Feb. 13th, 2014

srwuga_mods: (NPC - Ayame Jin)
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"So it's come to this. Pushed to the brink, Kairos Aspida reveals its true colors and resorts to taking hostages. If it's really as they say, that this is supposed to be the last battle - then you can expect every single combatant to be present at the arranged point. Don't be surprised if there's an ambush."

"But we won't go there empty handed. Look at this."

Ayame's broadcast changes to show the inside of the hangar - where one of the Zakus now sports a weird bulky backpack, with long rods that can extend and retract.

"Using my Primeval Force knowledge and the plans Hixar Fermi acquired, we managed to reverse-engineer the Primeval Force generator containment system into an anti-Primeval Force barrier. It cannot be maintained for long, but it should be able to deflect beams and even energy melee weapons, while not using Primeval Force itself."

"The theory behind the barrier's operation is not wrong, but of course there is no way to test this until we're already in battle. Mass production is already underway."

"And if this doesn't give us an upper hand... God help us."