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The Second Icarus

[After being rescued from Rushbird Ichitaka can be found...smiling. Despite the burns, heat exhaustion, and all the radiation that he probably took in he's smiling. Of course, Rushbird was now a complete mess and he actually had to think about what he wanted to do with his life.  For now though he's just taking in their victory.]

For once everything just...went well.
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So I heard. You did well Ichitaka.

[And here was Cheng, a bit battered... but looking pretty happy for what his friend had accomplished.]

I wouldn't be surprised if you would be remembered forever for that act of heroism.
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[Memories... of the good times.. the bad...]

I've gotten slow in my old age though. I wouldn't have been much help.

[Cheng has a wry smile on his face.]
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For once? Come on, what about all the other times we kicked ass? They weren't that rare, you know.
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Don't let it get you down. If he held it against you, would he appear like that to help today? It was a miracle. Hell, we probably broke the miracles per hour record today.
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You're the one to talk. How many more seconds did you have to spare until Rushbird would turn into a melted pile of slag?
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Together with its pilot.
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Don't worry about it. Rushbird isn't alive. It can be fixed, or rebuilt.

Bismuth is a different matter... But he chose his fate. Someone had to stay behind and contain Primeval Force.
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Maybe because he wasn't human. Primeval Force was so focused on destroying humanity that it completely forgot we weren't the only species fighting there.
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Or maybe it was a show of great willpower and determination. Comparable to, let's say, jumping into the sun to save two people?

Everything that happened in this battle will give scientists enough material for decades.
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We'll do it eventually. Don't underestimate science.
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Ichitaka. You are without a doubt the largest, most head-strong and stubborn fool I have ever known in my life. Look who is my husband - this is proof that I know what I'm talking about.

I am really glad I could meet you.
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Even if someone told you not to do such reckless things anymore, you'd promise nothing. Wouldn't you?

No regrets. Just like that one time... years ago.
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[personal profile] nietzsche_waifu 2014-02-25 03:57 pm (UTC)(link)

You are a hero already. I am sure of it.
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I know.

[Simple and to the point. Nothing else needs to be said.]
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[Ichitaka, you're gonna get hugged.

Do try to keep breathing.]
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Sorry! Sorry.

I'm just... really glad you pulled that off. Even if it was a completely crazy thing to do.
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We didn't manage to make it out without any losses... but thanks to you we saved everyone we could. Not a bad way to end your time on the Chalice.

I'll be making sure we have some privacy at the wedding, by the way. You and Haruka should be able to enjoy the evening without worries.
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I said before I know how important it is to make time together, didn't I?

Besides, you might find yourself caught up in competition.
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Let's just say Haruka might be glad to have her boyfriend with her for the next while.
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You almost died!
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[Well fine, just get an uncomfortably close hug from Haruka.]

You could have been Ichi-bacon...
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...You tanked a goddamn sun to save a badass grandpa.

That was. Undoubtedly. THE COOLEST THING, EVER.