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[Raynor is reading a fantasy novel, and is almost at its end. He's using a ticket from Kamowaga's Sea World as a bookmark, and he's using his robotic arm to turn the pages - finally he learned how to use it for delicate operations! He's also listening to some power metal song about dragons and knights on headphones, and hums along to it from time to time - horribly, as usual.

Soon, he reaches the last page. Raynor stops the music, takes off the headphones, and puts the book away. He stretches and looks at the sky.]

This is a good day. Soon, another battle is about to start. But right now... I feel like I can take on anything those following days are about to bring.
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[1] (Locked to everyone who tried to rescue Matthew during "Different Faces of Warfare". And Ryou.)

You get a video message from Matthew soon after returning to the White Chalice. He's still wearing his armored cooling vest, stained at the front with green fluid, the hilt of the knife he used to fake stab himself still poking out of it. He looks cross.

Read more... )


You see Matthew lounging in one of the White Chalice's portside lodges, gazing up at the sky. Very soon, the Jade Falcon invasion fleet will be braking into orbit, and the Chalice will go to war to protect the Earth against his former Clan.

He sighs. "Simon...where are you now? And what would you do in my shoes?"

He pauses. "Actually, I can guess exactly what you would do."


You stumble upon Matthew, in the simulator room, training his butt off! He's putting his modified Nova through a set of scenarios in space, inside a ship's hanger bay, and on land, fighting against a variety of Clanner Mechs. It looks like he's...trying to disable them? He's concentrating laser fire at their arms and legs, blowing them off at their joints.

Join in? Interject? Comment? Observe?

Level 18

Oct. 2nd, 2013 11:08 pm
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[1 - very late post-Crossbuster/HP prompt!]
Oishi and R... Identity is something that very few people think consciously about often, but it's such an important aspect of yourself as a person. Trying to impose it on someone else is... Just not right.

It's a pity Oishi and Takeda ran away, but we will meet again. We'll convince the former, and punish the latter. Though I wonder... Will those strangely human-like mecha women show up again...?

[2] [Raynor is training with Paragon's various forms on White Chalice's deck.]
Hmm... Fighter, Mage and Bard. Paladin, Druid and Tinker. Ranger. All of those forms have their concrete uses.

But Shepherd is different. Embodying the virtue of Humility, it lacks any special abilities, and has only the specs of the baseline form, an old and barely functional GM. Is there any purpose to this form other than an ideological one...?

[3] [Raynor is looking at a flier. It's an advertisement for Kamogawa Sea World, filled with all kinds of marine animals. There seems to be a glint in his eye.]
Hmm... I don't think I've ever seen a killer whale with my own eyes before...

Level 17

Sep. 14th, 2013 07:03 am
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[The battle against Char is over. Raynor gets out of the prototype Stark Jegan (Stark Jegan on a motorbike) and looks at the machine. From the impressive array of explosives it carried, all are shot out at the moment.]

We did it... I wish we didn't have to rely on Kairos Aspida for help, but it's better than failure. Char's insane ambition costed some people their lives, but even more would die if he wasn't stopped.

The Stark Jegan served me well, though I prefer Paragon. Besides, the Federation will probably want it back soon.

Level 16

Aug. 29th, 2013 04:48 am
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[Raynor wakes up in the infirmary, all bandaged up.]

Urgh, my head hurts... Did we win? I assume we did, or else I wouldn't be alive...

[He looks at the TV screen nearby. A recording of the Kairos Aspida speech is on.]


Level 15

Aug. 15th, 2013 05:16 am
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[After the last fight with Shadow Knights and a certain mad scientist, Raynor looks up at Paragon, currently stationed on the deck. The robot has new colors now (not to mention the dual blades it wields), showing its new form.]

Ranger and Shepherd... I did it. I mastered all the Virtues, and saved myself. And if I can do that, I should be able to save the Shadow Knights too.

Level 14

Aug. 4th, 2013 06:39 pm
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[Strange sounds can be heard in parts of White Chalice. Following them reveals Raynor, sitting behind a (borrowed) electronic keyboard, and practicing music... If it can be called that. He's trying to play Amazing Grace, but is a complete amateur about it... Or rather, amateur would be a big step up. At best the music is awkward and stiffled, with half of the notes missing or wrong, at worst it's a horrible, ear-rending cacophony. And he seems to be completely aware of that.]

Damnit... Is it because of my robotic arm? No, I wasn't any good at it before either...

I must try to honor their memory! Again!

[Horrible sounds from the tortured instrument continue.]

Level 13

Jul. 24th, 2013 10:18 am
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[Raynor has recuperated from his operation. His severed arm has been replaced by a prosthetic one - an obviously robotic, oversized and boxy limb, kinda similar to a mass produced KMF arm. But he doesn't seem to mind, as long as it's functional. But how functional is it? Time to test it.]

1. [The gym. It's Raynor versus a worthy enemy - a bag of sand hanging from the ceiling.]

That should be enough... Haa~!

[Just one punch is enough to pierce through the bag, making its contents spill to the floor.]

2. [The armory. Raynor is busy at work, using a combination of advanced techniques and good old physical smithing. There's a pile of metallurgy manuals nearby, at a safe distance from all the heat. What is he doing? Reforging the pieces of his old sword, broken by the Shadow Champion, into a new blade. And it slowly takes shape...]

3. [Raynor's reading one of his fantasy novels. Well, kind of - he's currently mending a ripped page with office tape. It's not the first one in the book, either. And it's all caused by him.]

It might have a lot of power, but I still need to work on finesse...

4. [Reacting to footage of recent events.]

So Zeon finally made its move, huh... Damnit. I hoped it wouldn't come to this.

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I've found an unused storage room and fixed it up to be...I suppose you'd call it a place of reflection. I installed sound insulation on the walls and soft carpeting [Though the Stalkers carried it there, but not actually into the room.] There's a small window that can be opened or shut, with heavy curtains. The overall atmosphere is quite peaceful, I think.

I suppose you could call it a place for reflection, or meditation, or praying. Use it as you like.


Later, Oenone can be found exactly there, with the curtains open to the midday sun. The light through the glass doors gives it a church-like atmosphere.

She prays there, not for forgiveness (it's either infinite and thus asking is unneccesary, or finite and thus impossible for her) but perhaps for two things: one that the consequences of the action she's taken don't hurt Kensuke, two for the peace of the dead man's soul, and three for guidance on what is right to do next.

Answers don't seem to come though. Perhaps the voice of God has been silenced by the wicked works of man again. Perhaps she contributed a bit to that herself in the past week.

[3/Private to Kamille]

After asking him up to Shortening Of The Way, she rounds on him with an expression of exasperation the gentle doctor rarely shows.

"Kamille...I can't believe someone who grew up under the Titans would show that level of...of stupid machismo!"

Meaning: he should have learned the lessons of how to be discreet, as it seems everyone who grew up under a dictatorship but him has.

[4/Private to Raynor]

Hello Mister Joz. I'm Surgeon-Mechanic Oenone Zero, of the Green Storm's Ressurection Corps. I have something for you, when you have some time.

[5/Private to Richard]

I'm almost finished. I'll be inviting him up to fit it today.

Level 12

Jul. 1st, 2013 08:38 pm
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[Raynor finally wakes up in the infirmary after the confrontation at the graveyard - one that he didn't escape unscathed. All that's left of his right arm is a bandaged stump, the limb destroyed by the Shadow Champion's blade. And there's psychological damage on top of that; all the Shadow Knights were previous Paragons, turned into monsters after they failed to master all eight Virtues. And the same fate will befall him soon if he does nothing about it.]

The Tome of Wisdom... What kind of twisted soul would create such a device...

[Raynor clutches the book tighter to his chest with his only remaining arm. He lived by its principles, unaware of the more sinister truth behind it... A tear squeezes its way out of his eye.]

I made a horrible mistake. I can't stay in this bed... I need to help them. I need to help myself...!

But I can't even pilot the Paragon with just one arm...
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[1] Alex Globing - so little is known about him. He was a pre-Impact Britannian soldier, and a great hero, even though his deeds are virtually forgotten by now. He was... the previous Paragon, most likely. He died during the Second Impact, his body laid in a tiny town, in a land very far away from home.

This town is near our current location.

It wasn't an easy decision... But I'm going to exhume the corpse. Just to see what the Shadow Knight was talking about, then I'm going to bury it again. I already obtained permission from locals - none of them care, nobody even knew the man who lies there. But I have to know the truth. I have to...

Anyone who wants to come with me, be my guest. And I thank everyone who helped me with researching this topic. It's very important for me.

[2 - log, everyone in one thread please]
[A small, hilly cemetery, with several graves on them. Raynor is looking at one of them solemnly - a simple metal cross, barely standing after all these years, the name written on it almost illegible. But "almost" makes all the difference. There is no date, no epitaph - just Alex Globing.

Light rain is falling, as if to make the atmosphere even more somber. The Paragon is standing not far away from here, in case the Shadow Knights show up. Raynor grips the shovel in his hands tighter.]

Let's do this.

Oh man...

Jun. 22nd, 2013 10:05 pm
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Bernie, in his green Zeon flight suit, was pacing up and down the corridors of the Chalice. If there was one thing he was good at, it was not looking like he was in high spirits. His head hung long, his arms behind his back. Maybe he was in a lot of thought.

"Tch, I can't believe it. What would they think of this?" Then he thought, why do they have to leave?

[2] - Post-inspector attack -

Bernie is in the hangar, cleaning his Gaza D. He was alive; however, he looked a little thoughtful. Second thought, while he was doing work, Bernie didn't seem to be earnest about it. In fact, he was sitting inside the lift, cross-legged and reaching out to scrub the mobile armor in circles.

"Small fry?!" He muttered, biting his lip.
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[Post X-Buster Mission]


Matthew supervises the repair work and drainage being done on his Nova in the wake of the assault of both E.V.I.L. and a surly Demon King upon the coastal city.

And by supervise, I mean he's staring with disbelief at the rainbow colors coating his Nova, a veritable tie-die worthy of the Summer of Love. And pondering washing them off with capital-ship grade laser weapons.


In one of the lounges, he's perusing a water-logged manga trade paperback recovered from that building he crashed into.

He snaps it shut with one hand. "Of course!"


Later, he can be found in the Brig, starring down the two P.O.W.s from the SMILE brigade.

"What is E.V.I.L. getting up to? Talk! Or I will use your only weakness against you!" Matthew roars, pointing at a covered tray of Italian food he ordered from the canteen.
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[Backdated to Pre-Inspector Raid]


This morning, as people walk into the White Chalice Mess Hall for some grubs, they discover a strange sight.

Isaac Sinclair, the most aristocratic of the Dullahan commando team, with blood so blue you could paint a picture of the sky with it...is in a chef's apron, squeezing out fresh oranges with a wooden press that looks centuries old, and filtering the juice into some pitchers.

"What ho!" He declares to you if you approach. "Does your heart crave nutrition this fine dawn?"


Later, he can be seen in the Gym, trying to wrestle with 'his fellow practitioners in the arts of Powered Armor'–i.e. the Elementals.


Level 10

Jun. 2nd, 2013 02:31 pm
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[1] [Oh look, there's a massive bomb on White Chalice's deck! It's big enough that several mecha could stand atop of it. Though the only one who does so right now is Raynor. He has several bruises and injuries (already taken care of), but doesn't seem to mind.]

A grand victory! Thanks to everyone's efforts we thwarted the Shadow Knights and no innocent lives were lost.

This wouldn't be possible if everyone didn't fight valiantly. Everyone, including Heero Yuy... I need to talk to him when he wakes up.

[2] [The library. Raynor is looking through the database, and a huge pile of books. He's looking at historical records, both recent and old, and browsing lists of names.]

Alex Globing... Who was Alex Globing? I need to find out... And where can I find the body...
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(Backdated to Before Grand Unified Theory Mission, and Open to All.)


Some time has passed since the Gurren Brigade Tryouts. You haven't heard much about that whole business, despite the big Land Battleship with stump feet that follows the Chalice about.

But then, communiques are sent to all those who expressed interest in taking part in the grand activities of the Gender-Neutral Brotherhood of Manly Souls at the meeting: invites, to be precise! Invites inviting all honorary members of the Gurren Brigade to a military exercise, in which there will be tactical drills, maneuvering practice, a mock battle, and–for those who prefer other such things–free snacks, drinks, and pastries at the end of it!

Those who show up to the Dai-Gurren will find it's own hanger filled with some mechs– a Dorbek and Dogozzo IIC, Matthew's own Nova Messenger, the Juaggu...and a Dom Tropen, stumbling about the relatively cramped hanger like a drunken loon as three familiar people attempt to dodge out of it's way.

"Don't overcompensate!" Matthew shouts up to the Dom's open cockpit, backing away from it with Chandra and Eilena. "Let the mech move itself! Work in harmony with it's Earth Sphere self-balancing software!"

"Stop throwing Nova Cat claptrap at me!" Tynall shouts. "Why does this stravag junk-heap not have a neuro-helmet like actual, proper mechs?"

Help out?


It's tactical drill time! Want to practice anti-mech tactics? Want to practice anti-mech tactics without a mech of your own? Learn how to to dodge things? Show off?


It's mock battle time! Two equally balanced forces, advancing through, a hilly, forested region with a huge lake, asserting supremacy over each other with paint-rounds and dialed down lasers! Who shall prove superior?

Also, a certain individual onboard the nearby Dai-Gurren may randomly decide to bombard you all. With paint shells. We think.


It's snack time! A table of refreshments is nearby! Hor-devores, tiny, sugary pastries, and various beverages! It also happens to be on the prow of the Dai-Gurren, a three-barrel battleship cannon right above your head.

At one point in this quasi-party, Matthew, tapping a fork against a glass for attention, will ask you all:

"Friends, Comrades, Trothkin. If there is one thing we have gained in our time aboard the White Chalice, during great battles and fierce conflicts, in our many travels and constant roaming...it is stories. Stories of others, and stories of our own. And among these stories of ours, the most prevalent story, I have heard, is that of rivalry. Of personal conflicts against other individuals, set against each other by differing ideals and beliefs.

For those who feel comfortable speaking of such things, I ask: what nemeses have you fought against in your time here? What rivals and adversaries have you encountered, and what is or was the mettle of their character?"
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[1] They're back! I'm sensing a Shadow Knight, not so far away from here! There's only a single one, but it feels weird...

[Raynor is already getting into Paragon, preparing the mech's giant motorbike as well.]

I'm moving out to meet it. If anyone wants to come with me, let me know. Please hurry.

[2 - log, single thread please]
[Soon, Raynor and company can see an unusual scene in the wilderness...

Two giant creatures are fighting. First one of them is a shark with legs, made entirely from water, ice and some rocks floating in it as a core. The other is a shadowy creature like the Knights, but instead of a humanoid, it's a quadraped, very similar to a horse. Rocky and watery remains are strewn around, suggesting there were a few more of the shark-like monsters...

The forms of both of the creatures are damaged already. And just when the party arrives, the shadow horse headbutts the water shark, shattering it! And then it just stares at the newcomers, with glowing eyes...]

Level 8

Apr. 22nd, 2013 02:01 am
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I'm really happy we managed to prevent a catastrophe. The Titans... they really are a black mark on the Federation. This was not a good day to be its citizen.

One of the Inspectors, the pilot of the knight-like machine... He's different than the rest. He thinks we're a threat to his species, and fights us in order to protect it. He's wrong, of course.

I want to talk to him more.
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[A public message, posted over the comms.]

"Mechwarrriors of the White Chalice! Champions, Heroes! Those whose hearts yearn to defy all odds to enact Justice!

The Brotherhood of Manly Souls, the greatest of Clans known as the Gurren Brigade, is looking for new recruits! The only requirement for membership is that you strive to do the impossible and kick reason to the curb in the fight for a future you believe in!

To evaluate the qualities of your blazing souls in person, I shall be holding an event tomorrow in the main recreation deck of the Dai-Gurren; what the people of the Earth Sphere call 'Try Outs'.

There will be refreshments!"


There are indeed refreshments at the tryout. They are tasty.

There is also a large Gurren Brigade flag mounted on a flagpole, like the colors of a boy scout troop. There is a also a table and chair with a sign reading 'Try out here'. The chair is currently unused as Matthew stands on top of the table, gesticulating to a small group of onlookers, among which there seem to be a few Clanners.

"The chief ethos of the Gurren Brigade is to always fight on regardless of the odds against you, to cast aside the whispers of doubt that declare something to to be impossible, and drill through all obstacles in your path, piercing the heavens to create the future that you believe in! This is what the Demon Leader Kamina called 'being a man among men!' Those who–"

One of the Clanners coughs and raises her hand, a twinkle in her eye.

Matthew pauses. "Ah. Mechwarrior Eilena–"

"You keep referring to drills. Why drills? They seem inefficient weapons for a Mech, quiaff?"

Matthew stumbles. "Theoretically, aff. Yet in the hands of–"

"Does your 'Gurren Brigade' have any Getter Machines available for use? I swore an oath to Master Ryouma that I would master all his fighting techniques."

Matthew blinks. "Mechwarrior Chandra! When did you get back?"

"I am glad to see you are achieving your ambitions, Matthew. But why are you talking like someone from a freeborn children's show? And why do you keep referring to this brigade of yours as a 'brotherhood of manly souls'? You have not been contaminated with Spheroid prejudices, quineg?"

"I have not, Tynall! It is simply, well–"

Interject? Apply for a position? Talk to some of the people there?
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Has anyone seen my book? It disappeared somewhere after Baron Ashura's attack...

Level 6

Mar. 23rd, 2013 03:37 pm
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[Raynor is in the hangar, looking at the damaged Paragon. After the duel the robot turned into its new white form again, though it doesn't burn with golden fire anymore, unlike during the battle. Raynor also has the Tome of Wisdom with him, and it's open as he reads from it.]

Truth and courage combine into Honor. Its paragon is the Paladin.
Truth and love combine into Justice. Its paragon is the Druid.
Love and courage combine into Sacrifice. Its paragon is the Tinker.

These new forms helped us save all the hostages and defeat the Shadow Knights. And they will do so again, next time they appear. I will keep the flame that banishes the shadows burning, even if I need to stick my hand in it.

Level 5

Mar. 11th, 2013 06:48 pm
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[While White Chalice stays in Nocis, the least Raynor can do is help rebuild after the latest attack. But while Paragon carries piles of construction materials like it was nothing, something else seems to occupy his mind.]

That Shadow Knight... I thought they're just monsters, filled with hate and destruction, but he was intelligent. And he upheld his end of the deal, unlike us.

This raises so many questions... What will he do when he's back? What do the Shadow Knights want, exactly? And how many other seemingly mindless creatures we fight are like them?
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[Out of nowhere, a mass of shadows solidified on White Chalice, and is now walking down the ship in humanoid form. 2 meters tall, menacing black armor with pseudo-wings, horned helmet, gigantic sword, evil glowing eyes... That's a bad guy if you ever saw one! And to make it all worse, he doesn't seem fully material...]

Where are you hiding...? Paragon!

[Stop him? Talk to him? Wait until he finds Raynor and join that thread?]
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The aftermath of the battlefield: the captured Dai-Gunzan stands by the rain-quenched volcano, still and looming. Cleanup crews swarm over the wreckage of the various mechs and the land battleship.

The air is charged with weariness, and to take a step forward seems to drag at your soul.


The brotherly combination of Gurren Lagann rests in the hangers of the White Chalice. The repairs and maintenance have been put on hold for the moment. It kneels in it's cradle, dew from the rain still dripping down from it's body, etching down the cheeks of both it's faces.


The dawn is minutes away, heralded by a faint glow on the horizon. A burial mound, freshly dug, has been capped by a nodachi katana and a bright red cape tied to it. Flowers have been lain down, and people gather to pay their dues to the victorious.

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[After the crushing of the Bandits in Fuso alongside Resnick, Mad Caine, Casshern, Sendou, and a proud Fighter of the Jersey Club, Matthew's Nova has been...trashed.

The armor plating has been battered and dinged, everything dented from some rather harsh impacts with the ground, and the the legs were done gored by a Robotic Bull.

It's just barely repairable. But it is.

Matthew thus has none of the despair of a Mechwarrior suddenly Dispossessed. As he sits by his mangled mech, he activates a holo on his tablet, manipulating icons with a light pen, sipping some tea, and pouring over a design of his Nova that is...intriguingly enhanced.

With the Logo of the Gurren Brigade stenciled across it's nose.

Eavesdropping and advice?]


[Long term repair work and epic upgrading aside, Matthew's going to need a backup mech to sortie in for the immediate future.

Pouring over the various unused mechs in the hanger, Matthew is...flummoxed.

Help him out?]


[Test Drive Time!

Over a stretch of land and on the decks of the White Chalice, Matthew tries out some Mecha to see which fit his piloting style the best!

Keep him from crashing?]


[Matthew's time on the White Chalice has taught him that it is possible to achieve the Impossible, with the right tools and determination!

But what does this mean for him? How should this revaluation shape and influence his life's path?

Matthew, yearning for advice, goes to seek out Warleader Kamina and/or Simon the Digger, the two being the closest expert on impossibilities that he knows of!

He may run into others?]
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[Laura's assembled her squad of recruits - those she could invite, persuade, or cajole into volunteering to help out with her morale-boosting Valentine's Day plan. She's just carrying out her final inspection before unleashing them on the ship...]

All right! Everyone's ready? Your costumes are okay? You know what to do?

[Of course, she's not asking anyone to so anything she wouldn't herself! She's found a toga-like white minidress somewhere, and supplemented it with a halo, wings, and a toy bow with matching quiver of heart-tipped arrows. How good a Cupid costume has she - or even you, maybe - managed in your case?]

2. (mingle/open to all)
[And they're loose! A squad of Cupids are wandering the Chalice, picking up and delivering people's Valentine's gifts. Do you have one to send? Are you expecting one, or receiving one unexpectedly? Or do you just think the whole thing is ridiculous?]

[It's a Valentine's Day courier service! There's a meme to coordinate. Prompt #1 is for volunteers and people looking to laugh at volunteers. Prompt #2 is for people sending or receiving their Valentines as arranged on the meme. Have fun!]

Level 4

Feb. 9th, 2013 11:52 pm
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[Raynor stands on White Chalice's deck, the Tome of Wisdom in his hand. He's staring at the bright star on the sky, visible even during a sunny day such like this one. From his solemn look, it almost seems like he's running a ceremony of some kind.]

The six Idolmasters... You were young, yet you were willing to throw your lives away in order to save us all. Your selfless act of love and courage has shown that you're the paragons of the virtue of Sacrifice.

[He draws his sword and points it towards the star.]

I salute you. And I'm sorry that it had to be you.
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The events of the past few days– the battle against the final onslaught of the Invaders, the climactic struggle of the Getter Team at Saturn, and the place they departed to– have frankly been epic.

They have also made quite the impression on a certain ex-Jade Falcon, who had not dared to think that such heroism could be possible.

As the White Chalice journeys back to Earth, he can be seen at various places–in his (Tin-foiled) Nova's cockpit on the outer hull, in a vacuum suit by one of the large airlocks, at the observation deck– just staring up at the endless sea of stars as a child would.


Talk to him? Snap him out of it? Play a prank on him?


Matthew is wandering about the Chalice, looking for the pilots who fought at Saturn, tablet and light pen in hand.

And the most determined of expressions on his face.


Matthew is sitting by a table in one of the portside lounges, ignoring the cold lunch next to him, and doing something unusual for a frugal warrior from an ascetic caste society.

He is writing on paper. Copious amounts of paper. Some sheets are discarded at his feet, some are set to the side, and all are covered with splotches of ink.

A close examination will reveal them to be...verse poetry?


Matthew has posted a request on the Chalice Net for all Clan warriors onboard to assemble in Hanger 3 to "Fulfill the debt of honor we owe to the memory of great warriors."

For those of you who show up, Clan or otherwise, there is a gaggle of Clan Wolf/Ex-Jade Falcon warriors and tech caste members about, wondering why the heck they were gathered here. There is no sign of Matthew about.

Level 3

Jan. 15th, 2013 03:55 am
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[1] I've been wondering about something.

The Tome of Wisdom is my most important possession. It describes the eight Virtues of the way of Paragon. Understanding those Virtues and mastering them leads to enlightenment. Anyone can follow the way, but there is a catch - the Tome is written in an unknown language. Only those who are unhappy with their current state of being, those who seek improvement and guidance, can understand what the words mean.

Anyone interested in trying to read the Tome of Wisdom? You could think of it as a challenge, or maybe a way to find something new about yourself.

[2] [Raynor is busy working on the damages to the Paragon, and while he's doing so, he's listening to another power metal song. But this time, he's doing so on headphones. As a side effect, he's humming it to himself.

If you can call that humming. Not only is it pretty loud, but it's absolutely wretched. His sense of rhythm is awful so it sounds nothing like the original song, and every other note is either missing or a false one. His attempts at lyrics sound like unholy screeching more than his normal voice, and individual words are almost impossible to decipher.

Stop this travesty?]
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Matthew should be happy. He has risen from the status of bondsman to become a Mechwarrior again, proven himself to his new clan in combat twice, and acquired many potent (well, zany) comrades and allies. His star is truly on the rise, even more so because the Gurren Brigade is a small group.

And yet, he finds himself troubled: by moral quandaries, elaborate philosophical dilemmas, the conflict between the traditions he came from and the urgings of his heart.

More immediately, though, he is troubled by his Nova, which is...wrecked. An arm blasted off, the armor is pitted and cored, and the gyro system half near pretty much melted.

He notices certain techs in the hangar bay glaring at him.



Matthew has organized a discussion group in one of the lounges, for a very specific group of people: former Jade Falcon Clansmen taken as bondsmen. The topics on discussion are varied: how people are settling in, what interesting things have happened, gossip about the more infamous members of the Chalice...and culture shock, of course. The massive culture shock. And the shouting of attack names: what's with that?

There are refreshments of course. And booze. And cookies.

Matthew chats with a few fellow former Falconers. He really perks up, however, when Trothkin from his former Star show up.

[I figured this would be a good way to develop plot related to all the Clanner shenanigans, as well as explore characters both pc and npc. Anyone who has/is connected somehow to a bondsman, feel free to come over. And everyone else, too. There are cookies.]


Matthew walks down the hallway, whistling a merry tune.

Then he stumbles midstep, his eyes widening as he realizes the awful truth.

"I...I uttered a contraction in the midst of battle!" He cries out.

Level 2

Dec. 15th, 2012 06:36 am
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[After the fight with the Inspectors, Raynor can be found training. He's hitting a tightly-packed bag of sand repeatedly with his sword, from different angles. One of the hits finally causes the bag to burst; he pulls it aside, where several similar ones are lying already, and replaces it with a fresh one.

He seems to be completely focused on this exercise... But when someone passes by, he suddenly speaks.]

By beating the Inspectors, we destroyed Dr Zoldark's plans for an international alliance. An alliance that might've been the beginning of unified humanity, and end to many pointless wars. All like the Inspector leader planned.

Do you think it would've been better if we let them win today?
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[It's a bright, sunny day. And where's Roads? Shut up inside the hangar, tapping away at a computer, pouring over printouts in the dark. Typical.]


[Newtypes of the ship-Roads has asked for a series of practice 1v1 mecha duels with you all. And so now it's the Zweilicht, loaded up with all its equipment, standing off against your unit of choice.]

Ah, thanks for doing this. It should be a big help.

[Outside the gym, there's a sign that reads: "DARE YE CHALLENGE THE MASTER?!!!!", with a small picture of Roads below it. Inside, he's practicing punching a bag. There's some intense concentration going into each and every punch-it's a solid thirty seconds between each hit.]

Level 1

Dec. 7th, 2012 05:56 am
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[1] [There's a new, MS-sized robot in the hangar, currently in its blue form. To make it a bit more unusual, there is a mecha-sized heavy motorbike right next to it, and the same song that played when Paragon first appeared can be heard from speakers located on both the robot and the bike.

The mech's cockpit is open, and Raynor himself is busy inspecting it for damages. Wait, is this guy really wearing armor? And carrying a leather-bound book around?]

[2] Hello, White Chalice. I am Raynor Joz, or, as I introduced myself before, Metal Knight Paragon. I'm a follower of the Tome of Wisdom, currently on a spiritual journey. Since your ship is on a journey too, I will tag along for a while.

The monsters we fought together are called Shadow Knights. I don't know much about them, I met them for the first time only recently myself, but I have the ability to sense them when they appear nearby. Usually they're immaterial and impossible to hit, but their weakness are loud noises, which cause them to become solid. Music works most effectively, but shouts and just making noise is better than nothing if you don't have access to anything better.

I hope we'll work together well. Federation news paint White Chalice as terrorists, but I heard about the results of your actions and even saw some of them myself, and I know they're lying. Terrorists don't help so many people in trouble.

Level 0

Dec. 6th, 2012 07:57 pm
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[The Shadow Knight finally explodes, its pieces falling down to the ground heavily and starting to decay into ash. Its opponent can take a deep breath and relax now.]

There... Who would have thought that is their weakness? Glad I figured it out... But it's a very appropriate one, too.

[But as it quickly turns out, there is no time for rest. The pilot feels a weird sensation again, and focuses on it.]

There's more... To the east, not too far from here. Should reach it in a few hours if I hurry.

Alright, Paragon, let's get going. A knight's duty never ends.