalked. Something is observing around the empty, long corridors this particular night. Every now and then there's very quiet, metallic pitter-patter sounds that stop whenever anyone looks around. And sometimes, a low, quiet creak like that of an ungreased old door hinges' opening can be heard, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. And overall, a definite feeling of observation

Definitely unnerving stuff.

How do you react?]
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(This was supposed to be posted like two weeks ago, but severe ear infections take the wind right out of one's posting sails. Sorry for the delay)

[It's a nice day today in the White Chalice's hangar. The technicians work dutifully to fix the damages sustained in the latest mission, the sun shines, the birds sing, and a robot monkey happily surveys everything. It's such a peaceful day, so welcome after the latest few days the Chalice has had...

...and suddenly the air rips with a loud buzzing noise and out comes Rushbird flying like crazy! It lands with a long skid, taking the full length of the hangar to fully come to a stop - technicians might want to dive out of the way! And all the while it seems to be stubornly and carefully holding something in its hands...

What it is is revealed soon, though, as the mech's hands open, and in it there is... Samus and Devon, apparently, both in armor and standing upright. Both them and the mech look rather scratched, as if they came from a rather pitched battle. In fact, Samus looks rather more than scratched, she's clearly taken a fair amount of damage - and perhaps more surprisingly, she actually falls to her knees in exhaustion, laying knelt on Rushbird's hand as if to regain her breath.

What probably calls most attention, though, is the thing that they are holding. A sickly-looking, bulbous, shining blue porous thing, roughly the size of a night stand with long (and right now, ripped off) tendrils sprouting out of it, that seems to crackle with energy. It kind of reminds of some kind of gross, fishy organ, only bigger.

Still, that does explain where the hell Samus and Ichitaka have been these last days. ...or actually, no it doesn't.

Ask where the hell did these people even come from?]

[OOC: This thread is both for the assault team to talk about the little side mission they just had and fulfill its primary objective, and also for everyone else to go what the hell, so fell free to butt in and react! A second prompt will probably be added after a bit]

ADDED Prompt 2 - The next day (Arboretum)

[Chronologically this goes after the ongoing thread has ended]

[If you walk past the arboretum, it's very hard to fail to notice that, while Samus seems to be back in her usual camping post, she's now accompanied by a large, bulbous thing a couple meters away from her. It looks... entirely too much like an egg from Aliens, really. And it's clearly alive, though sessile.

Despite the grotesque accoutrement, however, Samus looks perfectly peaceful as she sits under the tree like she used to do. More than she's looked in months, actually.

Still, the contrast is rather striking. The chozo warrior, all but projecting absolute control and calm... and an ugly pulsating bulby thing that is, quite honestly, really fucking creepy.

Approach, ask, and/or try to kill with fire?]
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You see some commotion from the Flutter, Rock's ship and house. The engine compartment is open, and someone is loudly tinkering inside. Outside it, Rock is hauling pile of junks from the ship's storage into a pile nearby.

"Hey Roll! Would this old industrial vacuum cleaner work?"

"Sure Rock! Canibalize it a little bit and it'd be perfect for our refractor fin cooler. Now can you find some size 2 gears from somewhere?" Roll's voice replies from the engine compartment.

"Uuh, size 2 gears... size 2 gears... what thing would have it..."


Lately, you often see this monkey everywhere. In the kitchen. In the hallways. In the cafetaria. Everywhere. It's not doing anything. It just stands there and watches. Staring. Confront its owner or the monkey itself?

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[White Chalice returns to Earth's atmosphere, and is around Europe to that. That means it's time to put Devon's plan into action: after hugging her daughters so tightly, she prepares her luggage - very small and light, tinier than what she had with herself when she first appeared onboard.]
I will be departing for a trip. It is a selfish act - but it will take but a single day, no more than two at most. The White Chalice should be fine during my absence.

It is time to reconnect with my past. The old SECT headquarters... only ruins remains by now, but I will revisit them.

[Following part as well as prompts 2 and 3 locked only to VERY close CR]

If you wish to, you are welcome to accompany me. I would be glad.

[Devon departed on a small shuttle craft, with Laura and possibly others - but before checking out the old HQ, she steered the vehicle in a slightly different direction.

Towards a small European town, one surrounded by forested wilderness. In that quaint place, she has one place to visit, a single old building.]


I see.

So it was... fruitless after all.

[She states after walking through the building's rooms, emptied and abandoned a long time ago. Not even a single document or piece of furniture left, just a hollow feeling remaining.

The building in question? An orphanage in which Devon was raised - before she ran away from it, to live on her own in the wilds.]

[Some time later, another abandoned location - a much larger one this time, and the one that was an actual destination for this voyage. Say hello to SECT's old base, located on a tiny uninhabited North Sea island. Several modern buildings stand tall, bustling with life in the past but now only wind travels through their halls. The location is hard to reach enough that neither vagrants nor wild animals made their way here. But none of the above ground constructions interest Devon.]

Let's go.
Straight to the heart of the base as I remember it.

[No - she heads towards the underground section.]

[The return.

Devon has had plenty of time to consider everything. Two individuals - one, a Nietzschean lone warrior. The other, a wife, mother and politician. The former accused the latter of being weak, betraying her principles. The latter accused the former of irresponsibility and hypocrisy.

The two are one person. Their... her goals are one and the same. Protect, not just those dear to her but the whole of humanity, even if one person at a time. Punish, those who ruin others' lives with their callous behavior, even if one person at a time. One does not exclude the other. But the hardest thing to realize...

Is one's humanity. Humanity means you are flawed - you screwed up in the past, and probably will so in the future. No one is perfect and flawless, Devon included. This trip gave her enough proof of that, made her remember many bad decisions made in the past. But, in this realization, she achieved inner strength.]

I know my goal now. As long as there are those who make good people cry, I will not stop my pursuit in bettering the world. I will stumble during my mission. I will make mistakes - I am only a human. But for as long as I live, I will not give up.

Because I am a human. This is my greatest power.


[Devon leaned on the wall, in a pose of confidence. Just like old times.

But it's not mere posing. She wishes to impress no one. This expression of resolution is how she really feels.]

I am back.
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After the mission to intercept the A-LAWS, Bernie headed for the lunchroom; he didn't look too happy after leaving from the Gaza D's cockpit.

"Well, I should've saw this coming." He said after sitting down at a table. Captain Aznable, Lady Haman... Bernie rubbed his fingers through his hair.

"That guy named 'Cello'. What did he remind of? A puppet?"


Bernie is in the hangar, observing the salvaged equipment. from the A-LAWS and Neo Zeon. Zeon soldier folded his arms.

"Definitely an arms race. If they had their gotten their hands on the Celestial Being equipment...who knows what would've happened."

Bernie cupped his chin.
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 [As the assault group lands from the Leviathan incursion, Samus comes out quickly from her ship. She'd believed the Metroid larva to be dead. 

Once again. 

But scans had showed it to be barely hanging to life. So she jumps out of the Hunter-1 and approaches the carried creature, touching it softly. It screes weakly in recognition as she kneels besides it, expressionless, letting it know she's there. 

She frowns, clearly thinking (and the fact that this is clear should probably be a hint of how concerned Samus is). What about, though, hard to guess. Still, you have a minute to approach her before she springs into action, if you have any ideas]


[Will come after 1]
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[A lone figure stands atop White Chalice, outside in the vacuum of space. Devon's black armor blends with the black void, as if forming one entity with the hostile environment surrounding her. She's busy standing tall, gazing into the distance, an air of thought and melancholy about her - metaphorically speaking of course.]

Jake... Frank...



[There's no sound in space obviously, but if you tune in a radio for the Shifter amplifier frequency, you may be able to hear quiet whispers of several names.

Followed by a wistful sigh.]

[Devon's back inside the oxygenated inside of the ship. She seems ill at ease, her pose worn out and devoid of energy as she faces whatever mirrored or reflective surface is available. The reflection is staring right at her, with an intense gaze.]

Became... weak? No. What idiocy.

Dammit. I have lost my vision. My clarity.

[It's not clear whom she is addressing.]


Jul. 7th, 2013 09:25 pm
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[[After End of the Swarm.]]

[So if anyone is in the hangar proper after killing the hell out of a spider robot, a Rider sort of similar to G3 is walking in the BeatChaser, thanking that guy what gave him the left.]

Now who do I talk to around here about that mess...

[Feel free to run into him. I'm sure some of the Rider fanboys would like to flail and ask for autographs.]

[Alternatively after getting the higher ups the low down and seeing what info they got on SHOCKER, also offering his help, etc etc etc. Yusuke is going to be just touring the White Chalice.]

Wow, I knew this place was pretty big but this is something...

[And finally over the network you get this video of Yusuke grinning.]

Hello, my name is Yusuke Godai. But you might know me better as Kamen Rider Kuuga, though now I'm G1...confusing with all the names really.
Thanks for letting me come aboard, please take good care of me. Heh.

[AND ALSO THUMBS UP- fuck secret identities]
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Damn it all.

[Despite the choice of icon, Devon is not in her Sophium armor. And that's the only reason the corridor wall she keeps punching is not dented yet - or worse. Instead, her fists look badly battered and at this rate she's going to break something.]

The worst scenario turned out to be true. In the end Han Zhi played everyone like fools... everyone. I had no business running a country! I am a warrior. That was a huge mistake.


[Devon is composed, but she looks tired and depressed as shit when she gives this announcement.]

Han Zhi's rise to power was not legitimate - he usurped it through force. The official State of Gucun government does not recognize him as a leader and will continue to operate from aboard the White Chalice.

[She sighs and adds something privately. The following is locked only to close friends.]

Also, my daughters have been moved to ReHome. This is for safety, in case White Chalice - or my family, becomes the target of an attack. Lowe Gear's crew made sure they are treated well so if you want to visit them, you know where to go.

Level 10

Jun. 2nd, 2013 02:31 pm
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[1] [Oh look, there's a massive bomb on White Chalice's deck! It's big enough that several mecha could stand atop of it. Though the only one who does so right now is Raynor. He has several bruises and injuries (already taken care of), but doesn't seem to mind.]

A grand victory! Thanks to everyone's efforts we thwarted the Shadow Knights and no innocent lives were lost.

This wouldn't be possible if everyone didn't fight valiantly. Everyone, including Heero Yuy... I need to talk to him when he wakes up.

[2] [The library. Raynor is looking through the database, and a huge pile of books. He's looking at historical records, both recent and old, and browsing lists of names.]

Alex Globing... Who was Alex Globing? I need to find out... And where can I find the body...
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(Backdated to Before Grand Unified Theory Mission, and Open to All.)


Some time has passed since the Gurren Brigade Tryouts. You haven't heard much about that whole business, despite the big Land Battleship with stump feet that follows the Chalice about.

But then, communiques are sent to all those who expressed interest in taking part in the grand activities of the Gender-Neutral Brotherhood of Manly Souls at the meeting: invites, to be precise! Invites inviting all honorary members of the Gurren Brigade to a military exercise, in which there will be tactical drills, maneuvering practice, a mock battle, and–for those who prefer other such things–free snacks, drinks, and pastries at the end of it!

Those who show up to the Dai-Gurren will find it's own hanger filled with some mechs– a Dorbek and Dogozzo IIC, Matthew's own Nova Messenger, the Juaggu...and a Dom Tropen, stumbling about the relatively cramped hanger like a drunken loon as three familiar people attempt to dodge out of it's way.

"Don't overcompensate!" Matthew shouts up to the Dom's open cockpit, backing away from it with Chandra and Eilena. "Let the mech move itself! Work in harmony with it's Earth Sphere self-balancing software!"

"Stop throwing Nova Cat claptrap at me!" Tynall shouts. "Why does this stravag junk-heap not have a neuro-helmet like actual, proper mechs?"

Help out?


It's tactical drill time! Want to practice anti-mech tactics? Want to practice anti-mech tactics without a mech of your own? Learn how to to dodge things? Show off?


It's mock battle time! Two equally balanced forces, advancing through, a hilly, forested region with a huge lake, asserting supremacy over each other with paint-rounds and dialed down lasers! Who shall prove superior?

Also, a certain individual onboard the nearby Dai-Gurren may randomly decide to bombard you all. With paint shells. We think.


It's snack time! A table of refreshments is nearby! Hor-devores, tiny, sugary pastries, and various beverages! It also happens to be on the prow of the Dai-Gurren, a three-barrel battleship cannon right above your head.

At one point in this quasi-party, Matthew, tapping a fork against a glass for attention, will ask you all:

"Friends, Comrades, Trothkin. If there is one thing we have gained in our time aboard the White Chalice, during great battles and fierce conflicts, in our many travels and constant roaming...it is stories. Stories of others, and stories of our own. And among these stories of ours, the most prevalent story, I have heard, is that of rivalry. Of personal conflicts against other individuals, set against each other by differing ideals and beliefs.

For those who feel comfortable speaking of such things, I ask: what nemeses have you fought against in your time here? What rivals and adversaries have you encountered, and what is or was the mettle of their character?"
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[A short time after the final, decisive battle against the Festum on the North Pole, a transport's being prepped for Kazuki to return to Tatsumiya Island.  He's not in very good condition, currently needing crutches to stand and shades over his eyes to reduce strain on them from bright light.  Said battles were not easy for him, with his body pushed even further to the brink, and with Soushi -the person he'd set out to save in the first place- gone at least for now.  But still...]

So my eyes are nearly gone and the rest of my body isn't well-off either, though I've heard that they can take care of all of that back home.  But I don't even know if the treatments will treat more than just the "symptoms", so piloting the Mark Sein more might still be out of the question even when I'm better.  And I know we didn't "save" Soushi... but he said he's still out there, that he would return.  It's easier to feel I won't be going home empty-handed than I was afraid of.

I guess that means that this might be "goodbye".

But everyone, I couldn't have done this without you.  You were the ones who helped with the L-Boat operation, got the Mobile Doll System from the Titans, helped Ryo and Shouko and everyone else on the island time and time again.  You helped in this final push, when I tried to rescue Soushi even.  Without you, I never would've gotten far at all.  Canon, you especially...  I'll never repay you for what you did out there.

And no matter what, Tatsumiya Island will always be welcome to any of you.
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[1] [Hangar]

[A familiar Black and Red machine has returne to the Chalice. Its everyone's unfavorite morally questionable Mercenary. The moment he steps out of his cockpit he's stretching quite a bit as he goes over the costs of repairs and ammo - in comparison to the pay he's been getting. He grimaces.]

I guess I'm probably going to be short on money again...

[He turns around to give you a rather resigned look.]

What? You surprised I came back?

[2] [Lounge]

[Ryou seems to be kicking it back on a sofa with a pile of rather aged books next to him. After dealing with the Festum, suffering an orbital drop and losing plenty of pay, relaxing with a glass of fine wine and some good books felt like the right thing to do... which begs the question, if he's so tight on money, how can he afford that wine and those books?]

[He glances in your direction for a moment, but doesn't say anything, going back to his reading and his gentle sipping from thee glass.]

[CLASSY SWAG- I mean... are you going to talk to him?]

[Locked to Zeon Personnel + anyone with Colony based contacts/info networks]

[To anyone who has access to any Zeon related military networks... or has contacts in the Colonies, one would pick up on some news of a black and red machine taken to liberally reducing various Zeon patrols nearby neutral colonies to scrap and corpses.]

[The attacks were intensely vicious and seemed to be unprovoked at first glance. Then when one considers a notice Char had put up not too long ago... maybe the Colonies got nervous and needed something to keep the Zeons away as much as possible.]

[In this case, as much as possible happens to be large amounts of agression, carving messages to keep away from the colonies and leaving them where any other patrols to find. If anything this would probably put Axis on edge.]

[Also, that particular machine from the few recordings of the attacks and the absolutely miniscule accounts of what few survivors were left of the unfortunate patrols happens to be in the hangar, and the pilot is merely looking over some data for it.]

[Confront him?]

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This is Akane Makabe... and if you're listening to this, well, I suppose it means two things.  One: everyone's not dead yet.  And two: someone actually found this.

[You can find Kazuki sitting in his room, listening to something on an old cassette player.  It had come in the mail, addressed from home from his father, accompanied with a short note simplying saying "She's here.  She's helping us.  We'll get you some help soon."]

I'm not sure if the rest of the world's gone the same way as Japan by the time you hear this, or if humanity's gotten at least a little better at dealing with the Festum in the aftermath.  But what I know is... someone has to find answers.  The Festum aren't like anything else we've ever known before, and with their powers it'd be impossible to just capture and study one.

That's why I'm taking this risk.  I'm going to go willingly where everyone else has gone kicking and screaming.  With any luck...

... I hope that I'll still be a part of what takes my place.

[And then... that voice.  That voice Kazuki's heard every time he's had to sortie against those things."

Are you there?

Yes.  I am here.

[And then... nothing but static.  And Kazuki's just sitting there, looking horrified.  The truth's finally been revealed to him.  What happened to his mother...]


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 Roads is not having a good day. When he returns, the first thing he does is throw absolutely everything off of his desk, sweeping it to the side. Stacks of papers, pencils, drawings, Kouzou's gift, and his computer all get thrown to the floor. Roads then sits down with his heads in his hands at the now-clear desk.

He stays still for quite some time. Occasionally, he will shift a bit, folding his hands in front of him like something is trying his patience, or he will glare at that ancient tome he's cast aside.


The second curse is quiet and subdued.
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Recently, Roads mentioned the idea of an anti-evil god club. It was likely a joke, but White Chalice has an established tradition of taking jokes seriously.

Herb also has set up a gentleman adventurer's club, with the word "gentleman" being used in a gender-neutral way. But with no clear focus, there are few members.

Let us combine these two! A club for adventurous ladies and gentlemen, who focus on protecting humanity from evil gods and other supernatural forces, both by finding out more about them and battling them directly. We already have a club room, even - pretty well-furnished, if you don't mind cobwebs. And we could call it the League of... Hmm... I'm not very good with names, I'm afraid.

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[You've been invited to the Kwan family house - which turns out to be but a small, practically arranged home. Sure, the surroundings are swarming with barely-hidden security agents and it's probably a step or two up from what a normal Gucun citizen can afford... but still, a Chairman General could live in a giant, luxurious mansion if he so desired.

He did not. And more importantly, neither did Devon - who is sitting in the living room equivalent on a simple chair, thoughtful and serious like a ruler of a vast empire in her throne room.]

You came, good. It'll be a while yet before dinner - my daughters are still busy playing outside. But I promise it will be edible.


Do you think I should stay here, in the State?
Give me your sincere opinion.
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[Pit's in the hangar, looking at the sprawled Cherubot with a pained face. The divine robot is laying there, deactivates, most of the chest plating hanging by a thread and spearks coming off several places. The poor thing has clearly seen better days]

Don't worry, Cherubot, buddy, we'll have you fixed up in no time!

...I hope


[Not much later, you'll find him out on top of the ship, shooting illusory targets that Palutena conjures as training (that the targets are little Viridis with evil teeth is probably a choice of the goddess). Still, it's pretty damn impressive to watch - he's clearly pushing himself, and the speed at which the illusions appear and are shot down while he dodges the fake shots makes him look like someone put an action movie on fast forward. Suddenly he skids and then brandishes a weird jewel at one of them]

Lady Palutena! [And as he calls out, a light beam sizzles through the illusion, vanishing it. Palutena clicks her tongue]
Hmmm. Still haven't gotten it right...
[Neither of them have seen you approach (or so it seems), though. Bother?]


[Pit and Palutena are walking down the corridor when you come into earshot. They were clearly talking about something]

-last of it?
Unlikely. If I had to make a guess, Viridi will probably still come back for a couple more rounds.
We took out her depot, though, right? That means at least she can't blow us up anymore.
I'm just hoping she doesn't spring anything even nastier on us... she's not to be underestimated, Pit.

[If you wanted to ask something, this is probably your best chance]
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[Lyuze didn't like to think, but boy did she do just that...All the time, too. It was just horrid. Her thoughts liked to run off without her and leave her. Today she didn't quite make it to her hiding spot before she found herself up against a wall and not completely there.

She held her right arm, contemplating. The Ruin would slowly eat her alive and she was starting to think that maybe she didn't want that.... For such a long time it didn't really matter. So long as she was about to find Casshern and kill him before it happened. But now....what would she do.

Being around these people was strange. It was all...strange. She hadn't felt like she wanted to actually live for a long time.

It was like she was betraying Liza. She frowned at that thought. She couldn't do that. It wasn't fair to her sister. She almost curled into herself at that.

If Liza was here, she'd know what to do.]
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[Bang bang bang!

Devon is at the shooting gallery, and seems really determined to riddle as many practice targets with bullets as possible. Her aim with a sidearm is... decent.]

No news of any worth from our space-bound agents.

Chasing Wang Ding Bang any further is pointless. Time to return to Gucun - we'll be able to do more good from there. Until I get new information at least. Any new information.

[She sighs in frustration, and in a single movement draws a hidden throwing knife and launches it at the last target. It's a perfect bullseye.]

I need to let off steam...

[2 - locked, not really taggable]
[Those few State agents who managed to actually get into space have new orders - to look for info related to Zeon's projects that concern special individuals rather than weapons. Secrecy and their own security is priority - they must absolutely not get detected.
Also, colonies near Zeon received anonymous tips to watch out for their neighbours. Probably unnecessary, considering recent events...]
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The Mobile Doll system is in our hands. New information from the state... this day will be... interesting...

[A way to deal with the Festum, possibly other Alien menaces that may have similar abilities. Cheng approves without a doubt. And to add to this he's looking at some schematics to boot - one that is awaiting his perusal and approval for production.]

The Mengde Cruiser... hm... an ambitious name.

[With the Federation looking to replace their old junk with new ship designs, the out of date Salamis had to go somewhere. This design was... to put it bluntly, what happens when you weld two Salamis together by their top halves and relocate the bridge. The 'mated' ships were refitted with several internal sections redesigned... but overall the structure of the ships remained the same. Large amounts of projectile and missile weaponry was in use in the design - though there was an alternate lay out that mounted at least three beam cannons.]

[Hangar space for a squad of up to eight Combat Frames/Prominence Armors...]

[Gucun didn't have a dedicated space force yet unlike the Federation and the Divine Crusaders. This design would be a good step so they wouldn't need to Piggy-back on allies or use outdated designs.]

[Cheng shook his head at some of the other redesigns of aged ships... this was the only promising one really. A shame.]


[It seems that a number of the surviving Thaumata Pilots that had survived the battle at the DSSD station have went missing. The man responsible? None other than the Chairman General of Gucun - Hua Cheng Kwan himself. It would seem that he has recruited them and had those willing to work with him split into three groups - one to return to the State along with a few members of his Original Bodyguard detatchment, another to a small group of Gucun troops posted in space to help them in training in an unfamiliar environment... and the last and least numerous to take up rank for the casualties from the Giga-Float a long while back - There was little time to get additional replacements from Gucun after all...]

... I assume you have words for me?

[Cheng looks... stern to say the least. He figures that the moment someone found out about this questionable, if not... reprehensible action - they'd chew him out. But either way he's going to explain his reasons and stay firm on his decision.]

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Taking care of two potentially world-ending catastrophes in two days? I think White Chalice is out for a new record.

And we've got the Mobile Doll system! As soon as MDs are mass-produced, we can take care of humanity's greatest still-remaining enemy once and for all. Not to mention, rescue Soushi.

Time to get to work. I'm sure my chemistry skills will be useful here in some way.


Apr. 21st, 2013 08:47 pm
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[ 1 ]

[ Char has returned to the White Chalice aboard a Zeon shuttle, with all of the materials needed to repair both the Sazabi and the Zeta Gundam, as well as Haman's Qubeley. The schematics for both were being carried by a Zeon MPO in a locked box. He isn't sure where Haman is - whether she was back on Axis under heavy guard, or if she's here, where, in his opinion, she's safer with the Royal Guard - but he hadn't seen her since he was debriefed on the HZM Kycilia Zabi by acting Fleet Marshall Toto. Char himself wasn't eligible for the position; as the captain of the Royal Guard, he's in a completely different branch of the Zeon Military, and answers directly to Mineva Zabi, or by proxy, Haman Karn. And with Mineva still here onboard the Chalice, that took priority over any order the rather overzealous new Fleet Marshall gave him.

Char exits the Sazabi, where Mineva and the rest of the Royal Guard waited for him. They saluted him as he landed on the catwalk of the hangar. Mineva was already fighting back tears. Nobody can hide what happened to Haman from her. So much for a happy ninth birthday for her. ]

Haman and Kamille are fine. They just need to...see the doctor for a while. They're both expected to make a full recovery, though you should let them get their rest, okay, Your Majesty?

[ Mineva nodded and answered without a word. Char bowed to her. ]

Let her see them, but don't let her bother them too much. Just enough to show her that I'm telling the truth.

[ Char turned back to the Sazabi and the near-total wreck of the Zeta. Good thing Kamille gave the specs to Axis... though the R&D Department considered the Bio-Sensor to be far too costly and risky to become standard issue to the Newtype Division. Not even Toto's new pet project was making use of them... yet. ]

[ 2 ]

[ Char also copied the following, and placed it up on the bulletin board for all to see. The original copy was sent back with the Zeon team. Some of it was redacted. ]

cut for TL;DR )
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[One of the State soldiers departed on a routine patrol mission not too long ago, which did not prove itself routine at all as during it, he picked up a large, thick envelope from a suspicious looking-individual.

This envelope, words "FOR CHAIRMAN GENERAL'S EYES ONLY" clearly printed in large letters, now finds itself in Devon's hands. Who unceremoniously rips it open and reads the contents.]

Urgh. Of course. No trace of Wang Ding Bang.

How many months has it been already? He has been lying low since his departure from Gucun... it feels like a wild goose hunt. Perhaps we should just return home.

[She ponders while casually burning up the secret documents she just received.]


Apr. 5th, 2013 11:18 am
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1) [Right now, Roux's busy looking over the remains of the Hyperion duplicate. The fact that the Inspectors revived this unit, as well as its three counterparts was frightening.]

It's... a perfect recreation. At least, from what I can tell. And that's scary. They recreated four machines that took us on easily and it nearly pushed us to the breaking point just to down all four of them. What else could they recreate with what they captured. The Super Vandread, Shin Dragon, the iDols, Project HALO... the Inspectors are playing for keeps...

Might be time to step up our own game...

2) [Still in the hangar, Roux's looking over the almost-repaired Mk-III, a little worried. The fight with the Generals pushed her to fight even harder than she was used to and she knew, despite how speedy and powerful the Mk-III was, it wasn't enough.]

...I hate to say this, but I'm gonna need more than just a fast unit. Even with the armor, the Mk-III's just that.

[A brief thought hits Roux's mind as she turns her head, looking first at the Quebeley, then the still-headless Psyco Gundam.]

...maybe it's time...
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[Honestly, at this rate it's insane that Kazuki even is allowed to have a room onboard the Chalice considering how much time he's had to spend in the infirmary.  This latest visit came from his newest skirting with the assimilation problem of Fafner pilots everywhere (except Canon, lucky bitch)... one he'd brought on himself when he asked for the Mark Sein's delivery during yesterday's mission.]

... And yet Siegfried still went up the mountain, knowing the dangers that awaited him.  And yet he was not afraid.

[Both his mind and his body have been pushed to the brink in recent months, and that's been unfortunate because of how Soushi still needed to be rescued and the Mobile Doll system still had to be yoinked from the Titans.  But in the time Kazuki's spent in the medical ward recently, he's been reading the story of Siegfried -a story he finally learned about thanks to not-Fafner Ryou- and it's proved therapeutic to an extent.  And when he finishes the story, he just closes his eyes and leans back in his bed, looking up at the ceiling.]


It was worth it out there.  Even if I'd died, it would've been worth it.

[Sorry Soushi, bros before homos.]
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1) [ Post Mission post, locked to mission goers. ] At any rate, to all of you who assisted me! Thank you very much. I can tell by your burning spirits that all of you are righteous defenders of JUSTICE! Especially you. [Directed at Kouji] It would seem that your machine is based on my own, it has its own X-Breaker and Fist of Justice!

2) [Later on, when people are awake, you'll find yet another giant machine sitting in the hangar. Sitting cross-legged on the machine's shoulder is a scruffy-looking man, dressed in ragged ninja garb. He seems to be mumbling to himself about the wonders of this ship.]
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 1. For eating at the cafe/Sexual Confusion
[So for whatever reason you're out shopping at a mall today, enjoying some of western europe's actual civilization before the ship sets off again to god-knows-where. And the mall is bright and happy and nice, but there's something that might-<i>might</i>-catch your eye. A maid/butler cafe! Cute girls and boys work the tables, serving food to all the customers.]

Good afternoon ma'am. Would you like any sugar with your tea?

[The most popular of the butlers, a beautiful, slender young man, seems a bit familiar...]

This is water. Drink it.
[A maid with an eyepatch slams a tray down on one table.]
Wow, intense...but I want to get to know you more. H-hey, where are you going?

[And she's already off to the next table, silver hair flowing past her.]

2. Open prompt-Die Hard
[Later on in the afternoon, a bunch of men with tommy guns suddenly break into the cafe. They're wearing old timey gangster attire, and have a bunch of bags overstuffed with money.]


[For a while, nobody seems to get what's going on, but then the robber's leader shoots into the air and a woman screams. Outside, there's the sound of police forming up around the cafe...It's a hostage situation! And the hostages are you!]

(For best results, use people who are easily confused and unable to fight mecha on foot, or unwilling to use their superpowers.)

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1)  [Locked to Werter & Laura and CR EXCEPT for Devon]

[Cheng was was walking over to you quickly, he puts both hands on your shoulders and speaks plainly.]

I need you to distract Xue Yi and Nuan Chun for a while. Something, anything interesting that won't scar or endanger them. Its only for an hour at most, I need to prepare.

[Prepare? Prepare for what?]

2) [Much later after Prompt 1]

-Translated from Chinese- "Come foul beast! Meet your doom! 18 Pillars of the Grand Temple Style - Wrath of the Five Kings!"

[And for those of you who didn't ask, now you know. Cheng was apparently preparing for a 'TV' night. Several recordings of what appears to be a Hilariously Over the top, cheesily written Wuxia-with-guns series have been prepared. And Cheng's daughters were just locked to the screen. Nuan Chun cheering loudly as the monster of the day along with its mooks were beaten up, Thrown around, bombarded with daggers, cut into multiple pieces and then hit with an Alpha Strike before it exploded in a truly spectacular fashion.]


"Sister... Champion Gang always wins. He's the hero."

"But Xue Yiii..."

[Cheng just shakes his head and smiles, popping a bit of chocolate into his mouth as Champion Gang rejoins his friends - they patch their wounds and travel onwards to the holy temple - through endless trials and dangers to recover the knowledge from an age long past to save their homeland from those that sought to prey upon it.]

Champion Gang doesn't always win you know, remember when the Lady Dragon stole his will to fight and left him a coward? His friends were the one who won that battle.

See! We still have to cheer on for Champion Gang and his friends! That way they win!"


[Nuan Chun thinks cheering for heroes on the screen actually works... of course given that 'The Journeys of Brother Ji' were highly optimistic, there was no reason to think otherwise... Xue Yi knew better though. Cheng didn't say anything at all... do you have anything to say about this moment?]

3) [Long after Prompt 2]

[The Children were asleep on the couch, a blanket pulled over them. Both sisters clutching at the Pig Mascot Doll that Laura gifted to both of them. Cheng carefully turns off the TV and dims the lights.]

[Cheng has a small smile on his face as he lightly ruffles the hair of his eldest daughter and kisses the forehead of his youngest.]

[As he moves away and sits outside he looks a little relieved.]

That... went far better than I expected... I was worried that the show would make them more homesick.

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Thank you for your hard work. As usual, it is your incredible efforts that allow State of Gucun to prosper.

[Devon has unceremoniously utilized one of the smaller briefing rooms as a... film-making studio? Whatever it is, she's talking in front of a camera, dressed up all professional-like. It doesn't look like she's having a live feed conversation with someone. Rather, the film is being recorded for later sending.]

We received your message. Worry not - I will handle our neighbours, assure them on our peaceful intent. Focus on internal affairs of the State.

Yun Li Kwan, out.

[Camera goes off.]

Neighbours, is it? Sometimes I miss the times when I didn't care what other people thought about me. When I didn't have to care.
No, not about me. About my country.

[Devon looks at a long, long list of further video messages to prepare and send, and sighs. Time to grab something to drink. Whether you were just passing by, actually have business with her, or perhaps you were forced convinced to help as camera crew - now's a good time to say something.]
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[Out of nowhere, a mass of shadows solidified on White Chalice, and is now walking down the ship in humanoid form. 2 meters tall, menacing black armor with pseudo-wings, horned helmet, gigantic sword, evil glowing eyes... That's a bad guy if you ever saw one! And to make it all worse, he doesn't seem fully material...]

Where are you hiding...? Paragon!

[Stop him? Talk to him? Wait until he finds Raynor and join that thread?]
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1. Laura's room

[Visitors or passers by the day after Lily's departure will find her engaged in a strange-looking mix of tidying the place up and packing for a trip. It shouldn't be all that time-consuming a task, but it seems to be taking her a while - unsurprisingly, if you witness one of the times she stops on finding one or another item to put away or add to the packing pile, having to sit and turn it over in her hands, looking a million miles away.]

2. Network (filtered)

[Doctors, spacers, aliens - a number of people aboard find Laura getting in touch over the next few days. She doesn't waste much time on pleasantries.]

What do we have aboard for long-distance, long-term travel? What would you need?

3. Hangar

[The rest of the time, she's in the hangar.

A lot. Working in and around Lily's ship, she's there so much it's not unlikely she's sleeping there, too. The ship itself doesn't show much sign of change, but its surroundings do - computer workstations multiplying around it, cables snaking out and to and between them. The captive Pepen's cage, too, soon moves to beside the ship, its own set of cables wiring the angry golden creature in to the whole shebang. Having called amnesty on her hangar duties for a while, Laura's returning the favour by staying out from under the feet of the other techs, but that doesn't mean the buzz of activity, or the occasional stream of profanity that erupts from the ship, or the obvious frustration in her body language when she taps away at the workstation the Pepen's wired in to, don't draw attention.

Sessions with the Pepen seem to be the most frequent. Other times, she's working at the ship's controls, or waist-deep in a maintenance duct somewhere. At least one evening, she can be found dozing in the pilot's seat with a blanket wrapped around her, lit by the glow of the screens.]
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[It's a calm evening, so Devon used the opportunity as storytelling time for her own daughters. The story is about forest animals, which requires some extra exposition because forest animals aren't exactly commonplace in Gucun.]

And so, the brave little fox knew he would never see his friends again. But he knew they escaped big trouble only because of what he did, and for him - it was all worth it. And they knew it too, and they were all very proud of him.

And they lived happily, never meeting each other again, but never forgetting.

"That's... that's unfair! Mom, this is too sad!"

I know, Nuan Chun. But sometimes, sad things happen.

The little fox didn't regret his actions. You're not going to be sad for him, are you? He wouldn't want that.

[Later, the kids went to bed already. But Devon stayed on the observation deck, taking into the night. And she looked wistful.]

He wouldn't want that, huh...
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Every time the Invaders have poked their noses into human business, Hayato has responded with a flurry of activity and energy, frantically organizing everyone around him and doing everything he can to prepare for the encounter.

This time, he has no ship of his own. His army has shrunk down to its core of most loyal and skilled troops, all of whom know what to do. Zoldark has already mobilized the armies of Earth, probably with far more proficiency than Hayato himself could. Shin Getter Robo is in top condition. Hayato himself has given command of his army over to his most trusted (if NPC) lieutenant. This time he will be going as a simple warrior.

There's nothing left to do.

Hayato Jin, commander, murderer, terrorist, pilot, and hero, stands on the deck of the White Chalice, stares at the tiny point of light in the sky that is Saturn, and waits.
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1) [Action]

[Ryou's sitting somewhere, flipping through what appears to be a holographic interface of the Raven's Ark 'Job Search'. He ceases his page turning before pressing his finger on one of the open jobs available.]

Requester: Kisaragi Corporation

Operation Area: Sector D25 Causeway

Enemy Forces: Transport Trucks, Escorts (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destruction of all Transport vehicles.

Reward: 25,000C, Bonus for Disabled Transports (500C each)

[Ryou scratches at his chin interestedly. This looked pretty promising. He plays the briefing.]

"Raven. According to information we had recieved, one of the surface factions is sending a convoy filled with humanitarian aid to one of the outlying settlements close to our settlements."

"We feel as this area is so close to our own territories that we cannot allow any sort of influence lest our own population be influenced."

"Your objective is to assault the convoy and stop it in its tracks by whatever means necessary."

"We have no information on what sort of escorts the convoy may have, so its best to expect the worst."

"Additionally we are offering a bonus for every transport stopped, but left with its contents intact... and any relatively undamaged surface combat machinery that may be defending the transports."

[Accept Mission? Yes/No]


[What..... the FUCK.]

(OoC: Due to http://srwug-alpha-rp.dreamwidth.org/835135.html?thread=24594495#cmt24594495 happening Ryou is just glaring at the mission offer like it was mocking him with its big fat payout and easiness for any reply to this prompt)


[It seems Ryou was finally lucky enough to get a mission that didn't involve killing/threatening/ruining innocent lives! He still however has gotten a job of killing a bunch of rioters. And before anyone can argue he'll point out they have poison gas and are holding several people hostage unless their demands are met.]

[Anyone who is either accompanying him or seeing him go can say something.]


[Its one of the Corporations Surface Factories. As the corporation in question - Crest - was opting to automate the factory fully, the workers rioted, took control of the weapons and dug up some poison gas canisters in deep storage in the factory to hold the people around the factory sector hostage. They however, have not prepared for a rapid response and are now fighting for their lives.]


A Construction Type, not really meant for combat. It still can do some damage though. (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100928014961/armoredcore/images/5/57/Mt77.png)

 CR-MT77M: A combat model of the above. Armed with a built in laser rifle on each arm and back mounted missile launchers. (http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100928015028/armoredcore/images/0/09/Mt77m.png)

CR-MT85M: A well armored machine armed with a machinegun, pulse rifle and a laser blade. A little on the slow side though. (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110218180336/armoredcore/images/a/a0/Mt85m.png)

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(Emmy left the ship for a little while to dispose of the body of Gigan. She returns soon with a worried expression on her face. She rubs her head as she thinks aloud.)

It wasn't enough that Gigan appeared but...G-Cells? I hope I was able to get all the samples. Who knows what they could do here.


(Emmy is at her computer typing out the details of the battle with Gigan. She couldn't wait to see the faces of the GDF when she returned with the news.)

Gigan. One of the archenemies of Godzilla himself. Dead. I can hardly believe it.
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The White Chalice was passing by an old town abandoned since Second Impact, and Hayato was putting it to some good. He had the few soldiers who had stayed with him since the battle against Shin Getter Dragon running through urban combat simulations in the ruins, both on foot and in mechs.

At the moment, Some of his men are doing mech sparring, but Hayato himself had his men practicing breaching maneuvers in an old hotel. They were filing out afterward a particularly clumsy attempt and Hayato was holding a stopwatch. He looked unhappy.

"Sixteen seconds. Sloppy. If you were really trying, you should be able to do it in nine. Try again, from the top."

Have comments? Want to get in on the practice yourself? Perhaps the sound of gunfire interrupting your Me Time.


Dec. 15th, 2012 08:05 pm
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[After the Inspectors' attack, Devon is in the infirmary. Burns she suffered were pretty minor and not an issue. The leg, however, was an issue - and she's on strict orders not to move it, being bed-bound for the time being.

This fact does not make her happy. At all.]

Such arrogance and pretense of superiority... Inspectors, is it? I gave you more than just a bloody nose. The politicians present deserved one too...

[So much angry mumbling, it's like old Devon all over again.]

New Wings

Dec. 9th, 2012 06:21 am
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1. [Hangar]

[Sometime after the mission Ichitaka can be found in the hangar smiling like a loon.

He had finally rescued his Grandpa. Not only that but he had also defeated GreAT once and for all, completely gained his brother's trust, got on good terms with Imber, was maintaining his relationship with Haruka, AND on top of all of it, he finally had a spiffy new upgrade for Rushbird.]

Can't believe it took me a year to get everything done.

2. [Arboretum]

Hmmm what am I going to do now?

[It turns out that after he completed his main goal Ichitaka found himself at a loss on what to do next. Right now he's just laying down in the middle of the arboretum staring at the ceiling.]

3. [Locked to Jukai]

Hey I didn't get a chance earlier due to everything that happened but thanks. If it wasn't for you we might not have won that without casualties.
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1. (the Arboretum)

[Laura's on bad form. It turns out Shifter powers can keep a giant electrified mecha shield from killing you if you get too close, but not from doing a fair bit of damage. So, while those powers are in turn helping her recover quickly, for a while she's stuck taking it easy - and avoiding contact with anything mechanical, because she's still getting zapped by door handles.

And anyone mechanical, which is just unfair.

And her hair looks stupid.

So she's sitting under a tree, trying to read an (ordinary, paper) book, and failing as she keeps dozing off. Actual human (or non-) contact would probably be viewed as a life-saver...]


Nuan Chun? Xue Yi? You're not hiding anywhere you shouldn't be, are you?

[Being under doctors' orders to take a few days off from her hangar and kitchen duties, Laura thought spending time with her goddaughters would be a way to turn the setback around. It turns out seven- and four-year-old girls are not in fact undemanding people to spend time with. And now that they've talked her in to playing hide and seek, she's starting to get a little frantic searching for them.]
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It's been a long day. Charles has been out and about, calibrating targeting systems for the Rafale, practicing on getting her Rapid Switch time down ever lower, doing acrobatics, practicing marksmanship, swimming for exercise...all sorts of things.

But now he's taking a break and hitting the showers. Charles tends to keep odd hours, so the showers are practically abandoned as he gets washed up. He turns on the water, stands under it for a minute or so, then sits down and hugs his knees to his chest.

Of course, practically abandoned does not mean abandoned. And he sits there for quite some time, giving plenty of time for interlopers...


Nov. 5th, 2012 04:00 am
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[Counting kills in the hangar while observing Nu Wa being hauled in. One of the giant shield-like turrets was destroyed and needs to be replaced, but overall the Combat Frame is not as damaged as you'd expect from the fierce fighting.]

Pretty good for a first real combat deployment. That should provide some useful data for future development.

[By the way, the experimental Combat Frame totally deployed without permission as Devon took a joyride a few hours BEFORE the combat started. How irresponsible!]

[Aimed in particular at those who participated in fighting DUNE's lackeys, but everyone in general.]

Eat up. You deserved it.

[Suddenly, you find yourself facing a bowl of simple, but nice-tasting and comfortingly warm food. And don't think Devon is not observing your reaction, because she totally is.]

Prepared by myself, so I made sure it's not inedible.


[Locked to Casshern.]

Did you snap out of it already?

[Devon is escorted by heavily armed Gucun guards, and looks ready to summon her Shifter armor again as she approaches you. Carefully.]
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1. [Roommates Only]

[Eri wasn't in good shape. After trying to figure out everything and realizing most of the plans, she had shaken herself from mad laughter into sobbing as she was curled up in bed, trying to cope with the stress of the day giving her a rough time. Currently she was curled up in bed, gripping her pillow and trying not to scream or bite into it.]

2. [For Momo]

[Eri watched Momo sleep that evening, touching her hair. The years had certainly brought the gap between each of them closer together, physically now that she was in her old body again. She looked almost like Momo's twin, her hair long and wavy despite being disheveled from her crying fit a while ago.]

3. [Open]

[Eri worked frantically at her workstation, pulling up as many files as humanly possible on every encounter they had of DUNE over. There was one last piece of the puzzle missing and she really wanted to figure this out. Come bother?]
[identity profile] nietzsche-waifu.livejournal.com
[Hostage successfully rescued! Although it seems she didn't really need a lot of rescuing after all... anyway, Devon has a video conference talk for you all.]

I must thank you all for taking swift action. I can ensure Gucun will not forget what happened today... and I won't personally, either.

Let's make one thing clear - I didn't get caught on purpose. Before I realized what was going on, my bodyguards were already dead and traitors were aiming their guns at me. I could have broken out earlier, but I had to make sure who was behind it.

And soldiers who died today... I knew some of them personally. I could not let their sacrifice go unavenged.

[There's probably a billion various urgent, official issues to take care of now. But forget that, there are priorities. So Devon checks on her family.]

I'm alright, don't cry. Mom is alright... you didn't cry, did you Nuan Chun? It takes more than a dozen bad people with machineguns to hurt me.

[She's with her daughters now, hugging both the 7- and the 4-year old in a protective, heartwarming and surprisingly out-of-character image.]