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Nep-ilogue - The Wind Blows [Frontdated to after the portals close]

(Locked to...???)

[It's been a week or so since the finale, and the Gamindustri crew have since safely returned to their world...]

Oh c'mon, this isn't funny! After -all that- we ended up somewhere else and just got jumped by this old hag?! I thought having to fight giant robots for half a year would be enough grinding to power through this!

And cords and tentacles -again-?! This post is still going up in the IC community, FYI!

[...Or not.

Neptune has a good reason to be panicking. She, along with Noire, Vert and Blanc, are now trapped in a large pyramid like structure made completely from dark energy - a pyramid that is also negating their powers. To top that off, they're all bound and suspended by cables in mid air.

The culprit? A pale-skinned woman who is dressed up much like a witch. She stands outside the pyramid with a triumphant expression, and an army of evil monoeyed robots behind her!]

Hmph! Spew all the nonsense you'd like! After all, you don't have much longer to live! Within that field generated by anti-Share crystals, your powers, and your very souls will soon be extinguished!

Today, I, Magiquone, have succeeded! This world will be purged of the Goddesses forever! Hahahahahahahah!

Look, we've told you that we're not this world's Goddesses. Even though all the proof we have is that our costumes are different, you've got the wrong people!

A convenient power-neutralizing field like this is also a horribly written way to take us out.

[The witch however, sneers.]

None of that makes any difference. Methods don't matter, goddesses will be goddesses, and you're STILL good practice for the real thing! Now stay still and SHUT UP!

[Neptune sighs.] It really sucks that we can't count on the others now. Werter, Alessa, Crow, Richie, Lily, Pit, Lady Palutena...I miss you guys already...

Keh, I don't know who those people are and I don't particularly care, but call for help if you wish. -I'm- the one with the army here!

[In the meantime, the dark energy seems to grow more intense as the four goddesses grow steadily weaker. If this isn't stopped soon, it'll be another generic bad end ™!]
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[A funny thing about that Pyramid... you see there was the sound of a gunshot before the sound of a blade slashing screamed through the air with absolutely insane speed. Several chunks of it had been downright reduced to pieces as the sky opened up for everyone inside before the cables holding the goddesses soon followed. A figure landing in front of Nep before looking back at her with a grin.]

Kept you waiting, eh? I admit I'm a little jealous you never mentioned me. Hahah... but we can talk about that later.

[Sam turns that grin to Magiquone before he spread his arms in an inviting gesture.]

Now then... you mentioned that those crystals negated powers? Well... I suppose its fortunate I don't have any... not that I would even need such a thing against a frail little thing like yourself... but either way...

[With his comment hurled at the witchy one he brought his sword at the ready.]

Lets dance.
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[Lasers? Well that's pretty hilarious because Sam's going to move with downright supernatural swiftness born from years of unrelenting training! Leaping across drones and in some occasions stabbing into them and flinging them into the paths of the attacks! Oh Magiquone, you have no idea what you just got yourself into.]

Wouldn't you like to know? Before I tell you, how about you slip into something more comfortable?

[He kicks off a drone, before kicking off another - was it? IT WAS! A DOUBLE JUMP! Sam streaks through the air to let loose a barrage of slashes at those wings!]

Oops. You didn't need those did you?


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[Oh man, she was NOT expecting this! Her attempts to fly away quickly fail when the slashes (boosted by double JUMP) carve into those wings. Murasama's eerie red blade rips into its target!

You do a number on the wings, but after Magiquone falls to the ground- four of the wings' bony sections break off to autonomously surround you from different directions. Surprise! These are also remote weapons!]

I'm far from done, human! If you're in my way, then I'll get rid of you first!
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Sam is indeed a powerful and skilled fighter, but it was a mistake to turn your back on us.

[But you know what? This was never a solo battle in the first place. Gunfire from Purple Heart destroys two of Magiquone's four remote weapons, simultaneously forcing the other two to miss their shots! Sam, you can eliminate those two bits now!]

Don't count your chickens yet, Neptune! She's still got an army backing her up, and we don't know where Plutia, Peashy and your sister are!

[Magiquone laughs at this. Despite losing her weapons, she's still looking smug!]

You might want to listen to your friend here. I've said it can call your friends if you wish! It won't change the outcome!
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That depends, it could change the outcome if you have friends in high places with too much time on their hands.

[Two large beasts made of ice and fire tear through the army, explosion after explosion follows and in the span of mere seconds what started as an army has been reduced to ashes. When the dust clears a somewhat familiar looking man emerges from it.]

In fact...I think the outcome has just been changed.
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[Yeah and about those two last bits? After fighting the Winds of Destruction, Raiden, Armstrong, LordGenome, the Anti-Spiral, Titus and Nero... there was only one way to describe Magiquone. Small time. With a flick of his blade, its edge was resting very close to the Antagonist's neck.]

Now now. That would be just insulting. You said it like she even stood a chance in the first place.


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I-impossible...! To be defeated this quickly...!

[All of the other goddesses help out by pointing their weapons at the witch, too. All except one...]
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[Neptune recognizes the appearance and voice of the person who had just devastated the army of robots. She tries to approach the man who had just emerged from the dust...!]
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[The man just warmly smiles at you Nep. He seems just a bit more mature than the last time you saw him.

Before you can can get any closer though he just...disappears. Nothing fancy, no magical effects, nothing. He's just...gone.]


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[Magiquone, in the meantime, just seethes. Her situation is now reversed, and she glares at the three goddesses and the cyborg samurai who are now her captors.]

I don't understand it! If you say this world's goddesses are your alternate selves, then why did these people appear? No matter how strong, you should still be just goddesses, yet, why are you so different?!

[The three kind of look at each other for a bit, then smile. Even Sam should know why...]
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Because we've been on the White Chalice. Our experiences there...the people we've met, the friends we've made and parted with, the many battles we've fought. what sets us apart.

[She nods at Sam.]

Speaking of; I'm glad you decided to come with us, Sam. We'll be counting on you and your justice as always.
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[He couldn't help but chuckle a little. The Chalice. Being on there helped reaffirm a few things when he was straying. It helped him live past a few fights that could have gone worse. Yes, he did know why.]

How could I resist really? Traveling to far off places with good company and good fights. I'm happy that you had me along.

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Crow's brief presence tells us something, too. No matter how far apart we are, that part of our past is what keeps us connected.

Now then, we still have a villain here to turn in, and missing party members to account for. Let's go.

[And the a story for another time.]


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[A mysterious young man has been watching all this from a distance.

And once the group departs, he leaves as well...]
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