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Declaration of War/Ragnarok


[Everyone. Kairos Aspida has made its move, a transmission soon hijacks as many frequencies on the Chalice as it can. A message that is inescapable, one that will be heard no matter what. In a way there was a sense of Deja Vu with this moment, for when Kairos Aspida first appeared, a transmission such as this had been heard. A declaration of intent. Their mission made clear. This would be no different. Once more the familiar sight of the bridge of the Bastion of Insolence is on screen. There was an air of tension in the bridge,Orbrey was shaking in his seat, looking anxiously between his fellows and the Captain. Maura gave Zyvan a nod before the grizzled Captain finally spoke.]

To those aboard the White Chalice, to all who are receiving this broadcast. I am Alessio Hieronymus Zyvan, Captain of the Kairos Aspida warship Bastion of Insolence. I pray that you are all listening to what I have to say... for the blood of many will be on your hands if you are not.

[Zyvan took in a harsh and ragged breath, downright glaring towards the screen. Disappointment, anger, sadness, resignation. There were many things that could be felt from the man's gaze.]

I am not Petar nor Biff... I do not have their gift for words... but my meaning will be clear regardless.

[He motions to Maura and soon smaller image appears on the broadcast. A fleet of Kairos Aspida ships and airborne troops. Right. Over. Gucun.]

It has become clear that there can be no compromise anymore between our two causes. My communications officer is transferring a set of coordinates which you will bring the White Chalice to, as well as the date we expect you to arrive. I know that you value your friends as well as the lives of innocent people... but it goes without saying what will happen to them should you not appear.

[The captain lowers his head and adjusts his hat, solemn in his posture and expression. Regret hanging from every word.]

I am sorry it had to come to this... but what happened to Petar can never be forgiven. One way or another, whether you fight us to the end or it becomes our last stand, the conflict between our two sides will end.

I will see you at the battlefield.

[The transmission ends. Any attempts to contact both Gucun and Kairos Aspida have been completely jammed.]

(OoC: The above is a Mingle/general reaction Post.)


[Zyvan had adjourned to the officer's lounge on his ship. Admittedly he had long allowed all members of his crew access so long as it was left in order. It seemed less and less people had come to relax in this now lonely room. Tatianna was undergoing several checks with the doctors and technicians, his bridge crew thus could not leave their posts, and the pilots under his command were all preparing for the battle ahead.]

And so it begins. Our last battle with the Chalice... This is not how at all I imagined it to be...

Can we really say we are ready for this?

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That was a welcoming sight to be stepping off the dropship to. Ranna mutters a curse as she turns to Alexia. "Get me comms to the Khan."

Her subordinate turns back to the dropship as Ranna stares at the static on the screen in the hangars.

"They still think it is us at fault here," she says quietly, to no one in particular.
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"Therefore we have to show them the truth somehow." Matthew replies, going up to greet the Star Colonel with a salute.

"We only have circumstantial evidence...but how can we present it to the Captain so he will realize the truth?"

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Ranna returns the salute almost absent-mindedly.

"And doing it without the stravag energy taking effect, quiaff?"
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"Aff." Matthew agrees, grinding it's teeth. "It's like trying to persuade a man to put down a gun–when the gun itself is sentient, hateful, and can fire on it's own!"

He clenches a fist. "But I believe that with Dr. Idris and the barrier team's system, we may have a chance!"
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Taking a whole country hostage? And they still think they're fighting for peace at this point?!

What the fuuuu-
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"They were certainly right about something from before, they and the Clans... or to be precise - Clan Wolf, do have some irreconcilable divides."

The tone is one of bitter irony.
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It's not just about the Clans. It's about the whole world!

You can't build a new world by threatening to murder millions civilians! Who do you have to be to still see yourself as the good guy after you do something like this?
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[Laura's fists are clenched as she watches the screen.]

Is there anything we can use to convince them instead of turning Gucun into a battlefield again?
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How? Primeval Force is likely to be jamming the signal. It's going to do everything in its power to ensure that lots of humans die in the ensuing conflict. Trying to move the battlefield will run counter to its wants. All we can do is attempt on-site rescues of any civilian elements during the battle.

It's ridiculous. Fighting a force of nature that can do who knows what to us. [Kamille is incredibly frustrated.] If it had some form of Avatar, some kind of tangibility...
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Not everything can have a body to kick. Sometimes you just have to damn its soul.

Primeval Force can jam a signal, but hell, it can't keep them from seeing a giant written billboard. Or a projection. Not without turning off their visual feeds...