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[Pre "Last Falcon, Last Raven"]


A comm message comes in on the datapads of two particular people, sent by their fellow brigadier!

"Simon the Digger! Commander Rossiu! Could me with something?"

[2] [Open to All]

Matthew has dragged a whiteboard out into the middle of the hanger, underneath his personal Battlemech, and has been frantically scrawling things onto it in an attempt at brainstorming.

The main caption of the doodle, written above in huge, block letters, is "War Leader Matthew's Passionate Jade Falcon War Ending Stratagem!"

Below are lots of illegible scrawls, notes, diagrams, military statistics, and doodles of tiny robots and gigantic drills.

Matthew is standing before this 'diagram' and frowning. Severely so. Dare to interject or comment?
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(Post TTGL Finale)

Matthew had spent much of the battle with the Anti-Spiral hidden away in Gurren's cockpit, mustering his determination quietly and silently, a source of Spiral Energy that the Anti-Spiral wouldn't notice or take into account.

But then...during that final clash, that Final Drill Break, an inner barrier, a limiter of some kind had broken down, and Matthew had truly felt the Spiral flow through him.

Post mission, as he disembarks from the Gurren aboard White Chalice, he looks stunned, short of breath, with his heart racing.

"Simon, that how you feel all the time?" He asks softly.


(To be added later)
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*You see an announcement posted in front of Herb's Clubroom*

"Open for Public.

This Friday is Gentlemen Adventurer's Club's Boardgame Night! We'll be playing Castles and Cockatrices 13.5th edition game mastered by yours truly, the president. Bring a sixth level character that you're not attached too much!

Feel free to take a copy of a character sheet inside and a rulebook copy in case you need to refresh your memory about the rules!"

*Of course you know that Castles and Cockatrices is a popular fantasy pen-and-paper rpg.  The way this game still exists now in the age of virtual reality and giant robot shows how ubiquitous and popular the game is. If you read the rulebook, it's simple enough, with standard fantasy classes and races and all that jazz.*

1. Discuss about his plan?

2.The game night. It's a mingle thread. Feel free to join anytime, comment about the game, introduce your fantasy characters, and talk both uh... in character and out of character.... with your character...

Feel free to jump into the thread and comment at any time. Or act even if your fantasy character haven't been introduced.
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[Post "The Four Generals"]

[1] [Open to All]

In the aftermath of the great battle against the Beastmen and their Four Generals (which wound up being really good for Earthrace/Moonrace relations), the wreckage of Do Ten Kai Zen fell to earth, save for a single intact piece of machinery, a gleaming sphere that rose from the wreckage of the infuriating Cytomander's component flagship...and caught by the grasping arms of Dai-Gurren.

After a bit of analysis, headscratching, and desperate guess-work, Dai-Gurren has been powered down... so that a team of technicians and assistants can attach the Levisphere to Dai-Gurren's frame and grant it the power of flight!

A day or so into the process, Matthew takes a break to escort a small gaggle of guests (most notably, some Naval Officers from Clan Goliath Scorpion) through the hallways of Dai-Gurren, showing off both the ship and the installation process.

"...there are many facets to this Beastmen-built ship, particularly the small tunnels, that still elude comprehension. Nevertheless, Dai-Gurren, today and tomorrow, shall continue to be a fearsome weapons for justice and life on earth..."

But what are Simon, Rossiu, and the rest of the Gurren Brigade doing while Matthew waves the tourist flag about? Who else has decided to check things out with the tour group, or even help out with the Levisphere installation process?

[2] [Closed to Gurren Brigade/people with CR to Gurren Brigade Members.]

After a lot of sweat, the installation is complete. All that remains is to see if the darn thing works.

On the bridge, Matthew, looking exhausted, takes a step back and to the right, standing at military attention as his seniors enter.

"Commander Simon, Vice Commander Rossiu...the Dai-Gurren is ready for liftoff."

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