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Dark Penguin Rising

1.[She's been around for a little while, having returned just as Cthulhu up and did...Cthulhu things. But you still might not have gotten a chance to talk to the bakaribbons after her return, or just missed her, or something. Still, Haruka's aggressively friendly, so she'll be all up in your business sooner or later.]

Hey! What's up?

[And I do mean aggressive. She'll hunt you down! With gifts!]

2. [maybe some other time, Haruka can be found alone, reviewing footage from the White Chalice's battles over the past year.]

Aaaah...It seems they've been having a lot of fun without me. I should have come back sooner.

[There is a certain...fondness to her voice, like you might expect from a cat playing with a mouse.]

I thought it was going to be so vexing to have to help save the world again, but you know, I think I've missed this kind of fun...

[She also doesn't seem to have noticed you.]
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Ah, is it noy my dearest student! I am overcome with feelings of nostalgia.
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Let us celebrate like in times past, as a champion and her protege, the pilot of a gravity-punching machinarium.

Oh my, might you have something for me?
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Merchandise? Might you be talking about goods and perishables?
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Aha, a miniature of yourself, my dear student!

[Sorry Haruka, Alessandra is already browsing through the loot energetically. And she produces a figure - a rather scantily clad one.]
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By all means - I am sure he will be most pleased to remember you even during your absence, seeing your presence immortalized in such an object.

[Alessandra inspects the figure with an inquisitive gaze, turning it around in her hands and observing from every angle.]

Ha ha, how realistic!
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By all means. I shall not utter a word for Ichitaka so as not to spoil the surprise.

But we both shall know that I was the one who saw the present first.
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[Well a certain bird just stands there, frozen in place. That tone of voice was kind of worrying.]

...are you rehearsing for a show or something?
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[There's the Haruka he knows. The bird offers the penguin a hand up.]

Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
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So uh...

[This was kind of awkward.]

You sounded like you were really getting into watching that footage.
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[You monster.]

Sorry, was it rude to eavesdrop like that?
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Don't worry about it. I kind of knew what I was getting into when I decided to fall in love with an idol.

[He still pulls Haruka into a hug though.]

Although...I don't think it's bad to be selfish from time to time.
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[Yeah, she saw her friend on the battlefield, that was one thing. But it was good to know that Miki wasn't the only idol who was staying around though!

[She's just gonna hug you, Haruka. Man it's been too long.]
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I know, I know... and we all seem to take breaks from the Chalice, only to wind up meeting each other here later anyways!

Staying around like Miki then?
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I know what you mean...

... And you were there in the beginning, weren't you? The incident in San Fransisco, or what's left of it.
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Yeah... that was... really cra-

Wait. You were WHERE?!?
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Clumsy's one thing, Haruka... but how did...

Normal clumsiness does not lead to people being thrown in prison! Otherwise all the jails would be jam packed, especially in the case of Irgelions trying to learn new things!
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[The Rabbit Hole just keeps going deeper, Haruka. You can practically hear Julia's brain straining with this revelation.]
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Seems all the Idolmasters are returning one by one.

Good job rescuing Ichi.
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Love is an embarassing emotion.