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[Some of you may realize you haven't seen Will after the fiasco with Eiji and Lefty. That's because he's been holed up in his room, recharging; he got beat up pretty good. One can, today, find him on the deck; he still looks a little tired, but less horrible than he did, at least. He's just sitting against the railing, looking up at the sky, arms draped lazily behind him... but he's scowling, looking at one hand critically as you find him.]

Is this all the power I have? We're strong, for humans, but... is the power of the Timeless really so limited? Or am I just the odd one out?
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[A motorcycle goes across the land, finally coming to a stop at the Chalice. The Rider gets off, removes his helmet, and it's Eiji! However, if anyone met Eiji when they first picked up Shoutaro and Philip, they'll notice he seems oddly serious, and the ever-present Ankh is nowhere in sight.]
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[1 - Action]

[At the conclusion of the sortie at the repeater station, the strange blue unit follows the combatants back to the Chalice. He makes it into the hangar, finds an open spot, and once the unit's secure... there's a shimmering and a ripple as something emerges from the front. Or rather, someone, as a young man with short blue hair and dark clothes drops to the ground in a slow, graceful fall, landing on one knee; he looks a little cut up, and if you take a moment to look closely at Hope, the damage to Will looks pretty similar to the damage on his mecha. He takes a moment to look around, before he lets out a deep breath.]

So... the White Chalice, at last. Maybe I'll be able to take care of things after all, if this kind of power is what I can hope to work with.

[2 - Video]

I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Will Rogers, the youngest of the Timeless who watch over Eternity. In more normal terms, my siblings and I keep an eye on the few hundred Espers that use the Eternity System and make sure nothing untoward happens. Unfortunately, my sister Iris decided to be power-hungry and basically hold us all hostage. I'm looking for help to bring her back in line; I can't take her on by myself. I'm willing to help with whatever needs to be done, in exchange. I'm not bad in a fight, and I might be able to do some work in the hangar on unit repairs.

And about the units you fought today, as well as my own. They're called Aspects, and they're basically robots formed of desire and thought. They can be equipped with some crazy weapons - you saw my chainsaw, and the scarf - but they're restricted by power limitations. Last long enough, and you can take care of business one way or another. Mine's in your hangar while I'm here.

So? Do we have a deal?