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Memorial for a friend

 [Whatever happened on the other side of the gate, a few things are known. Roads was injured; he's got orders to take it easy for a while and quite a few stitches in his side, along with a truly impressive medication regime.  The Zweilicht was lost, replaced now with a massive blue Deus Machina. And...Kurou and Al did not return.]

I can't believe I'm seriously considering doing this...

[He's in front of that memorial wall, sitting down. He takes out a bottle of pills and downs one, rubbing his temples.]

Stupid headache...urgh, I should have brought a heavier suit...
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Roads... What do you think you're doing?
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Well, there already is a non-sentient being here... But I don't think you're like the man who put it there.

[Lily gestures towards Dick Pentagon's name on the board.]

I thought it's about Kurou and Al. But they're not dead, are they?
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Please snap out of it! I know you've been through together a lot, but Zweilicht was, in the end, just a machine. You can make another one. An even cooler one!
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And I saw you have a brand new giant robot suit already! Somehow. How did you make it so quickly?
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She's not as disattached from us mortals as she claims, huh...

Mu Thalan. A magical machine based on a book. How does it work? What can it do?
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If it's full of program instructions, then I'm sure you can make it do much more than that!