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Taking customs home...

[[Simon doesn't make a huge whoop out of the matter, but for certain something happens long before he and the rest of the Dai-Gurren Brigade take off for their home dimension; another wedding amongst the Chalice crew! While it's not a huge affair, it's certainly meaningful to those who attend. Simon and Nia are finally to be wed!

And what's better... the whole thing goes off without a hitch! Though their understanding, and time, for a wedding isn't as vast as most, Simon and Nia stick around for a good while, the reception more or less a gathering of friends afterward. There's no risk of little Nia disappearing either!]]

[[Days after their wedding, Simon and crew finally take their leave, so now is a time for goodbyes.

However, their departure is easily watched, as they take the Cathedral Terra along with them. And with a ship the size of the moon, the right places in the world can watch it move along and slowly vanish into it's home dimension where it belongs, where it will be used to advance their space travel technology and expand their civilization. ]]
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Matthew Helmar, warrior of the Gurren Brigade, raises a toast to his supreme commander and smiles.

"To your love, Simon, Nia: may it grow and develop along with you."
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Matthew chokes on his drink mid-smile.

"You–Why...I am truly honored, Commander Simon, but I have not done anything to earn this position!"
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"Yet I–!"

Matthew runs out of words, and just bows, clasping a hand to his chest.

"I shall do as you command, Simon the Digger. I will keep raising the flag of the Dai-Gurren Brigade higher and higher into the skies..."
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Lookin' good, you two.

There's a lot of weddings these days. I wonder who we'll see getting married next.