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1. Laura's room

[Visitors or passers by the day after Lily's departure will find her engaged in a strange-looking mix of tidying the place up and packing for a trip. It shouldn't be all that time-consuming a task, but it seems to be taking her a while - unsurprisingly, if you witness one of the times she stops on finding one or another item to put away or add to the packing pile, having to sit and turn it over in her hands, looking a million miles away.]

2. Network (filtered)

[Doctors, spacers, aliens - a number of people aboard find Laura getting in touch over the next few days. She doesn't waste much time on pleasantries.]

What do we have aboard for long-distance, long-term travel? What would you need?

3. Hangar

[The rest of the time, she's in the hangar.

A lot. Working in and around Lily's ship, she's there so much it's not unlikely she's sleeping there, too. The ship itself doesn't show much sign of change, but its surroundings do - computer workstations multiplying around it, cables snaking out and to and between them. The captive Pepen's cage, too, soon moves to beside the ship, its own set of cables wiring the angry golden creature in to the whole shebang. Having called amnesty on her hangar duties for a while, Laura's returning the favour by staying out from under the feet of the other techs, but that doesn't mean the buzz of activity, or the occasional stream of profanity that erupts from the ship, or the obvious frustration in her body language when she taps away at the workstation the Pepen's wired in to, don't draw attention.

Sessions with the Pepen seem to be the most frequent. Other times, she's working at the ship's controls, or waist-deep in a maintenance duct somewhere. At least one evening, she can be found dozing in the pilot's seat with a blanket wrapped around her, lit by the glow of the screens.]
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[Backdated to February 14th; late night, post-events and celebrations]

[After that little encounter with a cupid earlier, Naiza is in the mess hall, downing some canned lemon tea and generally looking troubled...again.]

To think I'd let that get to me so easily.

[Another gulp, and she sets down the can.]

Huh...considering what this ship's been like, maybe I shouldn't have been too surprised.

[She's the only one here at this hour, or so she thinks. Bother?]
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[Laura's assembled her squad of recruits - those she could invite, persuade, or cajole into volunteering to help out with her morale-boosting Valentine's Day plan. She's just carrying out her final inspection before unleashing them on the ship...]

All right! Everyone's ready? Your costumes are okay? You know what to do?

[Of course, she's not asking anyone to so anything she wouldn't herself! She's found a toga-like white minidress somewhere, and supplemented it with a halo, wings, and a toy bow with matching quiver of heart-tipped arrows. How good a Cupid costume has she - or even you, maybe - managed in your case?]

2. (mingle/open to all)
[And they're loose! A squad of Cupids are wandering the Chalice, picking up and delivering people's Valentine's gifts. Do you have one to send? Are you expecting one, or receiving one unexpectedly? Or do you just think the whole thing is ridiculous?]

[It's a Valentine's Day courier service! There's a meme to coordinate. Prompt #1 is for volunteers and people looking to laugh at volunteers. Prompt #2 is for people sending or receiving their Valentines as arranged on the meme. Have fun!]
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[After the mission to rescue Tron Bonne, Ryou is laid up in the infirmary. Being tossed around from a massive impact and then suffering a 50 meter drop in an Armored Core is not a good thing for a human body. Right now the Mercenary is resting. Taking calming breaths every so often, he seemed to actually be taking it easy.]



[You then see him swat wildly at the now online holographic console he always carries around.]

Ergh... too fucking soon for this shit....


[He's looking at his finances... and it's a grim picture. Aquiring any loot from the mission he went on was a bust. Silencing the rioters and their poison gas plot barely gave him enough money to scrape by after splitting the cash... but NOW he barely even has anything left to his name aside from his AC and its other parts.]

[He sighs in an agitated manner as he presses his head a little harder against his pillow. Looking seriously disgruntled. There is honestly no way that this could get worse.]

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[Yet another new pilot for the Chalice. His late entry saved him the lovely repair bill the other Ravens got to enjoy and thus was laughing his way to the banking website.]

Down 800 credits for two shots fired... I'll be charging interest on the next job, Crest.

[He wasn't down by much compared to the other two and much less compared to what he had in the bank but losses to one's savings always hurt regardless when built up from scratch.]

Looks like I'll be here for awhile. May as well make the best of it. I wonder what the people here are like...

[Adapting to change. A sign of being an old crow.]
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[One of the new pilots aboard, a rather young female, can be found on the foot of her AC, or what was left of it. She's practically curled up in a ball with her knees against her face, and doesn't look happy in the slightest.]

...Ugh- I don't get it at all!

[Thinking back to what happened earlier only made it worse. She could deal with the repair fees, but only as long as she still gained clients through the Ark. If it hadn't been for that one restraining factor, she might have just quit associating herself with the intermediary on the spot when she heard about the re-assignment.

Just looking at all the strange machines and people around was discomforting enough...]

'You don't know what you've got until you lose it,' huh? ...Makes me miss the Ark already.

[Nope, this definitely wasn't the place for her to be...]
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[Locked to Naiza Renaldi - Frontdated to before Mission: Merciless Lance]

[Ryou was looking over the mission briefing over and over again. Forwards and backwards, looking for the devil in the details. Aside from the ominous location there wasn't much else. Not totally unexpected really... the Corporations tended to leave gaps in the intel.]

So... funny how things work out huh?

[He turns to look at the other Raven going along on the mission as their ACs are loaded onto the Transport Craft.]

... Oh come on don't give me that look.