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Nep-ilogue - The Wind Blows [Frontdated to after the portals close]

(Locked to...???)

[It's been a week or so since the finale, and the Gamindustri crew have since safely returned to their world...]

Oh c'mon, this isn't funny! After -all that- we ended up somewhere else and just got jumped by this old hag?! I thought having to fight giant robots for half a year would be enough grinding to power through this!

And cords and tentacles -again-?! This post is still going up in the IC community, FYI!

[...Or not.

Neptune has a good reason to be panicking. She, along with Noire, Vert and Blanc, are now trapped in a large pyramid like structure made completely from dark energy - a pyramid that is also negating their powers. To top that off, they're all bound and suspended by cables in mid air.

The culprit? A pale-skinned woman who is dressed up much like a witch. She stands outside the pyramid with a triumphant expression, and an army of evil monoeyed robots behind her!]

Hmph! Spew all the nonsense you'd like! After all, you don't have much longer to live! Within that field generated by anti-Share crystals, your powers, and your very souls will soon be extinguished!

Today, I, Magiquone, have succeeded! This world will be purged of the Goddesses forever! Hahahahahahahah!

Look, we've told you that we're not this world's Goddesses. Even though all the proof we have is that our costumes are different, you've got the wrong people!

A convenient power-neutralizing field like this is also a horribly written way to take us out.

[The witch however, sneers.]

None of that makes any difference. Methods don't matter, goddesses will be goddesses, and you're STILL good practice for the real thing! Now stay still and SHUT UP!

[Neptune sighs.] It really sucks that we can't count on the others now. Werter, Alessa, Crow, Richie, Lily, Pit, Lady Palutena...I miss you guys already...

Keh, I don't know who those people are and I don't particularly care, but call for help if you wish. -I'm- the one with the army here!

[In the meantime, the dark energy seems to grow more intense as the four goddesses grow steadily weaker. If this isn't stopped soon, it'll be another generic bad end ™!]

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