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[1] [Hangar]

[A familiar Black and Red machine has returne to the Chalice. Its everyone's unfavorite morally questionable Mercenary. The moment he steps out of his cockpit he's stretching quite a bit as he goes over the costs of repairs and ammo - in comparison to the pay he's been getting. He grimaces.]

I guess I'm probably going to be short on money again...

[He turns around to give you a rather resigned look.]

What? You surprised I came back?

[2] [Lounge]

[Ryou seems to be kicking it back on a sofa with a pile of rather aged books next to him. After dealing with the Festum, suffering an orbital drop and losing plenty of pay, relaxing with a glass of fine wine and some good books felt like the right thing to do... which begs the question, if he's so tight on money, how can he afford that wine and those books?]

[He glances in your direction for a moment, but doesn't say anything, going back to his reading and his gentle sipping from thee glass.]

[CLASSY SWAG- I mean... are you going to talk to him?]

[Locked to Zeon Personnel + anyone with Colony based contacts/info networks]

[To anyone who has access to any Zeon related military networks... or has contacts in the Colonies, one would pick up on some news of a black and red machine taken to liberally reducing various Zeon patrols nearby neutral colonies to scrap and corpses.]

[The attacks were intensely vicious and seemed to be unprovoked at first glance. Then when one considers a notice Char had put up not too long ago... maybe the Colonies got nervous and needed something to keep the Zeons away as much as possible.]

[In this case, as much as possible happens to be large amounts of agression, carving messages to keep away from the colonies and leaving them where any other patrols to find. If anything this would probably put Axis on edge.]

[Also, that particular machine from the few recordings of the attacks and the absolutely miniscule accounts of what few survivors were left of the unfortunate patrols happens to be in the hangar, and the pilot is merely looking over some data for it.]

[Confront him?]