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1) Move! Move! We need to be ready, you hear me?!

[...Boss seems rather fired up as he bosses (ha) Nuke and Mucha around, the poor goons and their leader wearing work helmets as they clamber on and around the Boss Borot. Looks like they're making some heavy modifications in advance... There's a cobbled together jetpack - and it hardly looks stable - whilst they seem to replacing the hands. What they're being replaced with has rather a great deal of spikes on it, and for some reason, looks like it really shouldn't be here.

...Dare to approach?]

2) Alright boys! After a hard day's work, its time to show the world what we've got!

[Boss declares proudly! ...Whilst in the midst of a city where he doesn't have a clue what's being spoken by the natives. If he could keep his eyes off the ladies for a few minutes, he might take a better look at his map and realise he's not in America.

Still, don't need to speak a language to check out the people or the wares in the stores. Somebody want to help out, or save some poor soul from his attempts at 'flirting'?]
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Oi, Oi, OI! That's not how my Borot is meant to look!

[For those who haven't already met him - of which should be quite the vast majority - there's a strange guy standing in the hangar right now. He seems dressed like some of high school student, but has a hard hat on and is yelling at engineers as... a pink dome is lowered onto a portly robot's body? Doesn't look too great either...]

You've got the head facing backwards! And don't tell me you can't tell, it has thumbs!

[He's also being rather loud. Dare to approach?]