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[Late night. White Chalice's deck is unusually peaceful and quiet. Lily is here, standing next to her ship - all her stuff is already inside, packed, ready to go. She's watching the starry sky.]

It won't take long anymore... They will be here soon. Not just a small group of my friends, but a whole Cosmic Ark expedition. This will be the first time most of them will see Earth. The first time they fight together with humans against a common enemy.

Primeval Force... For the sake of my future, for the sake of everyone's futures, you will be destoyed. You ruined enough lives already. No more.
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The last group from Cosmic Ark to visit arrived in the middle of the fight with the Invaders...

We just don't seem to be much good at first impressions, as a planet.
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I suppose there are worse fights to stumble into.

So you've gotten confirmation of who's coming, then?
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...Well now you're making me nervous.

On the other hand, I'm starting to like our odds a bit better.