Jan. 19th, 2014

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[1] [Backdated to before the TTGL Finale]

[Everyone. There's a familiar figure on board the Chalice once more, parking his motorbike onto his old space and walking towards you. He sidesteps a short distance as he passes by the mess that was the West-Tesla labs that was most likely still being fixed after the fiasco that happened last time. With a small grin he removes the biker goggles he was wearing, and as he gets closer? Well you'll notice a few differences about him - that being he has a mechanical arm now.]

Well. I'd certainly have to say you've all been living a little messier since I left.

[2] [After the TTGL Finale.]

[Sam was out of his suit, bandaged and practicing pretty hard now. For everyone who was or wasn't there, you'd know that he went out to fight the Anti-Spiral on foot - which by all accounts was something certifiably insane to do.]


[The samurai flicks the blade lightly and watches as the light shines off its lustrous, sinister red sheen. He looks very satisfied... then grimaces a little as he inspects a thoroughly carved up dummy.]

This is going to take a lot longer than I want it to.