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1] Desdemona is on the prowl. This shit had gone on long enough, and she wasn't going to stand for one more minute of it!
Are you an attractive man that appears between then ages of of 18-30?
You may find a raven haired harlot sliding up next to you, running her smooth hands, uninvited, up your arm.
"Well aren't you a tasty hunk of man?"

2]Later you might fine Desdemona in the lounge painting her nails black and red, smoking fragrant buds from her long pipe. Her phone sits on the table next to her, blasting out music that you may or may not find offensive. She gives zero fucks if the smell of polish or smoke bothers anyone around her, and it's clear in the way she sitting with her boots propped up on the chair next to her. Now and again she bobs her head violently, tossing short hair about to the beat of the music, and singing softly.

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Music blared as she worked with a machine bending the new armor plaiting that would go on her new cyclone. It was well past two am, and she was singing along, off key, a bottle of tequila may be involved, sitting oh so innocently on one of the benches near where she was working. The blond took another swig from the bottle, making a face as she looked over the plans DK was showing her.

"This might not be strong enough with the extra power I'm stuffing in the shell." She thought she was talking to the mini computer of hers, but hey, anyone is welcome to complain about the noise, help out or order her to bed.

Mira's built the bare bones Shadow Dancer, the armor plating isn't on it, and it's in 'bot' mode as she runs through tests the ai in her computer running the machine while she's moving about it controlling both with the connections through the CV-r. Mira frowns a little backing up, the readouts she's seeing in her helmet are off still. Though part of her wonders if that's because she's going through the mini comp and not actually in the system. The bottle... it's empty and she's holding a cup of coffee in her hands.

She's late for her shift Though looks like Mira's taking a page from Lucchini's book, you want this tech you can find her curled up hugging the new, but not fitted manifold painted in a deep purple, in her work station. Lucifer's leaning against the tool box, sheets of paper are scattered around her, seems sometime while working these last few days, she's managed to work on some new music... Dare to wake her?
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[1 - Action]

[At the conclusion of the sortie at the repeater station, the strange blue unit follows the combatants back to the Chalice. He makes it into the hangar, finds an open spot, and once the unit's secure... there's a shimmering and a ripple as something emerges from the front. Or rather, someone, as a young man with short blue hair and dark clothes drops to the ground in a slow, graceful fall, landing on one knee; he looks a little cut up, and if you take a moment to look closely at Hope, the damage to Will looks pretty similar to the damage on his mecha. He takes a moment to look around, before he lets out a deep breath.]

So... the White Chalice, at last. Maybe I'll be able to take care of things after all, if this kind of power is what I can hope to work with.

[2 - Video]

I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Will Rogers, the youngest of the Timeless who watch over Eternity. In more normal terms, my siblings and I keep an eye on the few hundred Espers that use the Eternity System and make sure nothing untoward happens. Unfortunately, my sister Iris decided to be power-hungry and basically hold us all hostage. I'm looking for help to bring her back in line; I can't take her on by myself. I'm willing to help with whatever needs to be done, in exchange. I'm not bad in a fight, and I might be able to do some work in the hangar on unit repairs.

And about the units you fought today, as well as my own. They're called Aspects, and they're basically robots formed of desire and thought. They can be equipped with some crazy weapons - you saw my chainsaw, and the scarf - but they're restricted by power limitations. Last long enough, and you can take care of business one way or another. Mine's in your hangar while I'm here.

So? Do we have a deal?