Jan. 18th, 2014

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[Dated sometime after the TTGL finale]

1. Simon and Rossiu's world is fascinating! To think that technology evolved around faces and drills...and that there are humans with animal characteristics, Tesla would have a field day with them...And to think that Simon's the President of Earth! I had no idea...

2. [The following is a shipwide transmission to all those "scientifically gifted" on the ship. I'll leave it up to you to decide if that applies to your character or not, but keep in mind that this is Yuu. He views Tesla and West as "gifted", just as much as actual smart, sciency people. Dan himself will also get it, as his resources are needed.]

Something that the Anti-Spiral said during the battle...about the potential of Spiral Energy synergizing with other energy sources. It's been bugging me. Something in my gut tells me that this is somehow related to Primeval Force...so I propose a series of tests, in the name of SCIENCE! I humbly request a proper list of all the unique and foreign energy sources that we've seen so far, such as Getter Rays, Photonic Power, Plasma-X, GN Particles, etc. There's got to be some kind of common resonance between them, and Spiral Power is likely the key to figuring it out...I just know it!
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[Lan is fidgeting a bit. Which is potentially dangerous for a clumsy person like her, since she's carrying tools like hammers and nails at the moment, not to mention a big sheet of rolled up paper.]

I know it may not be the most opportune moment, between an epic battle with anti-spiral forces that threatened to destroy all living beings, and Rock's recent... misadventures.

But our friends are going to depart from Earth really soon, and Madoka and others of the Jersey Club decided to prepare a small surprise before their departure. Would you be willing to help?


At least I think you may call them friends. It is somewhat complicated.

[The "we saved the world hooray and also good-bye for some people" party is all set up! We have balloons, big signs that go "thank you for everything", delicious food... and last but not the least, the three stooges for whom the party was for!]


[Kirius, Izo and Array stand in the middle of it all, surprised and speechless. Well, technically only Kirius and Array depart for De Metrio - Izo decided to stay on Earth to study cooking. But that means the three stooges are not only saying good-bye to White Chalice and Kamogawa, but also to each other!]

[Do you have anything to say, or do you wait and place bets on who starts to cry first?]