Mar. 1st, 2014

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The portals close few weeks later - and as they do, a general sense of closure seems to have fallen upon the Earth Sphere. It is as if the crazy last years are really, finally over.

The life in post-Second Impact reality does not become easier. Daily struggles to rebuild are a norm. Bandits, space pirate attacks and even larger incidents are not out of question. And yet... the everyday existence somehow seems safer. Humanity can focus on reaching back towards its former glory, rather than fighting tooth and nail to prevent death by alien invaders or thwarting some maniac's plan to take over or brainwash the whole world. Also, humans are not alone. Earth Sphere made some friends, and they are there to help and assist.

The future looks bright.

Smith Weston decided to stay behind with the remains of White Chalice. A memorial park was established around them, and he found happiness as its keeper/self-appointed captain.

Dan became something of an AI genius loci of the park. He shared stories of White Chalice, its travels and sacrifices to anyone who was willing to listen.

Ayame Jin - or rather, Anna Alkaev, decided to keep a low profile. She became a wanderer, traveling around the world, visiting places that White Chalice had an impact on. She always observed much, but spoke little.

Other crew members of White Chalice and survivors of Kairos Aspida went their own seperate ways, to rebuild their lives in the new reality with various degrees of success. But most did not forget the bonds forged during those special days.

What happened to Maxene Trendie is a mystery. Even though she willingly stayed with Demonbane in the distant past, there were rumors of a mysterious woman similar to her resurfacing here and there. None of them were ever confirmed.

Yet one question remains - what fate awaits you, the pilots and combatant crew members of White Chalice? What have you done with your lives once the adventure is over?

[In this post, feel free to describe what happened to your characters in the months or even years following the game's conclusion. Please don't powergame or step on other canons' toes - keeping that in mind, share your characters' fate with others.

Players and characters who are no longer in the game are welcome to post anyway.

This is the last post of the game. Thank you, everyone!