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1. *Rock's crew can be seen preparing stuffs in the hangar. Various kind of items are lain on a table and scattered on the floor, munitions, food, mining equipments, maps, and Rock is stuffing them into a giant backpack. Roll can be seen tinkering with Rock's powered armor and weaponries, while Data is well... dancing as usual.*

We're near Calinca city. According to our research, the fourth key should be in a ruin near that city. Can you believe it? Soon we'll have all the four keys, and the Mother Lode will be in humanity's reach!

The Mother Lode...  Unlimited energy...

It's the holy grail for countless generation of diggers. Hope... Despair… Charity… Greed… Duty… Power... Who can say what truly motivates us diggers?

But currently, humanity is not in a really good condition, isn't it? What with everyone at each others' throat and everything. I know I'm just a simple digger, who is relatively small in the scheme of things, but I still want to help the world. I'm still not sure what the Mother Lode's shape would be, but I sincerely hope it will help leading us toward a better future.

2. *You are in Calinca city now. It's a small mining town, and Rock is currently running around the city,  buying things for preparation for his incursion into the final ruin. The only remarkable thing in the town is a big statue in the middle of the town. It's a statue of a winged goddess with two faces. You stumble onto Rock under it.

"Two goddesses, the same yet different.  One goddess to rule the heavens above, one to rule the earth below.  She of the earth guards the key, she of the sky guards the record of the ages.  When the sky goddess lifts up her voice, all shall end, and all shall begins."

Is written on the base of the statue.*

Interesting statue, right? There's apparently a legend in this town.

The legends say that long ago, the world was watched over by two goddesses.  One guarded the Keys of the land, the other protected the gates of the sky...One day, when the goddess of the sky came to borrow the Keys from the goddess of the earth, they argued, and the sky goddess was imprisoned by the earth goddess...

Keys and Goddesses... Such a curious legend...
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1.*Rock is watching the fortress island from White Chalice's deck/showcasing it to someone. The whole island is a huge tall fortress, with gun emplacement bristling everywhere, and a whole city inside the fortress.*

Ah, Nino Island. How nostalgic! This is the headquarter of the Digger's Guild you know, I took my digger license here! I heard Grandpa Barrell used to live here too! Thank god it's still in one piece.

2.*Rock is prepping the second key for safekeeping. Apparently, it floats inside some sort of protective glass tube now. It stands in the middle a desk full of some papers and pictures of other artifacts, ruins, and different-yet-similar-looking robots. Some other artifacts litters the area around the desk*

Look at how beautiful this artifact is! And look at the styling, the carvings, it's so distinctive. It's obvious that it's part of the same ancient civilization that made these ruins and the reaverbots.

And of course... the legacy of the ancients... the great inheritance. The Motherlode.

3.*Rock is standing with a mop and an apron with a satisfied face.*

Ah, how relaxing. With all the things that happened, we didn't have a lot of time to spend to clean things, right? I hope that helped.

*But what did he clean up? Might it be the whole deck? Might it be your room? Your laboratory? Your mech? Did he ever ask permission for that?"