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[Castellan, intrigued by you and/or your background approaches you.]

Mind sharing tales of your exploits, what its like where you're from and the like? I'm interested in broadening my horizons as I spent most my life underground.

[You see him in a shady corner of the bar mumbling to himself.]

Need to pay for more repairs... Must not enter reds...

[Its obvious at this point that he entered the Chalice as if he started with zero credits despite having a healthy bank account, regardless he's overreacting about the petty cash needed to get his expendable junk repaired.]

Apple #2

Feb. 14th, 2013 02:25 am
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[Slightly backdated to after The Tarnished Factory.]

That really caught me by surprise...

[After that whole fire against fire deal in the factory, and the irony of almost being burned to a crisp, Muginami is just taking a well-deserved break from the ensuing depression; lying down on the open deck and gazing up at the sky. The adrenaline's worn off, and hey - the Idolmasters turned out to be okay, which is good news.

But even then, it's not hard to tell that this Vox pilot is uneasy, and for good reason...Vlaska is practically crippled (and not just mecha-wise), and she's not quite sure of what had happened to Josh's sister.

In the midst of all this, she wonders aloud...]

Happy endings are difficult to get to, aren't they?


(OOC: Yeah, I'm still on hiatus, but given Mugi's recent participation in two missions and less job activity due to Chinese New Year, I figured I should at least go through with this much to get her back into things.)


Feb. 13th, 2013 11:36 am
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[Tieria could be found that day in the Arboretum that day, idly examining some of the stranger looking plants as if out of curiosity. It was clear that something else was on his mind.

Feel free to poke at him and bother him, people. Though, be prepared for wild snarks.]

[Locked to Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being]

I need a second opinion on a problem.
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[After the mission to rescue Tron Bonne, Ryou is laid up in the infirmary. Being tossed around from a massive impact and then suffering a 50 meter drop in an Armored Core is not a good thing for a human body. Right now the Mercenary is resting. Taking calming breaths every so often, he seemed to actually be taking it easy.]



[You then see him swat wildly at the now online holographic console he always carries around.]

Ergh... too fucking soon for this shit....


[He's looking at his finances... and it's a grim picture. Aquiring any loot from the mission he went on was a bust. Silencing the rioters and their poison gas plot barely gave him enough money to scrape by after splitting the cash... but NOW he barely even has anything left to his name aside from his AC and its other parts.]

[He sighs in an agitated manner as he presses his head a little harder against his pillow. Looking seriously disgruntled. There is honestly no way that this could get worse.]

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[Hey look, the G-Saviour is back in the hangar! Complete with Tobia.]

I'm just here for resupply. Tron and her brothers are free again, so I need to return to Mother Vanguard very soon!

But oh boy, I heard what happened on Earth since I left. It's only been a few weeks, and stuff got really crazy already! What's next, an enemy bigger than Earth?
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[Yet another new pilot for the Chalice. His late entry saved him the lovely repair bill the other Ravens got to enjoy and thus was laughing his way to the banking website.]

Down 800 credits for two shots fired... I'll be charging interest on the next job, Crest.

[He wasn't down by much compared to the other two and much less compared to what he had in the bank but losses to one's savings always hurt regardless when built up from scratch.]

Looks like I'll be here for awhile. May as well make the best of it. I wonder what the people here are like...

[Adapting to change. A sign of being an old crow.]