6- World

Feb. 24th, 2014 09:21 am
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[Yusuke's long since been ready to pack it up and go, so with Gouram flying off into the distance of who knows where he turns to everyone]

It's been fun.
I'm glad I got to see your journey to the end.

There's some unfinished business I need to take care of but then I'm off back to travelling the world as I usually do.
Probably going to stop by this cool place I heard about being built up before I joined: Zawame City.

If anyone feels like it, you're free to come along.
And if I don't see you all again, remember to take care of yourselves.

[Yusuke gives a thumbs up.]


Feb. 17th, 2014 01:01 pm
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[Yusuke's not got much to pack up besides whatever mess remained of the G1 and the weapons it provided. Which he is sending back along with BeatChaser- it served him well but it's not going to be of much more use. Now it was just him and Gouram, although the beetle shaped ancient ally had flown off somewhere to stay out of the way of everyone moving about.]

You know at the end of this I hadn't really expected this.
Although if it's successful it'd be a way better than most alternatives.

[The Rider looked at the emptying vessel with a sunken heart. He'd seen...way too much death here. And he'd probably be seeing the death of the Chalice itself. Shame really.]
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The final enemy has revealed itself...

The end of our struggle for peace is near, I can feel it. But...

How the heck are we supposed to find some sort of omnipotent primal energy source that seems to be the forefather of all exotic energy sources? For that matter, I'm not even sure we'd be able to hurt it!

Short of something genocidal as shutting down and destroying all the sources it would have for interacting with our world, I can't think of any permanent solution here. We no longer have LordGenome's Bio-Computer to help locate it. Absorbing it and containing it seems to make things explode. And if this is truly an omnipotent energy we're dealing with, there's a heavy probability that conventional weapons won't phase it, and exotic weapons will simply fuel it! Even if we did destroy it, wouldn't it have a similar effect to killing Artifex?

It seems lately we've been dealing with nothing but madmen and self-proclaimed gods lately...does anyone have any ideas for moving forward at this point?
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This alternate reality-hopping adventure... It was certainly something. For better or for worse, I don't think I will forget about it anytime soon. Or ever.

It was also exactly what I needed. I'm feeling alright now. And it's time to get to work... We have several important matters to resolve and a madman to stop, after all. I'm sure I can help with devising a plan somehow.

Texotic, Coztic... Watch me.
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[Finally, White Chalice arrived in Orb. We will be here for a while, so make yourselves comfortable! Fortunately the oceanic country is a peaceful and prosperous one, so you can spend this time in comfort. Not to mention the high class hotel that was booked specifically for us to reside in - covering a lot of ground, with many facilities and easy access to nearby malls, what luxury! There's a giant Christmas tree in the lobby to put everyone in festive mood, and even though the climate is not exactly what you'd call winter-like, Orb mobile suits are flying around the place and showering it with snow a few times every day. Talk about dedication. Or wastefulness.]

[1 - general Christmas thread, mingling encouraged]

[The Christmas party will be a large and opulent one, with delicious food and plenty of important-looking people in fine clothing. Feel free to join in - or experience the holiday on your own pace, especially since there is so many things to do! The whole shebang will last for more than just the Christmas days, so feel free to spread responses around time-wise rather than making everything happen at once.

Enjoy the festivities! Also Kairos Aspida is there, so if you want to talk to particular people, see below.]

[2 - talk to the Leader?]
Read more... )

[3 - talk to the Second in Command?]
Read more... )

[4 - talk to the Jerk?]
Read more... )

[5 - talk to the Troll Information Gathering Specialist?]
Read more... )

[6 - talk to the Grizzled Captain?]
Read more... )

[7 - talk to the Crew?]

[Scattered through the very same mall were the Crew - both pilots and members of the ship itself - of the Bastion of Insolence (Plus one - the Captain of the Brachos Class Cruiser which had been present on the ambush). Whether you encounter them eating, shopping or just otherwise messing around at an arcade or skating rink or something. You'll bump into them. Despite being clad in full uniform they're acting like ordinary people rather being ruthless or cold or cruel or vicious. They interacted with each other with the warmth and ease of camaraderie and friendship - light shoves, noogies, jokes and boasts with grins all around - or in one case just looking grumpily out of place as everyone's all cheery around them.]

[Sub-prompt 7a: Indra Constatious, Wate Nimec, Henrika Abrahamsson]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7b: Ernest Zapatero, Aglaea Glockner]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7c: Rando Tujip, Farron Halsey]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7d: Orbrey Keller, Maura Dyson, Frans Cremona]
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[8 - talk to the Wife?]
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 [Following events on the mission where she went pretty much completely insane on everyone, Alice has been locked up as tight as an AI can get. Her little box mainframe is kept on a table in a locked room, and the only network link available goes to a single terminal outside the room, that's disconnected from all others. If you want to talk with her that means the only opportunity is to either pick the lock somehow and break in to see her (bad idea) or just walk past the exterior terminal.]


That happened.


Nov. 26th, 2013 04:00 pm
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[So after finally taking down the Great Leader and blowing his rocky form to smithereens, Yusuke has decided to take over the kitchen for a bit and make some Curry and other foods from around the world. His phones even buzzing with texts from his uncle giving out recipes from his restaurant- said texts are also telling him to make sure people know where it comes from- haha, business. Seems like he's really busy. And whatever he's making smells damn fine too.]

[Yusuke's basically up for celebrating the demise of Susanoo. Although he kind of looks less dapper than you'd think, after all is said and done, frowning as he stares into the food he's preparing. One of the biggest threats to humanity, at least on a human scaled level, was out of the picture...and yet...]


[That or the soup needs more salt, hard to tell with Yusuke what he's thinking about sometimes.]
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[Yusuke gripped his hands, still walking around in his newly reborn Kuuga powers.
Or he had been walking, right now he's decided to stop off in the gym and WRECK the ever loving hell out of sandbags.
He wasn't a man that got frustrated often, it was almost a side noone would ever see, but that was definitely how he felt now.
But he couldn't take it out on others.
His empathy for Dio and Leda, even if he had only known them for that battle and even then barely took in the scene as a viewer, busy with his own issues.
That frustrated him, that earned one Sandbag it's downfall.
The fact Shocker was still kicking and planning to manipulate people like tools, and he could not have been powerful enough to do much until now.
That frustrated him, that was another Sandbag down.
His previous failures looking back as G1. He grinned and bared it. He did his best to help and fight. He was a hero of justice. A protector of all good people. And yet-
The third hits the opposite wall as it looses from the chain this time.]

...Whew. That's better.

[The Rider breathes out, calming himself, and politely starts to gather and clean up the mess he made. This would be the perfect chance to be confused at some bug eyed guy just...being weird in the gym.]
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[Yusuke will be in the hangar, not seeming too bothered by any new sudden revelations as he gets to work with a few other mechanics putting together a new BeatChaser with specs from good old Miss Enokida and a spare GuardChaser that got shipped over with all the GX weaponry. And the G1 armor is getting a tune up after all the damage it took too. It's not nearly in as bad shape as the bike was.]

I kind of miss being Kuuga after that.
Got to thank them for helping me out back there.


Jul. 7th, 2013 09:25 pm
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[[After End of the Swarm.]]

[So if anyone is in the hangar proper after killing the hell out of a spider robot, a Rider sort of similar to G3 is walking in the BeatChaser, thanking that guy what gave him the left.]

Now who do I talk to around here about that mess...

[Feel free to run into him. I'm sure some of the Rider fanboys would like to flail and ask for autographs.]

[Alternatively after getting the higher ups the low down and seeing what info they got on SHOCKER, also offering his help, etc etc etc. Yusuke is going to be just touring the White Chalice.]

Wow, I knew this place was pretty big but this is something...

[And finally over the network you get this video of Yusuke grinning.]

Hello, my name is Yusuke Godai. But you might know me better as Kamen Rider Kuuga, though now I'm G1...confusing with all the names really.
Thanks for letting me come aboard, please take good care of me. Heh.

[AND ALSO THUMBS UP- fuck secret identities]