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Towards the future

The portals close few weeks later - and as they do, a general sense of closure seems to have fallen upon the Earth Sphere. It is as if the crazy last years are really, finally over.

The life in post-Second Impact reality does not become easier. Daily struggles to rebuild are a norm. Bandits, space pirate attacks and even larger incidents are not out of question. And yet... the everyday existence somehow seems safer. Humanity can focus on reaching back towards its former glory, rather than fighting tooth and nail to prevent death by alien invaders or thwarting some maniac's plan to take over or brainwash the whole world. Also, humans are not alone. Earth Sphere made some friends, and they are there to help and assist.

The future looks bright.

Smith Weston decided to stay behind with the remains of White Chalice. A memorial park was established around them, and he found happiness as its keeper/self-appointed captain.

Dan became something of an AI genius loci of the park. He shared stories of White Chalice, its travels and sacrifices to anyone who was willing to listen.

Ayame Jin - or rather, Anna Alkaev, decided to keep a low profile. She became a wanderer, traveling around the world, visiting places that White Chalice had an impact on. She always observed much, but spoke little.

Other crew members of White Chalice and survivors of Kairos Aspida went their own seperate ways, to rebuild their lives in the new reality with various degrees of success. But most did not forget the bonds forged during those special days.

What happened to Maxene Trendie is a mystery. Even though she willingly stayed with Demonbane in the distant past, there were rumors of a mysterious woman similar to her resurfacing here and there. None of them were ever confirmed.

Yet one question remains - what fate awaits you, the pilots and combatant crew members of White Chalice? What have you done with your lives once the adventure is over?

[In this post, feel free to describe what happened to your characters in the months or even years following the game's conclusion. Please don't powergame or step on other canons' toes - keeping that in mind, share your characters' fate with others.

Players and characters who are no longer in the game are welcome to post anyway.

This is the last post of the game. Thank you, everyone!

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With the remainder of Re-Technology, Joshua picked up where his father left off in studying the Crossgate. This was partly in the hopes of enabling the various universes to be linked and connected, and partly to find a means of saving Glacies from her short lifespan.

He still watches various scary movies, especially ones where all the bad things that happen come about because a scientist looks into things man was not meant to tamper with. He considers it his way of keeping himself in check.
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Julia Richardson/Reilev Kidoreaon, after weighing her various options, eventually opted to return to being an idol/mascot girl for Herrera Futuristics. She travels around a lot to help advertise the company's machines and frequently takes opportunities to travel to other planets to advertise there too.

She also works to help strengthen Irgelion relations with Earth and other friendly races.

... However, she never forgot her friends or her other interests, and is part of Gucun's military reserve and occasionally makes visits to Arkham to take lessons from the Hadou family's butler.
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Werter became a respected professor of biochemistry, focusing his efforts on devising ways of preserving the environment and restoring the wasteland back to a fertile state. His work helped both the planet and its people alike.

Prometheus was always with him, ready to turn into a giant form whenever an emergency happened, or just annoying everyone in times of peace.
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Miki continued her idol career and was eventually able to catapult herself into mainstream success.

After her marriage to a now famous biochemist Miki lead a busy life. Working as a celebrity by day and a loyal wife at night. Her frantic trips between Fuso and Berlin was a common topic whenever she was interviewed.

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While his sister awakened a new golden age of prosperity and growth in the still small kingdom of Ruba, Prince Leopold did actually write an oral history of the White Chalice, gathering stories from as many members of its crew as possible. The book was modestly successful, but financial gain was't what he was going for. He just wanted more people to know exactly what happened.

230 years later, the emissaries from Valhalla arrived - even with powerful FTL technology, it takes a while to visit a star that isn't even in your galactic supercluster. Leopold wasn't around to see it, but Magdalena's descendants (Leo never married) and Xenon did convey Bismuth's final moments to his people. He was remembered as a great hero.
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Lowe Gear's adventure never ends! He and his friends took a space ship to visit Cosmic Arc, and return some time later. They continue to fly around Earth Sphere's space in ReHome, picking up space junk, getting into weird situations and of course, making new and impractical custom mobile suit equipment.
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Setsuna stayed onboard the ReHOME long after his mission parameters declared him ready to return, opting to instead act as a permanent liaison between the Junk Guild and Celestial Being. Even as the 'first true Innovator', Setsuna keeps himself grounded in his human origins by ingratiating himself to the Guild crew. He rarely leaves the ship without Lowe or someone else to provide cover for him out of an irrational fear of Viridi coming back to take revenge on him.

One of these visits is to a certain civilian woman...
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Not long after the portals closed, the first democratic election in decades happened on Jupiter. Their job done, Tobia, Bernadette and several other members of Crossbone Vanguard left the colony and started a low-key job as a single-ship delivery and transport company. They keep running into adventures in space, and Tobia keeps the Crossbone Gundam around just in case!
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Devon retreated from politics. Instead she decided to lurk in the shadows, a lone warrior making sure that Gucun does not stray from the path it has chosen to follow.

When her daughters grew, so did Devon's wanderlust. She started to disappear for days at a time. Rumors started to spread about a mysterious black figure fighting injustice, always alone. Yet, when her family or friends really needed her - she was always there for them.
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Cheng would remain Chairman General for several more years, doing his best to lay the groundwork for his successors. In time though he would find himself stricken by illness and forced to leave his position. Though not fatal it left him weak and unable to deal with the rigors of Gucun Politics head on.

His successor turned out to be a face in the crowd, a no name amongst several established figures. When Cheng took up an advisory position to the new Chairman General, the irony did not escape him.
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Lily kept being an agent of Angel Force, fighting threats to both Cosmic Ark and Earth Sphere and overseeing the slowly budding cooperation between the two civilizations. Exchange of ideas, technologies and trade let both of them prosper in harmony.

Her love for Laura never waned, and soon their family has grown; they had two daughters, one human and one robotic. Somehow.
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Alessandra Langelier became the leader of House Conventus. The four houses have reunited under its banner, and continued their secret work as upholders of science. As long as they exist, scientific legacy of humanity will not be forgotten! Also, Capax Infiniti started to terraform Earth, turning wastelands into lush green plains. The process was painfully slow and in decades, only an insignificantly small portion of the land was transformed.

Alessandra herself never married.
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Raynor has never appeared again. His final fate is still a mystery.

...But, once in a while, in the deepest pit of despair, when an innocent is in trouble and with nobody to turn to, a radiant knight comes to their rescue. The mysterious figure never says anything, and disappears as suddenly as he appeared after he helped. And he always helps.

You're not alone in the dark and cold.
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Fin E Ld Si Laffinty continued to govern Le Garite in her brother's name and lead it towards a democratic government. More importantly, she established a Le Garite branch of the Jersey Club, with herself as resident chairwoman and thousands of members.

Despite being a very busy person, Lan continues visiting Madoka, Muginami and the rest of her friends on a regular basis.
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Orsini Industries became one of the largest philanthropic organisations of Earth. Its areas of work are many, but it specializes in helping rebuild lives destroyed by wars and conflicts.

Felicita Arlotti and her mother Colomba are its post-mortem patron figures.
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Beautiful flowers grew on Texotic's grave.
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Coztic's name remains on the wall of rememberance. Written in marker, steps were taken to ensure it does not fade.
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Though he'd left due to numerous personal obligations, Jeremy never forgot his time on the Chalice. With peace restored, he resumed his activities during his Adventus days and helped rebuild cultural landmarks destroyed during all of the fighting.

He continued to be typically shirtless.
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So it turns out the thing that Herb was going to give Kei was a GPS tracker. She was obviously not pleased. But at least with that and Getter's versatility, Kei would not only be able to know where Herb would be, but have the means to track him down in short order.

On her own end, Kei continued R&D for all things Getter.
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Still bearing the burden of knowing what he did while possessed by the Primeval Force, Evan Cooper decided to travel with Anna through the world, to see much of it for the first time with a clear head on his shoulders.
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With the Festum (and Soushi's) return to Earth... things were more than a tad complicated at first. Fortunately, these Festum were friendly and benign and nobody was stupid enough to launch a nuke at them or anything.

Able to reunite with Soushi at long last, there was admittedly now quite a bit of a love quadrilateral on account of his relationship with both Maya and Canon though. Derp.
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Matthew traveled the world, visiting the home fronts of his various comrades from the White Chalice and getting into brawls, before settling down with Ryou and opening a Dojo that taught Mecha-martial arts!

He took as his pupils all the valiant mooks of the world, and taught them the ways of fighting with courage and wisdom.

He keeps looking for a means of dimensional travel so he can visit his home universe and the universe of Simon, and stops by to help Joshua with his project whenever he can.
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While Ryou didn't have as many comrades as Matthew did, he spent some of his own time collecting any owed payment and visiting the colonies he had helped keep safe from Zeon's predations during Char's time. Making a few connections and having some assistance he would later be able to get the ground-work done to set up the dojo that he and Matthew would later jointly run.

The change from mercenary to teacher was something completely different, but he adapted and found this new life far more satisfying as he watched his students grow into better fighters than before as he taught them to fight with cunning and tenacity.

He often spends time waiting for the visits that Eibon promised when not training or indulging in his friendly rivalry with Matthew.
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After being gone from his home colony for 3 years, Kamille Bidan finally returned to Side 7, and opened up a Restaurant simply called 'Z'. It became well known for its varied menu and quality, as well as for its colorful staff. He would always remember his time with Sora and Oenone, and use the lessons he learned therein to woo his childhood friend Fa Yuiry to be his wife.

But Kamille did not forsake what he learned in the horrors of war for a life of peace. If you knew the code, then you could request the services of himself and his staff for 'irregular' issues as troubleshooters. These problems could range from the brutal to the mundane, but he would take them regardless to help people.

7 years after opening 'Z', Kamille would receive a message from Haman Karn that Mineva Zabi had gone missing...
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Simon and the Dai=Gurren Brigade returned home, and everything on their end, thanks to the elimination of the Anti-Spiral, things were good. Their civilization flourished, and soon they developed their own space travel, looking to branch out and reach the Earth Sphere on their own terms.

Simon and Nia excused themselves from government affairs and had a quiet little life alone. Perhaps some interference with the people of the Earth Sphere and Primal Energy caused her to exist independent of the Anti-Spiral.
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Endless Waltz happened the following December, but after that 'Hiiro Yuy' died in combat after the Wing Gundam Zero was destroyed.
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MarKus and his girlfriend went locale hopping for a while, visiting friends while trying to figure out what to really do with themselves in the long term.

Eventually they found a place to settle where he remained a mechanic and optimistic hero wanna-be, but a little more realistic about things.
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As the last remaining bit of Devil Gundam cells, Schwarz returned to the Kasshu's to provide some data before disappearing from the records.

The Ultimate Gundam is again in production, but this time with much more understanding and safety in mind, surely another incident like the 13th Gundam Fight will occur again.

Records from here on show that "Schwarz Bruder" had died in 14 AI (which is a year before the RP had begun)

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