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[Jeremy honestly hadn't been intending to pay a visit to Australia for another stretch of time.  But, well... he had a favor he had to uphold to a good friend of his.  So for a few days he'll be a total no-show.  And when he comes back...]

Any and all who are willing, there's a favor I have need of you!

[In his arms is a large, dirty stone vase, one which he'll put on the first available table he can find.]

During a previous renovation project in Australia, I befriended a number of the natives there who were appreciative of my efforts.  They also had one special request of their own that was normally outside my domain but one I am always eager to assist in: instead of preserving or restoring history and cultures... taking part in one!

Anyone willing to take part, please, write down some goal.  Some desire you want to work towards, it doesn't matter if it's a great or small one.  We are nearing a sacred date for the descendants of the vase's creators, and it's my duty to fill the vase with as many hopes and dreams as I can.  There may be no magic at hand with this... but symbolic acts can carry a weight of their own, and the magic may be what we make of it.
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Kyugunei... Alex Globing...

[And that was just the tip of the iceberg.]

... It is a tragedy that so many individuals we find ourselves fighting against are those who have become victims of circumstance, men and women who we could have counted on as friends if not for them losing their way.  I am no stranger to that group either... in the past I was a general of Adventus.  It can happen to the best of us... and even our own.

For the sake of her family, I hope that Tron Bonne and her brothers have ceased their criminal actions by the time we meet them once more.

It is a difficult thing to fight a former friend, an ally... but better to oppose them, no matter the method, than let them slide down into the realm of villainy.

Level 14

Aug. 4th, 2013 06:39 pm
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[Strange sounds can be heard in parts of White Chalice. Following them reveals Raynor, sitting behind a (borrowed) electronic keyboard, and practicing music... If it can be called that. He's trying to play Amazing Grace, but is a complete amateur about it... Or rather, amateur would be a big step up. At best the music is awkward and stiffled, with half of the notes missing or wrong, at worst it's a horrible, ear-rending cacophony. And he seems to be completely aware of that.]

Damnit... Is it because of my robotic arm? No, I wasn't any good at it before either...

I must try to honor their memory! Again!

[Horrible sounds from the tortured instrument continue.]
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[After that little hostage situation, Jeremy can be seen walking around and wearing slightly more than he usually does.  Along with his pants, he's also wearing... bandages.  A lot of medical bandages wrapped around his midsection.  Turns out that quite a few ribs had been cracked when he'd been squeezed roughly, with nothing but the power of HAM keeping him going.  He's not looking too happy though.]

Wearing all this excess material... it's almost as if I'm being smothered!

[So says the man who can count the number of times he's worn a shirt in the past year on one hand.  But there's more on Jeremy's mind though, and when he returns to one of his preferred reading spots, he's cracking open two books.  One: The Art of War.  Two: one volume in a multipart series covering the actual events during the conflict popularized in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  The stuff with Gucun's making him want to start from the ground up, and hopefully find a way to help Cheng by turning to one of the past's biggest accounts on chronic backstabbing.]

Han Zhi is nothing more than a usurper and a despot, his public support be damned!  He is not the first man in history to stage an uprising such as this, and many that came before him have failed in time.

I will not give up.  I will not see the troubled tale of Gucun end in such a way as this!
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[Jeremy is standing proudly, surveying the salvaged parts of the copied Hyperion.  Quite a bit of it's left... including additional barrier generators.  Still... the ham's frowning quite seriously.]

As good as it would be for my previous machine to be reborn... I would rather proceed cautiously than fall into a trap and use a rigged machine once more!

[Leave it to a historian to not want to repeat history.]

And more importantly... as has been pointed out already, the fact that the machines of myself and the other Adventus generals were recreated means that the Inspectors are in possession of a great backlog of humanity's tech, or have been observing us all for longer than we had anticipated! 

We will have to be cautious.  We've had the fortune of the Inspectors not attempting to pull false flag operations all this time, and that may very well change.
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[It's a quiet night, and Roads is in the hangar, working alongside some kind of giant, robot-scale sword. There are tons of computers lying around, and everyone's favorite mad scientist is dashing back and forth between them, muttering to himself. ]

Yes...yes, just a little bit more...

Red to red, blue to blue, yellow to yellow...

[Finally, he takes a deep breath, and walks over to where two extension cords are lying on the ground.]


[He slams the two cords together! Sparks ignite, and the sword gains a new, golden edge around its normal form. Somewhere in the distance, there's a flash of lightning.]

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[In the wake of the disastrous little attempt at recovering the last weapons cache for Roads, Jeremy can be found with a massive pile of books and print-outs of the stone tablet his machine's cameras were able to record when Sophia had done her evil gloating.  With the cache stolen, the images were all of a consolation prize they had gotten for their troubles, and Jeremy was determined to put them to good use.  Nevertheless, it's rough going and his brow is furrowed.]

... I am very nearly out of my league here.

[If he were an archaeologist things would be different, or if he knew the language of the tablet.  But Jeremy was more the "talk about why things were important" kind of historian than a discoverer of forgotten history, more an analyst than Indiana Jones.  Nevertheless, he's jotting down notes and he slowly tries to make progress as best he can.]

But that said... now, more than ever, I cannot... and will not give up!

Level 3

Jan. 15th, 2013 03:55 am
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[1] I've been wondering about something.

The Tome of Wisdom is my most important possession. It describes the eight Virtues of the way of Paragon. Understanding those Virtues and mastering them leads to enlightenment. Anyone can follow the way, but there is a catch - the Tome is written in an unknown language. Only those who are unhappy with their current state of being, those who seek improvement and guidance, can understand what the words mean.

Anyone interested in trying to read the Tome of Wisdom? You could think of it as a challenge, or maybe a way to find something new about yourself.

[2] [Raynor is busy working on the damages to the Paragon, and while he's doing so, he's listening to another power metal song. But this time, he's doing so on headphones. As a side effect, he's humming it to himself.

If you can call that humming. Not only is it pretty loud, but it's absolutely wretched. His sense of rhythm is awful so it sounds nothing like the original song, and every other note is either missing or a false one. His attempts at lyrics sound like unholy screeching more than his normal voice, and individual words are almost impossible to decipher.

Stop this travesty?]
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"Alright... testing of the Code Green: Casshern Restraining Bolt one-point-oh... take one!" "I swear to god, if I get killed, my wife's suing the captain! In a Brittanian court!" "And... go!"

Casshern was standing at the far end of the room, looking somewhat nervous. He had his helmet on, when the main, clad in a full suit of armor and a bulkhead in between them ready to snap closed, was already shaking. "I said, and, go!" "FINE! Damn, I'm sorry, I don't wanna have my guts ripped out."

The main raised his beam rifle, pointing it at Casshern. Immediately, Casshern's berserk mode sensed the threat, and his facemask closed, his eyes lighting up.

"TURN IT ON!" Casshern started coming towards him, slowly, threateningly. "TURN IT ON!" "I'M TRYING!" Casshern started walking faster, just slightly below the speed of a normal human running. "Turn it on or shut the bulkhead, come on!" "There!" And finally, after the eighth time of pressing the button, Casshern suddenly dropped to his knees, his hands on his head, as if he suddenly had a massive migraine. After an agonizing thirty seconds, Casshern fell to the ground, passed out, his eyes wide open. Somehow, they had shut him down.


When the restraining bolt was deactivated, Casshern can be found in the infirmary, his hands palms pressed into his closed eyes. "They didn't have to make it so painful," he complains. And sure enough, on the back of the base of his neck, well-hidden by his hair and the high collar of his combat suit, was a small, square protrusion of something that appeared to be jammed into his spine. A restraining bolt meant to temporarily disrupt his AI with looping, hanging codes injected into his most basic runtimes, causing his OS to crash. This would happen when his berserk mode activated at an inconvenient time, and would be handled only by Ayame, who would be alerted by Dan the moment Casshern went psycho.

However, Casshern had been informed that his unique healing abilities and rapidly evolving and highly-advanced nature of his AI made it unstable at best and potentially unreliable at worst. Meaning, Casshern was still going to have to undergo routine software maintenance to ensure the restraining bolt still worked. And when that happens, they're praying that they're able to shut Casshern down before he caused any serious damage. Until then, they were still working on contingency plans for if his berserk mode activated while on the ship, he was still under 24-hour surveillance by Dan, and it was still mandatory that nobody do anything that could be construed as threatening directed at Casshern.

When someone would pass by his open door in the infirmary, Casshern would try to get their attention. "Could you... get one of the doctors for me? Or maybe Ayame?" he'd politely ask. "I'm... kind of curious as to what happened to that blood sample I gave. And I'm still having those nightmares every time I shut down."
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With Bernadette/Tetenith keeping the Jupiter Empire forces on Io reasonable, repairs of the Mother Vanguard can come under way. Because every officer on the pirate ship is something of a jack of all trades, he knows enough about the ship's design to oversee repairs, and that is what he is currently doing, leading a combination of pirates and former enemies from on top of the ship in a normal suit.


I have to admit it, I did NOT see that one coming.

I didn't even know it was possible to download a human mind into a biocomputer.
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[It's currently Jeremy's shift at maintaining the barrier around the town to lock in the water and humidity that keeps the Ruin at bay.  And he's looking very upset and solemn, not like his usual, hammy, jovial self at all.  He's just looking out into the town, seeing the damage inflicted by the battle and focusing on the spot where Maria was ultimately "killed".]

... I was a fool.

I should have let her know.
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[Low and behold, there's a dead man coming out of the Advent that helped save the Chalice.  And for a dead man he's looking plenty alive!]

Once more I must apologize for taking so long to make good on my promise.  But nevertheless!  Chalice, I stand here to support and lend you all my strength and knowledge, for the only thing greater than recording history is helping to shape it... and this ship has more than proven it can alter the course of human events!