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[Not everybody came back from the confrontation with Master Therion, and then Nyarlahotep. As such West is venting his sadness-]




[By bawling like hell. Elsa's just backing off, looking for someone... ANYONE to HELP WITH THIS MAJOR SITUATION! SHE DOESN'T WANT TO HAVE TO COMFORT WEST!]

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Is Ryou still missing?

We stopped Nineballs from flooding the whole planet, and after the Falcons surrendered, we're this close to world peace. And he played an important part in all of it it! He better show up! Besides, he said he will return, he's got to keep his word!
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It's a big battle in Siberia. Jade Falcons are finally fed up with the stalemate and launched an all-out attack to rid the world of Clan Wolf once and for all. Any annoying "freebirths" (read: us!) that get in the way are free game for them as well! They're fanatics, and no quarter is given or offered.

The battle takes place not just on the ground, but in the skies as well. They even armed their dropships and are using them as improvised battleships vs the Wolves' units. Clearly you're dealing with desperate people.

Oh, also both sides are being constantly bombarded by endless swarms of suicide drones. Have fun.


But eventually, the victor surfaces. News of the Jade Falcons' Galaxy Commander's death start to spread, and the remaining commander asks for Hegira. Which is clan speak for honorable surrender. It is given and just like that, the fighting just... ends. Jade Falcons retreat.

That was sudden. What a change of attitude from their endless zeal not that long ago. Just what the heck happened?

Also the suicide drone bombardment is over.
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[Pre "Last Falcon, Last Raven"]


A comm message comes in on the datapads of two particular people, sent by their fellow brigadier!

"Simon the Digger! Commander Rossiu! Could me with something?"

[2] [Open to All]

Matthew has dragged a whiteboard out into the middle of the hanger, underneath his personal Battlemech, and has been frantically scrawling things onto it in an attempt at brainstorming.

The main caption of the doodle, written above in huge, block letters, is "War Leader Matthew's Passionate Jade Falcon War Ending Stratagem!"

Below are lots of illegible scrawls, notes, diagrams, military statistics, and doodles of tiny robots and gigantic drills.

Matthew is standing before this 'diagram' and frowning. Severely so. Dare to interject or comment?
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[When you next pass by the remembrance wall, the wall that Cheng had so long ago put up to remember those who died fighting alongside the Chalice. Lost friends and family. Comrades one and all... You would find Luger of all people slumped against it, CRYING. His fingers brushed against one name in particular.]


[Wait wait wait. Wasn't that the name of the Meat Man thing that Luger made and tried to bring to life?! What the hell is ITS name doing on the wall?! That isn't right! That isn't right at all!!!]
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1.[She's been around for a little while, having returned just as Cthulhu up and did...Cthulhu things. But you still might not have gotten a chance to talk to the bakaribbons after her return, or just missed her, or something. Still, Haruka's aggressively friendly, so she'll be all up in your business sooner or later.]

Hey! What's up?

[And I do mean aggressive. She'll hunt you down! With gifts!]

2. [maybe some other time, Haruka can be found alone, reviewing footage from the White Chalice's battles over the past year.]

Aaaah...It seems they've been having a lot of fun without me. I should have come back sooner.

[There is a certain...fondness to her voice, like you might expect from a cat playing with a mouse.]

I thought it was going to be so vexing to have to help save the world again, but you know, I think I've missed this kind of fun...

[She also doesn't seem to have noticed you.]

All In

Feb. 5th, 2014 08:38 am
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Recently, you may have heard increased frequency in news or reports on the skirmishes in Siberia between the Wolves and the Jade Falcon. The clanners onboard have been restless, even if many of them had been rotating back to Wolf City for periods of time. Ranna will send a vid-message to those onboard.

"We believe that the Falcons cannot maintain this level of intensity without escalating soon. The Clan is consolidating our Touman in Wolf City in preparation for that escalation. My Trinary has been recalled as well, for the duration of this conflict - the 4th Wolf Guards are expeceted to be in the thick of things. However, with the Verfolger, I am still able to join the Chalice on deployments if necessary."

This time, when the typical Clan Wolf dropship arrives for its scheduled supply drop-off, it did not come alone - escorting it are ten aerospace fighters. Furthermore, all the clanners are loading their mechs on the dropship, and even some of the Wolf Technicians are boarding it.

Ranna is there overseeing the transfer, disturb/talk to her?

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My good friends...

[Alessandra sits in front of the wall. Not just a wall - the wall of rememberance. So many names are written there, of White Chalice crew who departed this world.]

Were it not for your valiant efforts, would this very Champion still be able to recite these words, sit where she does? Somehow I find that most doubtful... yet, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by emotions of longing and melancholy.

I suppose...

I suppose I just miss you.

[Alessandra continues to drink her tea in relative peace, but her armored hand shakes while these words are uttered.]

[Yes, this is an invitation to remember and talk about dead characters.]
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[And someone's going back to work in the hangar, with tons of chalkboards and computer terminals put up and everything.  Some have "PRIMEVAL FORCE" written on them.]

[public video]

Before I say anything else, yes, I'm up for this.  And whoever out there got me the designs for this-

[She taps her left temple, and her new eye glows blue for a few moments.  Don't worry, not the same color that Kairos Aspida units did.]

... Well, I'm finding myself thanking people a lot recently.  And this might be the best way to repay everyone if I'm not cleared for piloting duties.  I'm a scientist first, pilot and mechanic second, after all, and what we saw out there -most notably what happened to the Rushbird- and what Hixar's gotten for us has given me a lot of serious food for thought about how Primeval Force is channeled.

Additionally, while the Invaders were still a threat, there'd been some development in "Anti-Getter" Missiles... meant to essentially drain the Invaders of the surplus energy that was making them so difficult to dispose of.  I'm not going to say that Getter Rays and the Primeval Force are exactly the same, but it feels that the Force has more in common with it than, say, gasoline.  Between the two... maybe we can make a countermeasure of some sort.

But I won't promise anything, not when my magnum opus scientific creation is something so flawed, and especially not when all I'm working with is best guesses.  But it'll at least be something.  And anyone that can help... whether you've only just seen the Force in action or you've got your own theories and calculations, please by all means let's try to work this out together rather than separately.

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(Video: Backdated to after the 00/MML finale)

Ribbons Almark... Your desire to rule blinded you to Aeolia's plan for mankind. First contact with aliens may have come and gone, but perhaps next time, humanity will be able to initiate things properly. (Knowing his luck-haha, no)

Still... [he bows politely] Everyone, thank you for helping Celestial Being put an end to Ribbons's machinations. We would never have gotten this far without the support of the Chalice.

[His eyes are doing an interesting glowy trick.] This is far from our last mission, though. There is still much work to be done. I'll be there to help as best I can with the Exia and what else I can muster. Thank you. [And they've stopped. huh]

[Action: Present time]
A certain Newtype Bluenette is wandering the Arboretum...
So the Primeval Force was malevolent as I feared... [Kamille's trying to make sense of recent going ons, specifically the debacle at Warsaw] To be honest, I've no idea how you go about fighting a sentient energy being, and I don't suspect I'll make any headway on my own, either. Fighting Energy... How would you do that? Weaponized Entropy? [He's lost in his thoughts it seems. You should probably make sure he doesn't crash into something.]

[OOC: Joint post for Kamille and Setsuna. Put who your tagging in the header.]

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The final enemy has revealed itself...

The end of our struggle for peace is near, I can feel it. But...

How the heck are we supposed to find some sort of omnipotent primal energy source that seems to be the forefather of all exotic energy sources? For that matter, I'm not even sure we'd be able to hurt it!

Short of something genocidal as shutting down and destroying all the sources it would have for interacting with our world, I can't think of any permanent solution here. We no longer have LordGenome's Bio-Computer to help locate it. Absorbing it and containing it seems to make things explode. And if this is truly an omnipotent energy we're dealing with, there's a heavy probability that conventional weapons won't phase it, and exotic weapons will simply fuel it! Even if we did destroy it, wouldn't it have a similar effect to killing Artifex?

It seems lately we've been dealing with nothing but madmen and self-proclaimed gods lately...does anyone have any ideas for moving forward at this point?
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(Locked to Roads)

*Suddenly out of nowhere, no matter what you're doing, you're ambushed by a certain young girl.*

Mr. Roads, you're late!
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So... we have monsters from another reality on one hand, a manipulative energy being that wants genocide in the other, and in between all of this we have all kinds of maniacs and machines trying to murder everyone for their own selfish reasons or programming or something.

[Ryou's in the infirmary, maybe Petar was shooting to disable, but the explosions after and his hard landing injured him a bit.]

Well when all this is over and done with the world's going to be a much quieter place.

[Well, that's a surprising amount of optimism.]

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[Needless to say, Kurou is kind of kicking himself right now after what happened. Thanks to his 'kindness' Master Therion was able to come back to life and summon Yog-Sothoth. On top of all of that, someone he cared about was now dead. Yeah, he's kind of having a bad day.

He sits on the deck of the Chalice just firing round after round from both of his pistols rather absent-mindedly.]

Why did you even give me these Ennea?

[2 A bit later]

[Al appears on the comm, looking a bit better than Eibon was doing. She still looks pretty worried though.]

I know it's pointless to say anything about how tough this will be. I've seen for myself what you all can do; however, that is not my main concern.

If you do not know yet, Yog-Sothoth is connected to all points in time and space. Which means it will be impossible for us to know where it will lead us one we enter the gate. Once we pass through it we will travel throughout the entirety of every universe that exists.

[Al pauses for a moment.]

We will likely never be able to return to this universe.

[3 After Al's Announcement]

[After hearing the announcement Kurou only has one thing to say.]

...Just leave dealing with Master Therion to me.
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Well then. The situation intensifies. The short version is that all of Black Lodge and Cthulhu are defeated, but Master Therion is alive and soon, the gate of Yog-Sothoth will open, releasing hundreds of overpowered eldritch abominations on Earth. This could be stopped if we kill Therion, but he happens to be behind the gate himself. We have a few weeks at most.

Shall we give up? Hell no. I've already seen some pretty dire things and didn't give up then. We know almost everything about Master Therion now, and Maxene has some information to share as well. Knowledge is power... And, as a scientist, all my power comes from knowledge! Soon, we should have a plan to stop Therion for good; to break the cycle of his constant rebirth. This is not the end for humanity; it's merely the beginning of another huge challenge ahead of us. But since when does that stop White Chalice?

[Prometheus, who's lounging nearby in a small pool of regeneration-increasing liquid like it was a jacuzzi, raises a sign in response to the speech. It reads: 7/10.]
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 [Eibon is not a particularly "social" person, so it's a bit surprising to see something of an announcement from her.]

Everyone, I...

...I am sorry. I have failed you, and all mankind.

Those of you with weaker minds should consider suicide. What comes after Yog-Sothoth heralds the rest of his kin from outside time into this world will...not be something you want to stick around for.

[That's it for her extremely glum announcement. Later, Eibon can be seen in the arboretum, tending to some plants.]
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It's a battle over the Pacific Ocean, where the gigantic fleshy blob of Cthulhu floats over the continent of R'lyeh, trying to raise it! While a small group breaks into the inside of the evil god, the rest of us has to face its minions! There are individually weak, but incredibly numerous! Enemies encountered include:

Destroyer Robots - oldschool robots straight from a 60s movie, but mecha sized. They are varied but most can fly and shoot some kind of missiles or beams.
Deep Ones - fish-faced humanoid abominations from the sea! They vary in size from human to giant robot-sized. Some possess extra mutations.
Dagon- and Hydra-lookalikes - slug-like monsters the size of a small battleship. Disgusting.
Cthulhu's tentacles - the blob cannot spam lasers in its current state, but it still has lots of tentacles it tries to use for melee.

We're not alone in this battle, various organizations are helping out as well! Also, Metatron and Sandalphon are going through their duel nearby, but that's not a part of the giant battle and Metatron seems to be winning anyway.
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The sword of Isaac Sinclair, a family blade that was carried into battle for many centuries, lies on a black sheet of cloth, shattered into several fragments.

Is there any who will attempt to reforge it?


The fortunes of the Sinclair family are secured, their future assured:

But who will seek to carry the one of them who made it possible home?
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 Inside a small belgian cafe, a young woman waits.

She has some coffee, a newspaper, and a little electronic go board to keep her company while she waits. Her hands move quickly, placing a black piece here, a white one there, then clearing the board and starting over again. Even as she reads, she moves across the board with the speed of a skilled player.

People stare at her as they enter-something about her face seems wrong, as though she is afflicted with some strange illness. But they pass quickly enough, moving on to their business. It's rude to stare, and none have been who she's waiting for.

She's going to be late...No, that's rude of me. It's going to be late? They did leave for Mars, all of a sudden...I hope nothing bad happened.

...Something bad definitely happened, but still, should be alright.

Note to self: Invent better pronouns...
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[Its a while after the team returned from the disastrous mission to Mars and... it seems Cora is alone. In fact not hide nor hair can be seen of Scythe or a majority of the Dullahan equipment.]

Dishonorably Discharged. The team's been shuffled back into the military and most of the gear's been appropriated. Since I'm the only ranking officer left on Dullahan, the Military decided to hit me with the worst of it. Heh.. its pretty funny that Ulysses deals held though.

[She turns the hilt of the Sinclair family sword in her hand and regards the broken blade with exhaustion.]

So... what's up?


Jan. 24th, 2014 09:01 pm
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[Tobia is watching a news bulletin. What is it about? Conflicts being ended; it's about how OZ and White Fang ceased hostilities. And Le Garite and De Metrio. And the Moonrace. And how A-LAWS stopped fighting and are probably getting disbanded. White Chalice's is not mentioned once, but its involvement is heavily hinted at between the lines.]

That Treize guy kept his promise after all! I knew we made the right decision.

Humans are violent by nature, but somehow we're closer to world peace than ever! Terrorist groups are still present, but from ongoing conflicts, isn't only the fight between the Clans left? Maybe, when all of humanity is at peace, Kairos Aspida will seek peaceful cooperation as well.
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1. (Open)
[While she was carried back to the Chalice in an unconscious state, Neptune's transformation had completely deactivated as well. She's been looked at in the infirmary though, and yes: she is awake now, albeit with most of her body covered in bandages. This includes one side of her face for some reason.]

...In case you guys were wondering about it - getting hit by one of those beams HURTS.

[Something is off, however. The bits and pieces of armor that were blasted apart by Ali's attack are next to her, on the floor. These pieces didn't get dismissed along with her transformation this time...why could that be?]


2. (Locked to Kurou for tradition's sake)
[You may be anywhere in the ship. The Arboretum, a random hallway, perhaps. But there is a feeling you're getting now; something like Deja Vu...]


3. (Open - takes place a day or so after 2)
Cut for frontdating )
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[Pre "Operation Avenger]

[1] [Locked to Traitors Only]

Even from within the tunnels carved deep into the mesa, Isaac can still hear the wind howling outside.

Walking alongside his fellow traitor, he stares straight ahead without flinching, only stepping to the side as gas-masked soldiers and...other things pass by.

"Who are you taking me to?" He asks his superior quietly.
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[Lan just finished receiving a message from her home planet of La Garite. And for once, she looks really happy.]

A miracle just happened. The flowers of Rin-ne changed trajectories of La Garite and De Metrio - the change is slight, but big enough so they won't impact each other. The solution to the problem came from a most unexpected direction.

Now we can focus on rebuilding relations between the two kingdoms. Brother is... in no condition to do anything like that at the moment. Someone has to take his place. So...

I'm afraid... this is goodbye.

I am sorry that I have to leave Earth behind while there are still so many problems that need to be fixed. But I will not be far away! If you ever need me for anything, I will return as fast as I can. And La Garite ships are really fast!

I promise.
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[Shortly after that whole world ending darkness problem was solved a new Vox makes it's way into the hangar of the Chalice. When it opens several people come tumbling out of it. Including Madoka, Lan, Muginami, and some new girl who buggers off quickly to hang out with the stooges.

Meanwhile, Madoka can now actually look at the combined Vox and is in awe.]

Wow, so this is what it looks like.


[Later Madoka is cooking up a storm in the kitchen to celebrate everything finally going well.]

It's been so long.

[There are mountains upon mountains of burgers being churned out by her. Try one?]


[Locked to Lan and Muginami]

So...what are you guys going to do now?
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[A certain someone's in the infirmary, weak but in a stable condition.  Her lungs, along with some of the more fragile muscles are pretty badly off but... to say nothing of the massive gash on the left side of her face that's taken her eye and forced me to flip the image because goddammit nothing can ever be easy in the world of using PBs and then finding out there's this awesome hospitalization pic of a character that goes great with what you had planned for them.

[It's not until hours after she's returned to the Chalice that her one good eye finally begins to open up.  Lights.  Ceiling.  The kind of pain that lets her know she's somehow survived the Izanami Virus...]

I'm... alive.

[No telling how long she'll be conscious.  But she's at least going to try to get something out before going under again...]

[Public video]

Everyone... thank you.

I don't know what happened out there after Typhon's attack but... we must've won, right?  Typhon and Takeda and everyone else've been stopped and it's just one less threat to worry about.

Neptune, Ichitaka, Richard... everyo-

[Aaaand coughing fit again.  Her lungs are still a mess, and her heartfelt video's going to have to be cut short.  Though you can still say something back to her, be it in person or by video!]


[Public video]

[And on top of that, a new face onboard the Chalice!  Well, new face, old friend, because...]

Everyone, this is R speaking.

[In human form!  With an actual voice!]

I never thought I'd have to adopt this form, the gynoid recreation of Greta Wagner, again.  I didn't even think it would be possible.  As it so happens though, it turned out that it had survived the incidents at the Tritech Labs.  A mixed blessing, I suppose.  As much as I hate this body and the identity it represents, it can at least let me keep a closer eye on Lynn while she recovers.  Afterwards I'm just going to throw it in a closet and never even think about using it again unless I need it, which I someday might.

As for what happened out there, what I did?

I don't have any regrets.  In the end, Alice was just a weapon.  One that could talk and had a twisted equivalent of human feelings... but something that needed to be stopped.  And so that's exactly what I did.

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*Rock is uncouncious from this battle, and his armor is badly mangled, and his body is hurt badly. But instead of letting the medic team or the crying Roll handles him, the mysterious woman asks everyone to let her handle him. She's doing something to him with Data, the mysterious robot monkey.

C'mon, MegaMan! If you fall asleep, you'll never wake up again! Open your eyes, I thought I might be able to contact you.

He's badly damaged by Geetz' attack, I'm rebuilding him, using Data's memory to restore his program. There's no other choice, it seems that it's finally the time for him to learn the truth.

1. *Rock is finally awake, but his eyes seems... different. Whether beside his bed, or somewhere else, he confides to you the truth.*

I remember... everything now. The mother lode, the keys... The ancients... My name is... was... Megaman Trigger.

cut for long backstory )

2.*Rock sits on the deck, watching the sky, as Roll came.*

I finished the weapon from your memory... Rock... or should I call you Trigger, now? It's so powerful, it almost frightens me...

*Rock opens and closes his hand, and looks toward the sky.*

I know. It also frightens me. So that is what I used to be? Who am I now? Am I Megaman Trigger, or Rock Volnutt?
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[1] [Backdated to before the TTGL Finale]

[Everyone. There's a familiar figure on board the Chalice once more, parking his motorbike onto his old space and walking towards you. He sidesteps a short distance as he passes by the mess that was the West-Tesla labs that was most likely still being fixed after the fiasco that happened last time. With a small grin he removes the biker goggles he was wearing, and as he gets closer? Well you'll notice a few differences about him - that being he has a mechanical arm now.]

Well. I'd certainly have to say you've all been living a little messier since I left.

[2] [After the TTGL Finale.]

[Sam was out of his suit, bandaged and practicing pretty hard now. For everyone who was or wasn't there, you'd know that he went out to fight the Anti-Spiral on foot - which by all accounts was something certifiably insane to do.]


[The samurai flicks the blade lightly and watches as the light shines off its lustrous, sinister red sheen. He looks very satisfied... then grimaces a little as he inspects a thoroughly carved up dummy.]

This is going to take a lot longer than I want it to.

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[Lan is fidgeting a bit. Which is potentially dangerous for a clumsy person like her, since she's carrying tools like hammers and nails at the moment, not to mention a big sheet of rolled up paper.]

I know it may not be the most opportune moment, between an epic battle with anti-spiral forces that threatened to destroy all living beings, and Rock's recent... misadventures.

But our friends are going to depart from Earth really soon, and Madoka and others of the Jersey Club decided to prepare a small surprise before their departure. Would you be willing to help?


At least I think you may call them friends. It is somewhat complicated.

[The "we saved the world hooray and also good-bye for some people" party is all set up! We have balloons, big signs that go "thank you for everything", delicious food... and last but not the least, the three stooges for whom the party was for!]


[Kirius, Izo and Array stand in the middle of it all, surprised and speechless. Well, technically only Kirius and Array depart for De Metrio - Izo decided to stay on Earth to study cooking. But that means the three stooges are not only saying good-bye to White Chalice and Kamogawa, but also to each other!]

[Do you have anything to say, or do you wait and place bets on who starts to cry first?]
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[Dated sometime after the TTGL finale]

1. Simon and Rossiu's world is fascinating! To think that technology evolved around faces and drills...and that there are humans with animal characteristics, Tesla would have a field day with them...And to think that Simon's the President of Earth! I had no idea...

2. [The following is a shipwide transmission to all those "scientifically gifted" on the ship. I'll leave it up to you to decide if that applies to your character or not, but keep in mind that this is Yuu. He views Tesla and West as "gifted", just as much as actual smart, sciency people. Dan himself will also get it, as his resources are needed.]

Something that the Anti-Spiral said during the battle...about the potential of Spiral Energy synergizing with other energy sources. It's been bugging me. Something in my gut tells me that this is somehow related to Primeval I propose a series of tests, in the name of SCIENCE! I humbly request a proper list of all the unique and foreign energy sources that we've seen so far, such as Getter Rays, Photonic Power, Plasma-X, GN Particles, etc. There's got to be some kind of common resonance between them, and Spiral Power is likely the key to figuring it out...I just know it!
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(Post TTGL Finale)

Matthew had spent much of the battle with the Anti-Spiral hidden away in Gurren's cockpit, mustering his determination quietly and silently, a source of Spiral Energy that the Anti-Spiral wouldn't notice or take into account.

But then...during that final clash, that Final Drill Break, an inner barrier, a limiter of some kind had broken down, and Matthew had truly felt the Spiral flow through him.

Post mission, as he disembarks from the Gurren aboard White Chalice, he looks stunned, short of breath, with his heart racing.

"Simon, that how you feel all the time?" He asks softly.


(To be added later)
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[Locked to Rock Volnutt and people who help him find the fourth key.]

After an (offscreen, but surprisingly complication-less for once!) adventure in Calinca City ruins, you finally have it - the fourth and final Key to the Motherlode! Now you can unlock its secrets, and an unlimited energy source is yours, hopefully to be used for the betterment of humanity.

There is however a slight complication. As you return, there are two individuals waiting for you. You remember the girl from a while ago on the Forbidden Island, but who is her bodyguard?

Dialogue )
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 [Yggdrasil. A secretive city in the alps, a new utopia for the world's best and brightest. A shining new city for the great to live and work in.

Now it is a prison. The rooms that Alice has cordoned off Caulder in are huge-part of an old botanical research facility. The gardens are beautiful, though the living space is rather thrown-together, with just a bed set up in what was meant to be a break room. A familiar face shows up on the TV in the impromptu bedroom, along with her voice.]

Hey...You haven't been eating.

Come on, your soup's going to get cold...
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[Lynn's making her way through the medical tents and whatnot that the Britannian military's set up after the operation.  She's mainly here to pay her respects to Dice... but along the way she's noticing more than a few strange gizmos that doctors and military officials are looking at.]

That freak said it could release the disease anywhere?

It's airborne, dammit... and we've seen what it can do to people!  And we're running out of convenient cures for the damn thing!
  At least with ventilators we can keep people from dying without making the disease stronger!

But it's just a stopgap measure.  If they lose power or -hell- some idiot flips the wrong switch they won't even be able to breath.  Either way they'll be casualties

[Iron lungs.  They're talking about those archaic things as a way to let people infected by the Izanami Virus continue to go on at least a little while longer.  Reducing people to live in big metal tubes as their bodies waste away...  Without even realizing it Lynn's balling her hands up into fists.]

Typhon... !


[And what's R doing?  Well, REVIVAL's pacing back and forth in the hangar, its body language reeking of frustration-]

This isn't doing enough for me.

[-Before sitting down in frustration.]

I don't know how to unwind from this.  There've been bad times before but...

Losing more of the Dullahans like that...!

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Since the Sanc intervention, Bernie has been out of combat. Who remembered that Bernie was a new Zaku? Which made its debut when the Chalice "went berserk".

So far, his first couple trials has been a success. He's sitting in between the Zaku's shoulder and head, just contemplating]

"I'm actually pretty proud of myself," he said, patting the Zaku's head.


Jan. 14th, 2014 11:13 pm
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Why are robots who want to become humans messed up so often? As if being a robot meant you are somehow less of a person. That's offensive.

Typhon does not deserve to be called either. For the civilians who died in Madrid, and for the soldiers who died now... If I meet him again, I will destroy him. He didn't manage to spread the Izanami Virus today, but he will if he gets another chance. I won't give him that.
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...I'm going after Isaac.

[Richard makes his intent pretty clear and simple as he starts packing some of his stuff, food and supplies already stuffed into a backpack. At his workbench, he briefly hesitates as he picks up his sword... but straps it to his side anyway.]

I've got some idea of where he might go, and I've things to check on anyway.

[Richard seems pretty determined, anything you might have to say?]


For a place being fortified, wasn't that hard to get in...

[Richard muses as he steps towards the Sinclair household, though admittedly even Britannian special forces did not typically have the might of magic at their command.

He stares up at the aged building for a bit, wondering if the people inside had ever really met a - as they would call him - 'Norman' before...

Well, as he knocked on the door, time to find out.]
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[Cora remains in her armor - seated upon a pile of boxes with both fists pressed against the front of her helmet. Dice was still laid up in the infirmary and had lost a lot of blood but he'd recover. Dagger was making a report to Ulysses about the whole situation in Cora's stead and Scythe was holed up somewhere. Probably beating herself up about not being able to keep from being locked down by Isaac.]

...Just what the hell happened....Mongrel... Oxide... Appletree...

[The Sinclair family sword laid close by, still stained thoroughly from Last Stage's blood. Cora herself had more than a few injuries. Yet she still hadn't relinquished her armor for repairs nor attended to her own wounds.]

And now those bastards are on Mars.... goddamnit... what am I even doing...

[But at least the populace remained unharmed... god only knows what could have happened and-]



[She was startled, didn't they drop everyone off just before the mission once they were sure it was safe? She didn't really have much time to think as there was a light clunk against her armor as her son hugged her tightly.]

Mum, they just said you got back and I saw one of your friends get pulled away on one of those hospital cart things and I tried looking for you there but they didn't say you were there and I tried to find you all over the place and-

[Lucas was just belting out the words in a frantic manner, getting exceedingly more out of breath, Cora's helmet pulled open and she gave her son a comforting smile.]

Lucas... Lucas... calm down... breath... its okay. I'm alright... I just got scratched a few times... its not so bad.

But Mum, you're bleeding! You got holes in your fancy space suit thing... We need to find the ships nurse!

[Everyone will be treated to the sight of a young boy barely in his teens trying his damndest to tug a grown woman in power armor off her seat to find someone to help with her wounds. Cora doesn't even look embarrassed at all.]


[Cora's bandaged up after finally relenting to Lucas' frantic attempts to get her into the infirmary and downright exhausting himself with his futile tugs. Now out of her armor, she and her son were relaxing in front of a TV, watching some old television show from what you could tell and enjoying some sandwiches. Peanut butter and Jam from the looks of it, there was an entire plate full of them off to the side too. Despite the horrific stress and losses taken during the mission, Cora seemed surprisingly at peace - and Lucas just looked quite happy to be by his mother's side.]

Hey... do you want to join us? I think after the day we all had, you could use the rest too.

[She motions lightly with her mechanical arm to the empty space next to her.]

[3a] [Locked to Roads]

[After a while Cora  found someone to look after Lucas for a while. For her own reasons she was going to look for someone on the ship to talk to.]

Roads?... Could you spare a while for me?

[3b] [Babysitting] [Anyone who isn't Cynthia.]

[Whoever you are, you've been tasked by Cora to look after her son while she handles some private business. He's been pretty energetic and was asking you questions non-stop and often looking around wherever you're with him with much excitement. Hm... maybe he had too many of those sandwiches.]

[4] [The Squad]

[Dice, Dagger, Scythe. Along with Cora they're all that's left of the team. Dagger remained silent as he looked over the post battle report he was going to send to HQ, Scythe was cradling her gun... and Dice?]

Mongrel... that idiot... I can't believe it... he just... why did he.... god... what are we gonna tell his mother? I heard she was just starting to get lucid again!

[Dice was agonizing over the loss of his friend. He may have been an jerk, but Mongrel was their jerk.]

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[So after finally setting the Moonrace on the right track, and ending the war between them and the Militia, and sealing away the Turn X for hopefully several thousands years, Loran looks the most relaxed he ever has in a while. Which kind of takes Sochie and Kihel!Dianna by a bit of surprise.]

[Right now he's seeing the Earthrace off and saying farewells to his ladies.]

You're not coming home?

You're job is over now you know. You can finally live in peace.

I know, but I rather stick it out with the Chalice and Turn A.
Feel kind of obligated at this point to see it all the way through.

By example with the power I now have I'll show everyone, that Black History Gym was going on about, I'll use the Turn A to make sure it never happens.

Of course...I'll be waiting for you-

WE'LL be waiting for you. So don't die out there, got it "Laura"?

Haha, don't worry, I'm not going to die before I see you two again. I just wouldn't be able to live with that.

[Sochie punches him in the arm and they all hug before leaving back to NPC land until he can go back and help rebuild the Hiems business. Because fuck the ending, lets be polygamous.]

[Anyways with that done Loran stands and stares at the Turn A being all chipper and what not.]
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1. *Rock's crew can be seen preparing stuffs in the hangar. Various kind of items are lain on a table and scattered on the floor, munitions, food, mining equipments, maps, and Rock is stuffing them into a giant backpack. Roll can be seen tinkering with Rock's powered armor and weaponries, while Data is well... dancing as usual.*

We're near Calinca city. According to our research, the fourth key should be in a ruin near that city. Can you believe it? Soon we'll have all the four keys, and the Mother Lode will be in humanity's reach!

The Mother Lode...  Unlimited energy...

It's the holy grail for countless generation of diggers. Hope... Despair… Charity… Greed… Duty… Power... Who can say what truly motivates us diggers?

But currently, humanity is not in a really good condition, isn't it? What with everyone at each others' throat and everything. I know I'm just a simple digger, who is relatively small in the scheme of things, but I still want to help the world. I'm still not sure what the Mother Lode's shape would be, but I sincerely hope it will help leading us toward a better future.

2. *You are in Calinca city now. It's a small mining town, and Rock is currently running around the city,  buying things for preparation for his incursion into the final ruin. The only remarkable thing in the town is a big statue in the middle of the town. It's a statue of a winged goddess with two faces. You stumble onto Rock under it.

"Two goddesses, the same yet different.  One goddess to rule the heavens above, one to rule the earth below.  She of the earth guards the key, she of the sky guards the record of the ages.  When the sky goddess lifts up her voice, all shall end, and all shall begins."

Is written on the base of the statue.*

Interesting statue, right? There's apparently a legend in this town.

The legends say that long ago, the world was watched over by two goddesses.  One guarded the Keys of the land, the other protected the gates of the sky...One day, when the goddess of the sky came to borrow the Keys from the goddess of the earth, they argued, and the sky goddess was imprisoned by the earth goddess...

Keys and Goddesses... Such a curious legend...
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[Red Frame is moving around the deck. Not the hangar - it needs a lot of space, to swing that oversized sword around!

But look, this time something is different. Gerbera Straight II is held only in Astray's right hand. The left arm's Powered upgrade is absent, showing the normal not-lifting Red Frame arm normally hidden underneath.]

Shaky... very shaky. Looks like I need both arms to wield it in battle with any effect.

But how will I make a replacement on such a short notice? Either way, the fight for Earth's sake is not over yet. You just refuse to give up, Red Frame, don't you?

I feel the same way.

[Lowe leaves the cockpit and will just lie down on the deck, hands behind his head, looking at the sky, his mobile suit, White Chalcie around him.]

It's been a long time, huh.
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Isaac Sinclair is up on the Chalice deck in the wee hours of the morning, performing sword drills as rosy fingers of dawn stretch out over the horizon.

His strokes are large, brutal and scything, meant to cleave enemies in half. And yet, as he performs this ruthless form of combat...he seems to be calm, collected and at peace.

"By heavenly Jove, Jehovah, and Andraste..." He says quietly, winding down and starring at the rising sun. "Let my blade strike true, and let her hold her living son in her arms again..."



Isaac is calling his mother in one of the Chalice's comm booths, hopping up and down on the balls of his beat as he listens to the dial tone. Finally, someone picks up on the other end.

"Mother Sinclair!" He calls out. "Oh, so many marvelous thing have happened last we talked! I know not where to start, but I think that at last, after so long, good fortune's c–!"

A sharp, muffled voice cuts him off. Isaac winces, then listens. And from the outside you can see his face turn pale.

"Oh Gods."



Isaac sends a general comm transmission to everyone aboard the White Chalice...with the exception of Cora.

He looks really wild-eyed...and a bit gaunt.

Read more... )


[Locked to all but one]

Read more... )
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So you oversized, red skinned goggled lummox, we can finally come to two agreements. You stay on YOUR end and I'll stay on MINE, and we will not interfere with each other's work unless it encroaches onto the other's workspace where we will be allowed to utterly decimate it as the offended party sees fit.

AND. To ensure THAT nothing like that HORRIBLE HORRIBLE incident THAT we will NEVER speak of AGAIN ever HAPPENS. We will NEVER AGAIN even ATTEMPT anything RELATED to BREACHING into other REALITIES! I.... AGREEEEEE!

[The two exchange a gentlemanly handshake and turn around - returning to their respective workstations.]

Near sighted, clumsy, organ mucking, overbite laden imbecile.

Rotten, MEMORY damaged, tone DEAF, metal PANDERING twit.

[Now that the two have finally settled down to a degree we may finally have some peace.]


[Or maybe not.]

I don't even want to know what happened here. Robo.

[What happened at the joint West-Tesla labs you ask? Well... you see Tesla was working on an experimental plant growth serum. One of West's experiments rattled the lab a little and had Tesla dump his entire beaker of the serum onto his test plants. There are now vines wreaking chaos upon the two and anyone who is close enough. Thankfully the tech crew had long avoided the lab space and there is also helpful warning tape cordoning off the area. Elsa is at the considerably more peaceful side facepalming.]

[On the other end you see Professor Tesla being thrown about by the vines and occasionally meeting a table, or wall, or floor or being swept across one of the aforementioned surfaces. Doctor West fares no better, having attempted to re-enact Apocalpse Now on the overgrown plants. They were entertained by the idea and wanted to re-enact it as well. The vines now bearing flamethrowers and tormenting West with them who was now running around screaming with both lab coat and hair on fire. You can see a few vegetables with teeth bouncing out of the growths and seeking to sneak out of the quarantine zone.]

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[One very dissatisfied goddess is taking out her frustrations on the stomping it repeatedly. She has very good reason to, though, especially after just recovering from the incident with Tixy...and now...]

You've gotta be -kidding- me! Again?!

My name isn't just a placeholder for a surprise character appearance - that's not fair!

Worst. Running. Gag. Ever!

((OOC: This is more of a reaction post, so replies are not necessary. But feel free to anyway.))
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Well...alls well that ends well, I suppose! And we have SCIENCE to thank for salvaging what would have been a forgettable and almost pitiful finale into some kind of god-beating mass of true finale boss. On that note...does anyone know a good lawyer? Preferably one that's hot blooded and passionate about JUSTICE? And works for cheap?

2. Yuu's brooding in his room...his cries of anguish are anything but muted, anyone walking by can hear his hammy laments.

"This whole time, I've been such a fool...everything that EVIL, my whole relationship with Oishi,'s all been because I've blindly followed the path of JUSTICE. Always playing hero and acting courageous...pushing my ideals on everyone without a second thought...have I chosen the wrong path?"

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[Right after the mission and the craziness with the dimensional diver.... there's just one question on Lynn's mind.]

Just... how much of a difference is there between proper science and... "SCI-ENCE"?

[Yeah, that word comes out awkwardly.]

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[There's another familiar face returning to the Chalice after the previous mission. Nebula looks rather lonely without his siblings with him but Miki herself seems to be enjoying herself.]

Ah, there's nothing quite like coming back to this place.
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This alternate reality-hopping adventure... It was certainly something. For better or for worse, I don't think I will forget about it anytime soon. Or ever.

It was also exactly what I needed. I'm feeling alright now. And it's time to get to work... We have several important matters to resolve and a madman to stop, after all. I'm sure I can help with devising a plan somehow.

Texotic, Coztic... Watch me.
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I can't help but suspect there were better ways I could have handled that wish.

At least we won't have any more invulnerable villains, though.


Jan. 7th, 2014 12:02 pm
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[After the battle with the Turn-X luger has been missing the whole time. Was he sulking over the loss of the chance to finally be healthy for the first time in his life? Was he plotting the fall of Leopold, possibly literally to make the Prince of Ruba hurt his nose by landing facefirst on the floor? Or was he just smoking as many cartons of cigarettes? Who can say...]

[However it seems when you step into a bathroom for any reason whatsoever you find your foot meeting something distinctly unpleasantly cold. It was also uneven and very pinchy. The Floor is apparently crabs. Lots of them. And by opening the door they're going to other parts of the room.]

[Have fun trying to deal with this new infestation. At least its less noisy compared to the gerbil infestation Luger planned out last time... of course that incident was a lot more adorable as well given the whole - gerbils painted like your mecha with tiny cutouts of you tied to their backs.]


[Luger himself was just smoking off in some corner of the ship with several boxes that stank of a fish market. Now we know where the crabs came from. He was sitting next to a pot with what appeared to be spares, a mallet and some cutlery. With him was a sickly looking gerbil and a crab that was feasting on the remains of its kin. With butter.]

[He doesn't seem to notice you as he calmly puts a poorly drawn cut out of Leopold on a freshly cooked crab before repeatedly bashing it on the face with the tiny mallet. He lets out a relieved sigh as if it helped him feel much better about the whole situation.]