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1. Gucun was alight with new ships coming in during the end of the crisis that had been on hand. While some of them carried supplies, one of them was a truly massive ship emblazoned with the words "Stark Industries" across it. Even before setting down, you could hear hard rock that pre-dated the Impact being blared over huge speakers embedded into the ship.

From the top, a figure plummeted from the drop ship and landed with nary a thump via a parachute as fireworks exploded behind him in a pre-arranged pattern. Ladies and Gentlemen, Tony Stark has entered your world!

As the ship landed and people gathered at the drop point, he cleared his throat.]

Is it better to be feared, or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both? Ladies and Gentlemen of Gucun, I present to you the latest in Stark Industries freedom line, fresh from our development. Armed with the latest in our patented repulsor technology, it the latest in smart weapons. They say the best weapon is one that you don't have to fire. I humbly disagree! As the best weapon is the only weapon you have to fire once.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

[And a huge missile appears from the top of it, aimed at the sky, gleaming in the evening sun.]

The Jerusalem.

[And it fired, skyward, zooming into the sky where it split up into hundreds of mini-seekers and exploded on pre-set targets hovering there. A shockwave buffered all of Gucun and Tony spread his arms, seconds before it whooshed past him, only to step towards a cooler.] Order one now and it comes with a mini bar. To peace!

2. [And here it is, a mobile Stark Expo, complete with various technologies, both weapons grade and medical. Tony is mingling with people, drinking from what seems to be an endless glass that keeps getting refilled. Clearly this man knows how to drink. Bother?]