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[Yusuke's not got much to pack up besides whatever mess remained of the G1 and the weapons it provided. Which he is sending back along with BeatChaser- it served him well but it's not going to be of much more use. Now it was just him and Gouram, although the beetle shaped ancient ally had flown off somewhere to stay out of the way of everyone moving about.]

You know at the end of this I hadn't really expected this.
Although if it's successful it'd be a way better than most alternatives.

[The Rider looked at the emptying vessel with a sunken heart. He'd seen...way too much death here. And he'd probably be seeing the death of the Chalice itself. Shame really.]
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I thought you'd be used to moving.
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[Werter is quiet for a moment.]

2 years, 8 months. That's how long I've been on White Chalice. Without breaks.

It became like a second home for me.
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I owe a lot to White Chalice. I don't think I'd even be alive if not for it.

But everything has to end eventually. I didn't expect to stay here forever. Time to move on.
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I left the nest years ago already. Now, I will return to it.

We'll win the final battle for certain. I'm sure of it.
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White Chalice is such a beauty of engineering.

[Hey, Lowe's looking at the massive ship as well. He rubs his chin with the face of an expert.]

Kinda sad to see it go like that.
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No kidding. ReHome's my home as the name suggests, but it felt like I've been with White Chalice since forever.

Let's not allow those memories to disappear, alright?
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Well said!

So... what're you going to do, when this is all over?
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Sounds like a plan. Hell, not too different from what I have in my mind.

The main difference is means of communication. Space is a Junker's element!
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There are Riders for everything, huh.