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17: To unlock desperately need potential!

[Pre "Last Falcon, Last Raven"]


A comm message comes in on the datapads of two particular people, sent by their fellow brigadier!

"Simon the Digger! Commander Rossiu! Could me with something?"

[2] [Open to All]

Matthew has dragged a whiteboard out into the middle of the hanger, underneath his personal Battlemech, and has been frantically scrawling things onto it in an attempt at brainstorming.

The main caption of the doodle, written above in huge, block letters, is "War Leader Matthew's Passionate Jade Falcon War Ending Stratagem!"

Below are lots of illegible scrawls, notes, diagrams, military statistics, and doodles of tiny robots and gigantic drills.

Matthew is standing before this 'diagram' and frowning. Severely so. Dare to interject or comment?
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So this is your plan?

...I can't read anything from it.
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Same idea as before then. I don't know why it required so many diagrams.

Wait. The whole army? On your own?
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Maybe you should make sure you're not alone when you give them that offer.