Feb. 16th, 2014

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[1, possibly battle log]

Various places all around the world came under attack by Primeval Force clones. These units are copies of all kinds of machines used by humanity, all made from Primeval Force energy - they can be destroyed, but they take a lot of punishment and have more destructive power than the things they copied!

Once the initial attacks are over - some of them repelled, for others the units retreated on their own as if toying with humans, uneasy silence falls upon Earth Sphere. How much more time will pass until another such attack? How long can humanity survive such an ordeal?

How do you react to this? All the while, the titanic avatar of Primeval Force itself watches from space, surrounded by legions of lesser mooks that annihilate anyone that tries to come close.

[2, frontdated a day or two]
"It was a pleasure having you on board."

"Now git off! Off me ship, I tell you! I'm giving you 24 hours to get your stuff away from White Chalice!"

"Umm. What the captain is trying to say is that he and the XO came up with a plan. It's unlikely that Primeval Force can be defeated in conventional combat, but it can be contained."

"White Chalice itself will serve as containment. Ayame already left to retrieve the Primeval Force generator which we will use as a trap. In the meantime, we are removing non-essential parts of the ship such as the arboretum or living quarters, and reinforcing the rest."

"So... this is good-bye. But I hope we can count on your assistance one last time, to break through Primeval Force's copies and reach the main avatar. Then we will either contain it in White Chalice for good, or if that's not enough, destroy it while it's contained within."

"Hey! Who told you to get rid of the minigolf course? I'm the captain, I'm not moving from the bridge!"


You managed to pick up survivors from Kairos Aspida. There aren't many... but even a few is better than nothing. Surprisingly for absolutely no one, they are devastated and not really in a talkative mood. But if you insist you can have a short conversation with them.

"Why did it have to... Wate, Henrika? Fuck!"


Also look who is among the survivors - isn't it Shinra himself! Though it turns out Shinra is not his name, just a nick he insisted everyone used. Evan Cooper, his eyes no longer shining blue, for the first time in many years is no longer a puppet of Primeval Force. Now he is truly free. And he is fully aware of everything he has done while Primeval Force's slave.

So when you see him, he is like this.
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Well. It's official now - Magdalena has been selected as the heir to Ruba's throne. Technically she's still just a princess, but our father isn't really in good enough health to function as a leader, so she's already taking over a lot of his day-to-day responsibilities, and no doubt putting the early phases of her grand master plan into motion.

I feel... relieved, mostly. The details of succession have been worked out, I got all the paperwork in order, now I can put it out of my mind for now. No worrying about getting the upper hand on my siblings, no worrying about having to produce an heir, no more bloody space genies. I can focus one hundred percent on the Primeval Force situation - and as desperate as said situation is, I'm feeling rather good about it. Bismuth and I have been practicing together, so we should easily be able to produce the Negaforce Saber again for the upcoming battle.

A year ago, I wouldn't have imagined myself as a warrior fighting to save humanity, but in all honesty, I think I'm much more suited to this than I was for the life of a king.

A Return

Feb. 16th, 2014 12:34 pm
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[With everything that's been happening, especially in the aftermath of Primeval Force's appearance. The last thing anyone would expect is a black blur tearing through the sky towards the Chalice. Nineball. It was a Black Nineball. As if things weren't problematic enough-]

Sorry I'm late. Took me a while to dig my way out and get myself sorted out...

[Wait... Was that... Ryou? In any event the Nineball lands and its pilot exits.]

... I heard about what was happening on the way back... If I knew I would have worked faster.
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(1) [[Immediately returning from battle.]]

Damn... I wish we had more time to refine that fucking thing! [[But MarKus ditches the Technica in the hangar and makes his way to the nearest thing he can watch the battle from, a monitor, a window, WHATev! It's a few minutes after he remembers to take off his old helmet.

(2) [[After sheet goes down!]]

Wait wait... we just have to leave... Like that? You know... I kind of felt like... there's be a more, you know... sentimental end to it. Just get off the fucking ship?

[[MarKus doesn't seem pissed, just... oddly disappointed.]]

Well fuck... Let's get packed, then... back to one last shift of fixing everyone's shit.

(3) [[During the final move-out/preparation.]]

[[MarKus is ready to go but, he's using the rest of his time to fix up everything he can and help sure up the ship.]] You know... what the hell am I doing to do after this?

[[He just hasn't consulted anyone about any post-battle careers or residency.]]
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[Post "The Shield of Time's Last Stand". Locked to Jade Falcons]

Since the war between Clan Jade Falcon and Wolf has finally ended, and especially what with the blue robot simulacrums wrecking stuff all over the Earth, Matthew decides to call up his old sibko pal Lola with the long-distance comm.

"Star Captain Helmar? This is Matthew. Could I talk with you for a moment?"

Hopefully he hasn't interrupted something.


[Open to all.]

Those who find themselves in the hanger bay, whether helping with the evacuation or giving their mechs one last tune up, might overhear Matthew talking with a group of techs who are reattaching his Nova's arm with gantry cables, frantically trying to restore the squat, birdlike OmniMech to fighting condition.


"What?" Matthew says, eyes widening. "Are you sure?"

"We did an x-ray and everything." the lead tech says, holding up a datapad with false negative images. "The endo-skeletal frame's studded with hairline fractures. Battle scars from lots of fights and rush repair jobs. And from age too. Didn't you once say this mech was built 130 years ago, in your dimension?"

He shakes his head and clucks his tongue. "Tough old bird you've got. I'd say she'd last for a year more, if you stuck to patrols and recon missions. But another battle like the last one...we'll do what we can, Matt."

He pats Matthew on the shoulder, then returns to his work. Matthew stares into space at his customized Nova, looking stunned.

Talk to him?
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[The battle for Gucun didn't end too long ago, and White Chalice is already being refitted for its last desperate mission. There's only one small problem though... well, except for the whole "a giant avatar of a force of nature will destroy us all" thing. The problem being - where will you go if Captain Smith is kicking everyone off the Chalice?

How about taking advantage of an invitation?]

Come. The State of Gucun is your ally, and that will not change. More importantly - I am your friend, and will be so forever. The Chairman General's... no. My and Cheng's home is your own.

Rest. Recuperate. Regain your strength. You are going to need it.

We are launching a counterstrike. No matter what, I assure you: humanity will prevail.