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[Well, time for another goodbye. Pit is there, grabbing everything they're going to be taking with them, trying very hard to keep a stuff upper lip and smile for everyone - and failing. His goddess floats around, noticeably more calm, with a pleasant smile. All's end that ends well, after all.]

It has been a pleasure. You all are the kind of humans you only find once every few millenia.
Well, guys... [Pit's voice fails for a moment] it-it's time for goodbye. Lady Palutena says she doesn't know how long it... it will be until she can open another portal. So it's goodbye for a long time. [Pit clearly has prepared this beforehand. That's not how he usually speaks] It's, it's been really fun, and... I'll miss you all. Please take care, okay?
Oh boo hoo. [And here's Viridi for the mood breaker] It's not like they're all going to die or anything. This is your stupid happy ending you fought so hard for, Pit! At least have the decency to look happy!
Shut up, Viridi! Don't you have any feelings?!
What, for leaving this pack of losers? No way.
Is that why you spent almost all your remaining power to help their planet before we went? It's going to take you centuries to be back in full shape after all those stunts, you know.

[Pit manages to laugh a bit through the tears. Still, he probably could do with a goodbye hug or twelve. Want to help?]
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Kind and self-sacrificing people cannot be that hard to find, can they?

Umm, I did not mean to come here to argue, I just wanted to say good-bye! It has been a real pleasure, really!

[La Garite diplomacy in action, people.]
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From our perspective, you were the aliens.

[Says an alien by Earth standards.]

Of course, I will watch over Madoka all the time. Umm, maybe not all the time...
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What... what are you talking about?
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I am sorry to hear that, Pit. It must be really hard for you both.

[Lan is giving a goddess a look of pity.]
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[Madoka comes a running and practically tackles Pit into a hug. She has a stern look on her face though.]

Don't say goodbye! We'll see each other again! I know it!
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Even if it takes 100 years I won't give up hope. That's the Jersey Club way.

So if we're going to meet each other again don't say goodbye. It sounds too final.
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[Tighter hug.]

Yeah, see you.

[She still doesn't release the hug though.]
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I'll be boring here also without you around.

[And Madoka very hesitantly starts to release the hug. She's taking her sweet time with it though.]
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I was about to say the same thing!

[If they were going to say see you later acting all sad about it would mean that they didn't have hope. She was not going to let a moment of sadness be their last memory together.

A seconds later Madoka hugs Pit with all of her might and then lets go without any hesitation.]

I'll definitely see you later, alright Pit? So don't keep me waiting for too long.
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Of course just leave them to me.

[It takes moment for that kiss to register after all of the confidence and adrenaline died down.

The kiss caught Madoka completely off-guard, she raises a hand to her cheek and just blushes a bit.]

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[Gathering her own courage Madoka plants a small kiss on Pit's cheek only a few seconds later.]

Take care, alright?

[Quick topic change go!]
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Don't worry too much about that. It's not like we don't have our own dimension-crossing tech... no matter how bad a state some of it's in.

You take care of yourself, Pit.
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[I want a hug D:]

It was fun.
I'm glad I got to meet you all.
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You think that's weird? I'm still surprised that you guys brought in a whole new fake one.

Still, thanks for your help.
All three of you.
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Don't feel bad, Pit. A goodbye had to happen eventually.

Think of all the good times you had here, instead. And look on the bright side...
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Few people do. But at least...

[Werter looks around to make sure a certain person is not listening, then whispers to Pit.]

At least we won't have to suffer Viridi anymore. With this final gesture, you're saving so many people on Earth! Or at least sparing them headaches.
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Uh, Werter...?
Gee, so much for gratefulness. "Thank you for restarting our ecosystems, Viridi" "thank you for saving our butts multiple times, Viridi". Bah! You all can go hang yourselves for all I care!
...yeah, whispering is not really much use to stop a goddess, Werter. Still, she seems in a pretty good mood.
THAT's a good mood?
Werter here still looks humanoid, doesn't he?
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Don't think I forgot how you killed a whole bunch of people, and tried to kill even more. As far as I'm concerned, everything good you did after that is to make up for your past misdeeds.

Also threatening people just because they're mortals and you're divine is both rude and not a smart idea in a company of people who are known for killing evil gods.
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If there's one thing the Chalice has taught us, I'd say it's that partings like this are rarely as permanent as they seem.
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Oi, I've got a letter for Palutena?
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Oh? Who is it from?
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It's from Setsuna. He told me he couldn't deliver it himself due to... personal reasons. [I think we both know what he means by that.]
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That is interesting. I wonder what last attempt he'll make. Do hand it to me, please
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[The letter is given to Palutena, and it reads as thus.]

To Palutena,
I apologize for not being able to see you and Pit off. As you know, my joke to Viridi was made with dire consequences, and I have decided to sequester myself away to an undisclosed location until such a time that I feel safe. Regardless, my time with you and Pit has shown me that even if this world has no God, Gods do exist. Ribbons Almark believed himself to be Godlike, as an Innovator, even if he was just an Innovade. I do not believe that Innovators will be the equivalent of Gods, and feel as though Ribbons 'approach' to Godhood is flawed in the face of what I've seen in your world. As such, even if I become something that is inheritly 'Not Human', I shall strive to ground myself in humanity, so I do not lose touch with who I used to be.

Please commit this letter to memory and destroy it so that Viridi cannot use it against me. I shall visit when I feel it to be possible.

Setsuna F. Seiei
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[Palutena reads the letter]


[...and her reaction is to snort and take her hand to her mouth to cover a contained laugh]
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Hey, Pit. Catch!

[Cynthia's thrown something to looks like a big, pink heart, with a smaller, red heart inside of it.]

Something I meant to give you on Valentine's day. You take care not to get Finished out there, all right?