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I am in agreement with the plan of attack against the Falcons. There is one drawback, however: when we attack that way, they will no longer be bound by Zelbriggen, the system of dueling generally practiced among the Clans. Thus we can expect them to freely use 'dishonorable' tactics, such as concentrated fire and physical attacks with mechs. Do not expect we will be able to limit the battle's extent by calling their commanders to a Circle Of Equals, as we have before.

If I may ask a favor: please do not say my bloodname if you speak with the Falcons.


The Goliath Scorpion mechs and elemental armor are being repainted. The black and gold of their Beta Galaxy is being replaced with the tan and stylized dire wolf's head of Clan Wolf's Alpha Galaxy.

Naturally the Scorpions are looking uncomfortable. Not necessarily because they dislike deceiving the Falcons, but because it's the Wolf colors they'll be masquerading in. Like most of their Clan, the Heartvenom Cluster looks up to the Wolves with all the starry eyed admiration of a schoolgirl hoping sempai will notice her. Some of them might even be...Yes, a few of these genetically engineered super soldiers are blushing.

This seems to amuse Nikolai.
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After honoring the elementals who were killed fighting the Inspectors on the old colony (a dead Galgau each making for a feather in one's cap in the breeding program), Nikolai's found an abandoned storeroom. It's evening (or what passes for it in space anyway) and he's holding up a vial of something that glows, contemplating it in the fading light.

There's a nervous looking Scientist at the door with a set of medical equipment, just in case. This is a pretty high dosage.

He folds himself into the lotus position and downs the glowing vial.

Prophets hold a key to the lock in a language. The mechanical image remains only an image to them. This is not a mechanical universe. The linear progression of events is imposed by the observer )


Finally awake, he's profoundly shaken on a very physical level, hands and knees trembling. But his look is certain. He knows what he should do from here.

[4/Private to Texotic]

You wanted to see the method I have in reserve for your memories? Meet me in Storage Bay 13-B tonight.


The Scorpions seem out of shape a bit, a little pale or trembly, not at all what you'd normally expect from clanners. This is because they're running low on necrosia, but feel free to assume what you wish, as they don't seem to want to talk about it.
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Following the mission, the island is swarming with scorpions!

Goliath Scorpion clansmen, that is. Nikolai's report on the island, its cryogenic chambers, multiple downed ships and mysterious motherlode (which he gave strict orders to not touch) caused a furor of excitement among his history minded clansmen. Now virtually the entire Heartvenom Cluster and its attendant support staff is there, milling about, investigating things with the sensor arrays of their mechs and armor, and of course carting away things deemed either useful or interesting with typical clanner frugality. Trials were fought for who has to stand on guard in case the Bonnes return, leaving a few Warriors as sulking, grumpy sentinels.

Nikolai is circling among them, helping the younger Seekers to evaluate their finds, resolving disputes (it wouldn't do to have Trials of Possession here, where they risk destroying the ruins, after all) and ultimately making the final say on what does or does not get carried back to the Chalice in the arms and emptied ammunition bays of the Scorpion mechs and elementals.
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[1//Closed to people from 'The Sicilian Defense']

Dusty, tired looking, and if one were to be honest, a little smelly, the Goliath Scorpion Elementals climb out of their armor and dropships to stare in awe. Terra, that shining jewel, the cradle of humanity. A few fall to their knees, or run the pebbles and dirt through their hands. One or two are weeping with joy. Even Nikolai is smiling, though as the CO, he can't get too emotional over it.


Later, on the Chalice, you might find a rare sight: a middle aged looking Clanner. Though not as tall as most other Elementals, he still bulges with enough muscle it looks like he's smuggling boa constrictors under his skin. He's bent over piles and piles of books and a data tablet, learning as much of the differences between his Terra and the one he finds himself in now.

[3//Network (video)]

Said middle aged clansman appears on the network, grinning broadly. "Greetings to you, White Chalice, and a fine, though unusual ship it appears to be. My name is Nikolai Djerassi, of Clan Goliath Scorpion. We are a Warden Clan, and longtime allies of the Wolves, so you will have nothing to fear from us. I was called out of retirement to go looking for them. At least we can say we accomplished our mission, heh.

Among the Clans we are known widely for our efforts as historians. Thus I would invite you, if you wish it, to tell me of your histories. I promise it shall not go to the Chatterweb." He chuckles. "Even the juicy parts."


Now that they're here, the Warriors of the Heartvenom Cluster are mingling easily with their fellow clansmen already on board. The Scorpions are, taken as a group, even more rowdy, perhaps less disciplined, a bit more ragtag. Yet curiously, they still defer to the Wolves in pretty much everything, offering them first seats and portions. This embarrasses some of the Wolves, while others revel in the attention.