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Back to Wandering

 [Well, it is time to go. This has been a more pleasant mission than most, but time is over, and the Defender of the Galaxy is needed elsewhere, as she always is.

However, while normally she would just zoom off without a word, this time she sends some messages and waits near her ship.

This time, this one time, there are goodbyes to be said]
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You don't always have to wander, you know, when you're not fighting space pirates or some such.
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You're really leaving?

[Ichi rushed over the moment he received the message from the bounty hunter. He had always expected that this day would come but he was still not ready for it.]
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Yeah, there are still plenty of people out there that need you.

[Despite trying to smile it's hard for Ichi to keep his tears back.]

Thanks for...everything Samus.
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[Ichitaka looks down at his feet, for a moment it looks like he was going to just crack there. When he raises his face though he's managed to bring out a confident smile.]

I won't disappoint you, I promise.
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"You will always be welcomed in Wolf City."

Straight to the point there, Ranna.
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Going back to your universe, Samus?
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Stay safe, then. And take good care of the metroid.
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Then try to not stay safe as long as you can, okay?
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Good. I don't need to tell you that, but make sure you achieve everything you plan to do.
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[And you better believe Julia's going to make time to say goodbye to the woman who helped make all that space travel stuff become realized.]

... This is going to be it, isn't it?
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... Well all the same thank you very much! Samus, you're... an amazing person and I know you probably already know that but it's true! Thanks to you, I was able to see my homeworld for the first time since I was just a child... you helped keep Mr. Herrera's dream alive more than anyone else in the Earth Sphere!
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[Of course Laura wastes no time in responding to the message. She and Lily can afford to wait until the goodbyes are done before making their own - temporary - departure. She's wearing her wedding gift, of course, as she will until it's time to pass it on.]

...Thank you. For waiting.
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You could have. I'm grateful you didn't.

...You've done a lot for us all, Samus, and for me especially. I... wish you didn't have to go.
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Maybe... one day, we'll find a way to reach you, when we're needed. And if not...

[Laura's hand goes to the pendant - her pendant, now.]

Knowing you're out there... I think it'll be a comfort to all of us.
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And you, Samus.
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Samus Aran.

[The woman you considered your rival for all these years is departing forever, Devon. What do?]



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Keep on fighting against the universe's injustice.

The more lights in the darkness, the better. And yours shines as one of the brightest.
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[A handshake it is.]

My fight continues here. For my family, and for humanity itself.
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[Not going to stop you.

Rivalry status - successful.]
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Know that your presence will be missed. It was an honor to fight alongside you...and I hope that some day, our paths cross again.